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The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 3: Misstress Mandy

Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 20, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 3: Mistress Mandy Comes of Age.

I had just sat down at my desk in the shared workspace office in the University Library when I noticed it.

A thumb drive was laying next to the computer docking station. It was not labelled and did not look like the university branded thumb drives typically used by the library  staff. It was bright red with a small sticker depicting a wight lightning bolt.

A bit curious, I pulled  out my laptop from my desk drawer and fired it up to see what was on the mislaid memory drive.  I had not intended to stay long at the University Library, just long enough to log in my required 2 hours of volunteer time.  After all, it was Saturday night and there was no one in the library which is why I dared to wear my Mistress outfit under my long, full length nearly skin tight leather jacket.

There was one very large file on the drive and it was labeled “Fantasy Cum True,” a very solacious title for a file on a thumb drive left in an office used by many.


with my mouth dry and a strange flutter in my stomach, I opened the file to see what was so forbiddingly named, but errantly left out for anyone to grab.

The file was a series of video clips the contents of which literally took my breath away. I had to grip the arms of the desk chair to control my excitement when the first clip began to play.

The camera must have been at the foot of the bed as the scene was perfectly framed. The video clips were armature quality, for sure, but were very well lit, with vibrant colors a steady picture and decent sound.  The first scene was in a bedroom that I did not recognize,  by a camera from a fixed position which must have been on a tripod, set to a high position as the camera angle was aiming down, but the lens used was a wide aspect ratio so in the 16 by 9 format, the entire bed and both sides of the room were visible. 

The first clip began with a large ornate wood carved four poster king size bed in the middle of the frame. The bed was covered with a vibrant duvet of pastel colored roses on a cream background in an intricate pattern. Above the headboard and centered between the high posts of the bed was an elegantly framed oil painting, depicting a single red rose just after it has blossomed open, with a vibrant clear drop of dew on one petal capturing an early morning light. A really striking oil painting which almost, but not quite took my attention away from what was going on around and on the large bed, and who was standing next to it.

“What the fuck!” I said out loud when I recognized the strikingly beautiful girl standing next to the bed.

There she was, my twin M2F trans sister, Sandy.

I quickly stopped the playback, looked around the office and out the open door. Realizing that this was something to be viewed in private, I got up, walked over to the open office door, and peered out to see if there was anyone around. I looked up and down the hall and main reference areas, and after confirming that no one was in sight, I carefully closed and locked the door.

I just stood there for a second, back leaning against the door, taking a deep excited / anxious breath, and noticed that my nipples were rock hard under my sheer lacey bra.  But for my tight fitting leather bustier halter top, I would have been shining with bright headlights.

I was trying to process what set of circumstances could have led to me finding that thumb drive, WITH MY BEAUTIFUL Trans Twin Sister in it. 

Of all the people who could have found it, I did. Despite this shock, there was no mistaking my sexual arousal and excitement.

I shook my head clear, flicked my long chestnut hair out of my face and walked nervously back to my laptop, listening to the clicking sounds of my stilettos on the marble, polished floor.  Marveling at the sound and wondering about the sound transmission of the video soundtrack throughout the library,  I decided to keep things even more private. Before sitting down, I reached into my clutch and pulled out my nearly invisible ear pods so I could listen to the sound track in private.

Because I had planned to visit my eager submissive Ashley after my volunteer shift, I was dressed to kill. On a whim, I had decided to go with a red light district Mistress look for the session. Ashley always loved it when I dressed thoroughly, and it made her an even more willing submissive.

I had chosen to go with light, but striking makeup to complement my high cheek bones, strong chin, and little upturned nose. I went with my trademark cat eye look, purple hughed eye shadow, dark, thick eye liner, and thick, long eye lashes. I was wearing a long, full length body fitting shiny black leather jacket, covering a scandalously short black leather micro-mini skirt, and skin tight black leather bustier halter top with some spandex material on the sides to keep the shiny black leather pressed close to every curve, every bump. Under the bustier was a black lace quarter cup shelf strapless bra the whole purpose of which was to hold up and push out my 36DD implanted, flawless breasts. I was wearing a matching thong gaff which could not be seen, barely, when I walked. My very large clit was tucked well away, but I could feel that it wanted some freedom to engorge after what I just glimpsed. Not yet, I almost said out loud, as I refocused.  Black shiny patent leather strappy stilettos rounded out my outfit on legs salaciously shaped with thigh high black fishnet stockings which did not quite make it to the bottom of my micro-mini dress.   With the metal tips of my stilettos all shiny silver steel, they accentuate my leg length and do make fun  clicking noises when I strut across a marble floor.   The clicking sound created a rhythm with the tinkling noise of my shiny silver long dangly earrings, and it was almost a tantric sound I loved to hear.  

