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The Adventures of mandy Love: Chapter 7: Mandy trains Jenny.

Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 28, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 7: training Jenny.

The light shining through the skylight bathed the back of Jenny’s head like a natural spotlight on the salacious scene. It was as if she was backlit, with her golden hair glowing around her beautiful face. As she slowly moved, the light cascaded around her like a  waterfall of glowing illumination cascading down upon her smooth skin and erect nipples. Mandy’s voice broke the heavenly moment and Jenny snapped back into the moment.

 â€œCome on baby, you’re ready for this, you got this…” MANDY urged, her hands softly stroking Jenny’s smooth slender thighs. Mandy began caressing and squeezing Jenny’s thighs, pulling her down out of her dancing position.

Mandy lay on her back, looking up at the delicious lipstick CD sister, her girlfriend, who looked over her shoulder to locate and grab Mandy’s steely lubricated length, so she could guide the thick tip between her tight, muscular, firm, smooth  cheeks TO KISS AGAINST HER STAR.

Jenny had on 5 inch stilettos and had stood with legs straddling Mandy’s hips, engaged in something of a strip tease  before she began lowering herself. Jenny let out a little gasp and bit her lip as the familiar sensations of MANDY’s clit resting at the entrance to her love tunnel flowed throughout her body.  Slow and steady, Jenny dropped lower and lower until both her hands were resting on Mandy’s flat, trim stomach TO BALANCE. Jenny’s knees were just about pointing straight up as she wobbled a little on her stilettos, ass inching lower and lower.

Jenny arched her back as Mandy’s clit head finally kissed her star and pushed farther., feeling the clit head penetrate her, and then reveling in the feeling of each veined inch after lubricated inch slid inside her . Jenny experienced sparks of pleasure rippling through her  as she moaned, but they were sparks that she knew she had to suppress as her expert love tunnel began to relax an open up for Mandy. .

Ready and practiced as Jenny  was, it only took a few long moments for Mandy’s impressive length to vanish inside her slender body, wrapped in the intimate heat of her ass where it belonged, Jenny ’s own clit, not unimpressive in size, resting against her stomach, completely soft.

There, -there, good girl Jenny, now come on, start bouncing like a good girl… And don’t you dare get hard yet…” Mandy cooed, squeezing her thighs as she settled back on her bed, looking up at Jenny ’s flushed features with Mandy’s icy blue eyes with their perfect make-up, flawless mascara, elongated lashes extending beyond the corner of her sensuously shaped almond eyes, and stunning, dark, and mysterious eyeliner.

Jenny tilted her head back and squeezed Mandy’s clit with her ass, eliciting a moan from Mandy as she moved to comply, raising herself up before letting her self-drop once more down the entire length of Mandy’s massive clit.  Jenny felt every inch of Mandy’s glorious clit, every thick vein, every ridge along its shaft, and the lip of Mandy’s clit head, oh that clit head. It could always make her cum when Mandy focused its attention on Jenny’s love gland deep in her ass.,

Jenny began wondering for a moment as she began to ride her beautiful CD girlfriend’s juicy clit, just how she had gotten herself into this particular submissive role play with Mandy. 


Earlier that day, Mandy had said: “Don’t you think it’s hot?” She enthused, “To be fucking a totally submissive CD sister, being in control, all the while forcing the submissive CD to stay soft the entire session, to show how much she loves her Mistress, how much she wants her Mistress to know how submissive she really is?”

Ashely had shaken her head, “I really don’t see how that’s sexy…” Jenny actually felt a tingle in her clit when Mandy mentioned it, but could not show any interest, not yet. Mandy was a very dominate CD Mistress and when she could feel Jenny let go of control, Jenny never knew how wild things would get. Jenny so adored Mistress Mandy and would do anything for her, but if Jenny was a good girl, Mistress. Mandy would usually let her please herself at the end of a session, but if Jenny was required to stay soft, how would it work, she thought.

MANDY pursed her lips and looked at her with that icy blue stare of hers, “Oh come on Jenny … Like… It’s like the pleasure isn’t mutual in the end, it makes it all about me, and we both know how much you enjoy being my little submissive toy. It’s like, you’re so into pleasing me that you forgo your own pleasure and it’s that that I get off on! Knowing you want to worship me, please me, your one and only Mistress., You know that my pleasure always comes first, and you love that. You cherish the tension build up. You love trying to think of how I will please you in the end, but your true pleasure is just in satisfying me. You know that.”

 â€œMmm…” Jenny sounded out, non-committal as she looked ahead, “Alright I can kind of maybe sort of see where you’re coming from… But I don’t know, know?” Jenny was really acting now as she had always wanted to be a totally submissive CD, devoting herself entirely to the pleasure of a dominating CD Mistress, but she had never found one willing to play the part. Jenny now may have found one, but she wanted to appear to be a little hesitant, not too eager.

Mandy sipped her sweet coffee for a moment in quiet contemplation before tugging on Jenny’s arm, drawing her attention, “Alright… I’ll meet you halfway?”

Jenny looked at Mandy curiously, waiting for her to continue, “…You do this for me and we succeed, somehow, succeed by keeping yourself soft the entire session, and then we will go to the piercing store and get your nipples pierced, just like I know you have always wanted, so that when I desire, I can chain you up by your nipples, ride you from behind and tug at the silver chain reigns I will buy for you to control you as I ride you deeply. Maybe I will just put the chain in that beautiful mouth of yours while I am doing you from behind so that your nipples tug on the chain in your mouth. Would you like that?” 

Jenny was now in a full on trance thinking about what Mandy was saying, wishing it were true, wishing that they were in bed right now, Jenny on all fours, head bowed, all chained up, her nipples tugging against the chain clenched in her mouth, and the oh, so, sweet pain in her nipples of the rings pierced in her nipples pull them forward. As Mandy’s monster clit explored every deep crevasse of her tight ass. 

Jenny blinked and slowed down her motion a little, looking across at her with an incredulous look, “Really? You would allow me to do that. This means that much to you?” Jenny had thought that Mandy had always been on the fence about allowing her to get any kind of piercings, something that Jenny found really attractive, especially if Mandy would play with chains threaded through or clamped to her nipple rings pierced through her nipples.

Mandy just stared at Ashely without saying anything, but in being silent, saying everything.

“Yesses, like, sure, anything you want my Mistress” Jenny said as she bowed her head and wondered what Mandy would do if Ashely allowed her lust filled desired to take over and dare to reach out and touch Mandy’s beautiful hands to thank her for the promise of the nipple piercing. Of course, Jenny would never, ever be so bold. Not after the training she had received from Mandy.  Jenny experienced a quick flash back to the first time she touched Mandy without permission. That had ended with an entire night of being tied up to a wall, legs and arms spread wide, and whipped on her ass, clit, and nipples until Ashely had been forced to beg for mercy.  Ashely gave a visible shudder at the thought a dust stared down into her beautifully manicured hands clasped in her lap.

Mandy giggled happily and hugged her tighter, already planning ahead how she was going to go about her new training sessions with Jenny now that Jenny seemed to commit to being her full-fledged submissive CD.

Later, in the bathroom, Mandy barked: “Stop it. I almost got my finger caught.” Mandy said as she was fussing with something under Jenny’s skirt.

“You almost got your finger caught? Oh, I feel solo much sympathy…” she said and drew an ireful look as Mandy fixed the cage around her clit and balls.

Jenny poked her tongue out childishly as Mandy snapped the tiny padlock closed, taking a step back and looking down at Jenny’s pale clit locked away in its new steel cage, “How’s it feel?”

Jenny pursed her lips and rested her hands on her curved feminine hips, wiggling herself backwards and forwards, the cage flopping emphatically about, “…The weight is weird. The weight is very weird.” she said honestly.

“It’s fine! You’ll get used to not getting hard in that thing! …I hope.” Mandy said as she bit her lip, her cheeks flushing with color at the thought of it and Jenny couldn’t help but smirk.

“You’re weird.”

“You’re hot in that thing, all caged away from me…” Mandy purred, running a hand down Jenny’s curvy figure, tracing the skin under Jenny’s silk top. Without warning, Mandy took Jenny’s wrist, dragging her away.

“H-hey where are we going?” Jenny protested, following Mandy out of the bathroom.

“Time for your first lesson.” Mandy said with a sly smile on her lips.

That was the beginning of this sweet torture for Jenny who had come a long way in the past 4 weeks. She was now almost able to get through a wild sex session without getting hard, as per Mistress Mandy’s demand. The truth was that Jenny could have lasted in a soft state during the last two training sessions, but secretly she loved the attention Mandy gave her when she got hard at the end of a session, and loved even more the whipping which followed. Oh, how Jenny loved the teasing, stinging and luxurious feeling of pain a pleasure while her clit, ass and nipples were being whipped. But today was going to be the day, Jenny thought. She was going to get through the entire session soft and then see what Mandy had in mind.

Flash forward to present.

Jenny panted hard as she slowly raised and lowered herself on Mandy’s huge, thick shaft, feeling the exhilaration associated with those initial moments of succumbing, to allowing her star to spread while being penetrated by Mandy’s monster. The way Mandy’s girth spread her little star so wide, the pleasure from it shooting up her spine to her brain where it demanded reciprocation. she could feel her self-wanting to get hard, wanting to share in her pleasure, but through willpower and her training, Jenny resisted.

“Good girl, that feels so fucking good, look at you, all soft, so perfect…” MANDY urged, reaching a hand up under Jenny’s silk came to squeeze Jenny’s faux full heavy breasts which wiggled and bounced as she danced on Mandy’s massive clit.

As for Mandy, she was in a tight corset with shelf bra cups which had the effect of accentuating her nearly flawless breasts with her implants she had got as a birthday present for herself the prior year. To cover up a little, Mandy was wearing a sheer fishnet style shawl which covered her arms and upper torso, clasping right at her cleavage created by the corset. 

Jenny bit her lip as she stared down at the feminine gorgeous CD girl. Jenny  clearly was struggling to stay soft as the pleasure of Mandy’s clit vied for control against her willpower.

Mandy would usually go without any shirt during their training sessions as her breast implants were marvelous, perfect, and oh, so soft. The implants gave Mandy a perky DD cup size, and her breasts seemed to defy gravity, always perky, always with nipples pointing up, even when Mandy was laying down, like now. However, during the last couple of training sessions, Mandy was topless and the sight was just too much for Jenny. Mandy’s luscious form and perfect breasts had been too much for Jenny to resist, eventually leading to Jenny’s clit invariably getting erect, and a harsh whipping Mandy would have administered directly to Ashely’s hard clit until it softened, and then to Jenny’s ass until it glowed red. They had hoped that this time, with Mandy somewhat covered up Jenny might be able to make it.

Mandy played with one of Jenny’s thick hard nipples, drawing out extra little shivers of pleasure from Jenny as Jenny rode Mandy’s slick length, the sensation of Jenny’s muscular, tight, and rounded feminine cheeks pressing against Mandy’s muscular thighs, a sensation Mandy always enjoyed. It had been Jenny’s booty, after all, that had first made Mandy catch Jenny’s ever needy, submissive  eye when they first met.

“Yeah Jenny baby, ride that click, come on, harder…” She moaned, arching her back and squirming comfortably on the bed as Jenny obeyed, her slow movements quickening now to the point where the sound of their bodies meeting started echoing around her small bedroom, her icy blue eyes glazed over with lust and the desire for so much more.

Jenny chewed her lip as she bounced up and down, being on top making it far more difficult to stay soft as her clit bounced eagerly around, wanting more than anything to get hard. Squeezing her thighs, she thought back to her training, trying to get her mind off of the pleasure, to just focus on the actions, trying not to think of being whipped directly on her clit which she had come to love, a little secret she kept from Mandy. …

Mandy shifted positions a little and lifted her hips to meet Ashely’s.

Jenny had been grinding with small circles on the downward plunge onto Mani’s shaft, wiggling a little when she bottomed out before tensing her rippling quads and lifting herself up, delighting in how relaxed she was becoming, but with Mandy’s new position, there was something new.

“No, it’s not going to fit, no… No not like that… No! Ah! Just, just hold still for a second.” Jenny panted as Mandy’s long shaft was now in position to pass Jenny’s inner sphincter. Mandy loved the feeling of the tight inner ring grabbing her clit head and massaging it like a small mouth sucking on her clit head.  It was heaven an ever since she had started training Jenny, she knew that this was the goal.

Mandy had been working Jenny up to this moment with a series of sessions which had involved only gently, and slowly penetrating her inner hole, but today was the day. Mandy was going to take Jenny’s inner virginity and it was going to be epic.

“F-fuck that’s so hot Jenny, stay soft for me baby, let me use you, let me inside, deep inside!” Mandy purred, her hands gripping Jenny’s hips to press Jenny down onto her shaft. 

Jenny winced a little as Mandy’s clit head passed the inner ring and then it was all pure pleasure. Jenny had never been so fully filled before and the feeling of pure devotion to her Mistress was a glorious emotional feeling that she had never experienced until she let go, entirely let go and opened herself up to Mandy.

Mandy had grabbed a pillow a put it under her hips so that the perfect angle could be achieved. Mandy watched in amazement as the last 3 inches of her shaft disappeared into Jenny’s firm, muscular ass. 

Mandy just froze for a second so Jenny could get used to the deepest penetration she had ever experienced, and it was very erotic to watch a small tear form at the corner of Jenny’s right eye and trail down her rose, flush cheeks. Jenny was in heaven, and this was just the beginning.


Mandy ordered Jenny to bring her knees up to her chest, with her feet in front of her hips and on either side of Mandy’s tiny waist. In this configuration, all of Jenny’s weight was now forcing her down onto Mandy’s monster clit. Mandy now was in charge and with short, bucking motions pushed Jenny up off her a few inches, only to have Jenny come crashing down hard impaling herself on the steel rod of Mandy’s clit.

“Grab your ankles.” Mandy ordered as the bed rocked beneath them, this position put Jenny in the most vulnerable position and she just closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling of Mandy’s clit head forcing open Jenny’s inner sphincter, again, again, and again. 

Jenny’s usually tight, soft pink puckered hole was not so little with Mandy’s clit filling it, her tight hot walls squeezing down on Mandy’s length, the thick crimson tip constantly passing into her inner until then virgin space.

Ashely’s flowing blonde hair was all around and covering her face, her breasts pushed up against her knees and her in a tight little ball as she rocked up and down on Mandy’s glistening rod.

Jenny looked down at where they met during one particularly hard upward thrust by Mandy, her lips parted as the breath was driven from her lungs by the force of her body falling back down on Mandy, her pale clit remaining soft, laying against her stomach as it bounced limply with each of Mandy’s thrusts.

Jenny had to admit it was incredibly hot, watching Mandy’s impressive shaft vanish inside of Jenny every second like a magic trick, each act causing electric shocks of pleasure to blossom deep within her , arcing up her spine but passing on her clit which, while certainly feeling amazing, had been well trained to stay soft.

“You’re doing so good baby! See, all that pain and suffering paid off! A-ah, ooh fuck baby I’m going to be getting close soon, can you stay soft for me? Can you do that for, ah, for me?” Mandy moaned hard, squeezing her as she pounded upward, driving her clit deep into Jenny who winced again as this thrust set a new depth record.

“Y-yes!” Jenny cried back, feeling her entire body shake with the power of Mandy’s thrusts, recalling the pain and suffering Mandy had put her through to help Jenny to please her Mistress, to be the good submissive slut Mandy loved her to be.

They had never got this far before with Jenny’s training, and Jenny began to get a little nervous for what was to come. If Mandy was able to cum with Jenny still soft, what was next.

“A-ah!! P-please! What was the safe word?!” Jenny whimpered out cutely, arching her back while still holding her ankles to allow another amazing half inch of clit deep up her inner love tunnel. Jenny was loving this, but she wanted to play the part. Be the little frightened girl for her Mistress as she knew that Mandy loved it when Ashely completely gave in, begged to to anything, everything to please, her Mistress.

when Jenny agreed to Mandy’s training sessions, ‘No matter what’, Jenny had no idea just what Mandy had in store for the final part of the training.

“I don’t think we agreed on one sweaty! Look, it’s easy, just don’t get hard and I will cum deep inside of you soon. it’ll just feel good okay?” Mandy replied, her voice honey sweet as she worked the thick monster clit in and out of Jenny’s inner tight little ring,

“I have an idea.” Mandy announced. â€œthis should help.” Mandy stopped thrusting up for a moment.

“let go of your ankles and lay on your back in the center of the bed.” Mandy purred with a gleam in her eye.

Jenny dutifully obeyed and slowly lifted herself off Mandy’s shaft, feeling the clit head come through the inner tight ring, through the long love tunnel and then finally out the now loose outer ring.

Once on her back, Jenny looked with some shock as Mandy grabbed her wrists and put fuzzy pink handcuffs on both wrists, connecting the other end of each pair to the upper posts of the fourth poster bed.  Mandy then tucked the pillow which had been under her hips, under Ashely’s hips so her ass was up in the air at a level above Jenny’s beautiful blonde head. Mandy then quickly got two more sets of fuzzy hand cuffs and put them on Jenny’s ankles, and also connecting the other end of those ankle cuffs to the upper posts.

In this position, Jenny was bend over at the waist, her ass tilted up so she was in a negative angle, with both ankles and wrists cuffed to the upper posts. Jenny’s ass hole was gaping open and it was trying to pucker with each excited breath Jenny took.

“now, there.  Mandy said proudly. â€œthis should help you stay soft.” With that, Mandy crawled up below Jenny, pulled Jenny more onto the pillow forcing Jenny’s ass more up in the air, and then rested her monster steely clit head right at the entrance of Ashely’s CD pussy.

“What do you say, sweetie.” Be a good girl, Mandy said, admiring her handiwork.

“P, Please Mistress, please fuck me. Use me. Take me Deep. Penetrate my inner ring again. Dump you’re cum deep inside of me. Please let me pleasure you with my body.” Jenny purred in almost a whisper which made it even more sexy.

Jenny’s little body struggled against the four restraints holding her in place, but she was just trying to offer her ass up to Mandy in the most attractive way possible. And what a sight for Mandy. Jenny’s clit still soft on her belly, her hole gaping open and begging to be pegged and ridden hard.

As Mandy pushed her rock hard clit further into Jenny’s wet hole, now full of another squirt of anal lube, , Mandy watched Jenny’s clit intently, currently soft, her empty cage lying beside Jenny on the bed, but Jenny was throbbing, the pale length  of her clit eager to rise, though Jenny struggled against the temptation, pulling on her bonds as she felt the pleasure of Mandy’s clit begin to thrust forward into her.

“A-ah! C-come on MANDY I can’t help it!” Jenny whined, wiggling helplessly as her clit raised off her stomach slightly, starting to thicken and lengthen.

Now be a good girl. You don’t want me to go get the whip again, do you?” Mandy scowled at her.

Ashely had to quickly drop the whip thought from her mind for if she thought of it, she would get hard instantly. 

“I know baby, but you will soon understand what this is all about.” Mandy said sweetly, rising up to her feet so she was now squatting over Jenny with just Mandy’s clit connecting them. 

Mandy then lowered herself down into Jenny who gave out a guttural moan as in one long drop, Mandy had travelled the length of Jenny’s love tunnel and entered her inner ring which was now getting used to being forced open.

Mandy held Jenny’s hips right at the joint with her thighs and began a rhythmic pumping which pushed all the air out of Jenny with each deep pile drive. Slap, Slap, Slap was the sound of Mandy’s ass hitting Jenny’s ass with Mandy’s monster clit disappearing deep within Jenny each time, only to emerge and pile drive down again, and again.

Jenny’s clit was now getting some additional attention and this was not good. As Jenny’s clit got a little thicker, Mandy paused her pile driving for a second, reached over to a closed box and withdrew a bag of ice cubes.

“D-don’t do it!” Ashely pleaded adorably.

Mandy only hesitated for a second, before wrapping the entire bag of ice around Jenny’s clit.  Mandy then resumed her pile driving that monster clit deep inside Jenny, holding onto one of Jenny’s thighs with more force now as Jenny inevitably began to thrash around, squealing like a girl.

“A-Amah!! MANDY! Please, it’s so cold!!! Stop!!” Jenny gasped, bouncing around on the bed as her body tried to escape the numbing cold that lanced through her, her clit swiftly and defensively wilting until it was pressed limp against her body, which shivered emphatically as she felt the bag of ice on her skin as well.

“…You all better?” Mandy jokingly said with another pile drive of her clit down best Jenny’s inner ring.

“Y-yeah…” she panted softly, settling herself into the duvet she was effectively chained to. This was a new one for Jenny and it was a guaranteed way to keep her soft for as long as Mandy wanted. But then what, Ashely thought?

Jenny swallowed and squeezed her eyes shut, drawing in a deep breath, her smooth chest rising and falling as she received blow after blow of Mandy’s thick long clit inside her love tunnel, which wrapped tightly around Mandy’s shaft with each stroke.

“Y-yes. I’ve got it this time.” Jenny said, an edge of determination to her voice that drew a giggle from MANDY.

“Okay my little sex toy, … Well, if you don’t the bag of ice is still icy cold!”

Jenny panted hard as she felt her head being pushed into a pillow protecting her head from the headboard. she wasn’t sure if it had been the frequent cage wearing or the several sessions of her specific training, but as she was forced into her current pretzel shape, ass high in the air and getting pounded by a monster clit,

Jenny could feel her soft clit on her flat stomach, her willpower keeping it from growing as she felt another pile drive into her ass

“F-fuck, Jenny, baby that feels solo good!” MANDY moaned out, finally free of her top, allowing her large breasts to rest and wiggle atop her shelf corset, nipples hard and just waiting to be sucked.

Ashely’s fingernails dug into her palms as the intensity of her fucking ramped up a little. Mandy now began using the springs of the bed to push Jenny’s ass up into the air just before Mandy pile drive down a deep thrust, making sure that her balls rested tightly against Jenny’s firm ass cheeks, feeling the mouth sucking sensation of Jenny’s inner ring rolling over and down Mandy’s clit head before lifting up to do it again.

their bodies were now clapping loudly together as Mandy hit bottom with each balls deep thrust

Mandy’s breasts, heavy and full, were now bouncing with each thrust, her face flushed red as a few beads of sweat trickled down her trim athletic body.

“You like that baby? You are still soft for me?” Mandy cooed as she broke the pattern of the creaking bed with her words.

“Y-yes!” Ashely whimpered back and felt her squeeze her cheeks in appreciation, Mandy’s clit continuing to hammer in and out of Jenny, becoming more powerful but less precise.

Tilting her head back for a moment Mandy swallowed, panting loudly as each thrust carried her to new heights, the knowledge that her girlfriend was beneath her, giving up her ass with no reciprocation whatsoever ticking all of her boxes at once.

“S-so close now baby!” Mandy moaned, leaning down over her so her heavy breasts first rested on then pressed softly against and between the backs of Jenny’s legs still well secured to the bed posts.  The silky smoothness of their skin making the sensations something truly special.

They both gasped loudly as Mandy’s clit drove as deep as it could into Jenny’s ass, every inch feeding into her love tunnel and deep into and past her inner ring. 

“Ah!” Mandy shouted as she bit the calf of Jenny’s right leg gently, her breath hot as she started a long, continuous orgasmic moan, Mandy’s clit pulsing and spurting within Jenny’s ass each sharp short thrust of hers timed with the flowing rhythm of her climax, each inward push coinciding with a fresh stream of her thick white girl-seed which coated and painted Jenny’s insides.

Mandy loved marking her bitch, making Jenny hers and, with a fresh box ticked she could feel her pleasure reach new levels of ecstasy she hadn’t felt before and that she knew she’d be chasing for days.

As her thrusts slowed and the jets of white slowed to a trickle they lay together.

Mandy now looked right into Jenny’s eyes and said, “Now, are you ready?”

Jenny was confused, but all tied up, with a slippery steel rod in her ass, she was going nowhere.

“Yes. Yes. Mistress. Do anything you want with me. I am yours. All yours.”  Ashely said in a cute little voice, unsure of what was to come.

Mandy then started to speak softly and said: “Let’s give you a little treat.”  With that, and still with her clit inside Jenny, Mandy took Jenny’s soft clit in her hand and raised the tip to her mouth.

With one lick of her tongue, Mandy instantly reversed a month of training and allowed Jenny’s clit to swell, and swell it did. Within seconds it was rock hard and dripping precum.

“Now that you are in this perfect position, let’s double fuck both your holes.” Mandy pushed forward a little, driving her clit back deep inside Ashely and pushing Jenny’s own clit into Jenny’s mouth.

“Suck it like a good girl and let me see you cum in your own Mouth.” Mandy purred into Ashely’s ear.

Jenny, parted her lips, extended her tongue, and began licking and sucking on her own clit head. The negative angle with her hips up in the air made the self-blow job easy and Jenny was so turned on, it took her only a couple of minutes before she stopped to beg her Mistress to allow her to cum.

“May I cum, Mistress. Please, oh, please, may I cum?” Jenny slurred with a mouth full of her own clit.

Mandy’s clit was not rock hard again watching this erotic scene and succumbed to the moment and said, “Yes, baby, cum in your mouth. I want to watch you cum in your own mouth.” 

Jenny needed no more encouragement and immediately started to spurt rope after rope of thick, juicy cum into her own mouth, lapping it up a being sure not to miss a drop.

The sight was too much for Mandy who, despite just coming moments earlier, started to feel the rise of another orgasm. Within her.

“You want some more baby?” Mandy asked between gasping breaths.

Ashely could do nothing more than nod her head as she was still dealing with a mouth full of cum and a clit which wanted more of her own velvety soft mouth around it.

Mandy withdrew her clit from Ashely’s ass and squatted right above Jenny’s face. â€œOpen up baby, and don’t miss a drop.” 

Mandy then pointed her steel rod down and only inches away from Jenny’s mouth. Jenny allowed her softening clit to escape her mouth just in time for the first of Mandy’s spurts to hit her extended tongue. Rope after rope of watery cum dropped into Jenny’s mouth with Mandy moaning loudly with each eruption of her clit. 

Finely, after a 45 second orgasm, Mandy started milking her shaft down in the direction of Jenny’s mouth which had swallowed every drop of cum so far and was eagerly awaiting more.  With each milking pull on Mandy’s clit, another few drops of cum leaked out and down onto Jenny’s tongue was extended as far as it could, trying to reach the tip of Mandy’s clit.

Jenny finally smacked her lips and said: “thank you Mistress. Thank you.” 

 â€œW-wow…” Mandy said softly, now pulling away and bending down to kiss Jenny’s cum coated lips. 

“I love you so much Jenny  , you’re so good to me…”

“A-ah… Ah… I.. I love you too baby…” Mandy breathed back softly, so glad I made it all the way with you, and then the treat of the double fuck cum shots. I am getting goose bumps now just thinking about it and it just happened.

Mandy unlocked the ankle and wrist cuffs and allowed Ashely to lay down on the bed. Mandy reached up and ran her fingertips through Jenny’s hair, caressing her  affectionately as they snuggled in the too-hot but lovingly intimate afterglow, “Ah… Come on baby, let’s get your cage back on…”

“D-do I still need to wear it? I can stay soft?” she breathed softly, an edge of pleading in her voice.

“yes, baby girl. You will do what I want when I want you to do it. Is that understood?” Mandy said in a stern but soft tone.

‘Yes, Mistress. I will be your good girl.” Jenny purred with a sly smile on her lips knowing that this is what she had wanted all along, needed all along, to be a submissive slut for a beautiful Mistress CD. .

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