My eyes returned to the display as I unbuttoned my jacket and took it off to lay across the back of the chair to sit down more comfortably.

Frozen on the screen was a scene featuring my Twin Trans sister. Like me, she is tall with very muscular, sculped legs, a firm, pert tight ass, narrow waist, trim narrow hips, and a perky set of flawless breasts. She like me, is perfectly proportioned for her 5 foot 8 inch frame, and very muscular with almost no body fat so while she is the quintessence of feminine, there is a commanding presence about her with the extreme muscle definition all over her athletic body.

I always thought that Sandy’s best eye catching assets were her magnificent breasts, which is why I copied them, right down to the size of the nipples. .  Since we were twins, what else could I do after she got hers.

Plain as day in the video were Sandy’s well rounded, perfectly symmetrical breasts, with rose colored nipples which I could tell were rock hard and extending out from her perky breasts. Sandy fills out her 36DD bra well, and in the scene, she was wearing a quarter cup shelf bra wich left her entire breasts uncovered, only holding them up and out from underneath.

We are both light haired, but she keeps her dirty blonde locks clipped to a length just long enough to put into a high, tight ponytail, or as in the scene, a severe tight bun which shows off her striking facial features. We are always mistaken for super models, and Sandy truly looked like one in the scene, with cat eye makeup and sultry eye shadow, dark eye liner, rouge to highlight her high cheek bones, a strong chin, and very long lashes.  Her lips, those luscious red lips looked full and the chisher cat smile on her face was mesmerizing.  The makeup looked a bit heavier than I remember her using and it gave an impression of a high class call girl.

Focusing on my laptop screen, I decided that the larger 36 inch monitor would be better to watch things. Deftly clicking a few keys on my laptop, and instantly the scene appeared on the larger monitor in full high definition.

For a split second I marveled at how I had found this thumb drive. How in the world did I find a thumb drive with my twin Trans Sister in a sex scene on my volunteer desk. No time to think of such things right then as I returned my attention to the display. with a nervous, anxious look on my face, I clicked the play button.

I toyed with my long, dangly silver and crystal earrings with my left index finger before deciding to hit play again.

In this scene Sandy looked as I had never seen her before – exuding sexual charisma, with an avid expression of lust on her face. My sister was wearing only a pair of red shiny patent leather mid-thigh boots, red fishnet stockings underneath that were clipped to a red traditional suspender belt around her tiny 22 inch waist, a red, patent leather collar with something written on it I could not make out, and a skimpy quarter-cup red shelf style bra that thrust her tits forwards and left her nipples in full view, nipples hard as diamonds.  She was wearing a pair of fingerless red lace elbow length gloves from which her long, soft, slender fingers emerged,   What those fingers were doing is what captured my attention.

She was slowly stroking her massive clit. She, like me, has a large clit which, when fully engorged, is 10 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.  Perfect for deep, deep penetration, but not so thick that a well-trained sub cannot take it all the way down their throat.  

The scene reminded me of that one time I had once accidently walked in on Sandy in the bathroom we shared and saw her in the shower through the frosted glass. She had been slowly stroking her huge clit and it made mine stir in my tiny gaff like I had never experienced before. I had to immediately run to my room, remove my gaff and circle jerk my clit to an amazing orgasm thinking about what it would be like to shower with my twin Trans sister, with our clits mingling, tongues dancing, and nipples pressing against each other.

In the scene, Sandy was rubbing one hand up and down the length of her massive tool in obvious erotic anticipation of what was to come.

As amazing as it was to see my twin Trans sister in the scene, it was quickly overtaken by the scene on the bed. 

As Sandy moved closer to the bed, I gave a moaning gasp. There was Ashley, my friend, a M2F Trans girl on the bed who was completely naked except for a pair of schoolgirl-style plain white above the knee stockings and a school-uniform tartan miniskirt; she was on elbows and knees, breasts dangling, each nipple clipped to a shiny gold chain up and over her back like a set of reins on a pony,  and the skirt had been flipped up onto her back, revealing that she wore no panties underneath. Still more, she was in bondage, with her hands and elbows  roped together in front of her, pulled forward and attached to the ring in the headboard, a red ball-gag strapped into her mouth and latched behind her head under her blonde hair, her knees were connected to her elbows so that she was unable to do anything but remain on elbows and knees,   and her ankles were tied with white cords to opposite corners of the bottom of the bed, spreading her legs  wide apart and keeping her Trans pussy hole open, ass spread wide and available. There was a small cord wrapped around her Trans clit at the base below the jewels which was severely pulled up and tied around Ashley’s tiny waist, with the effect of pulling up and out of the way her clit, keeping it from getting engorged. 

This was shocking enough, but when my sister knelt on the bed behind the bound girl and gripped her just above her hips, the captive glanced back over her shoulder and therefore looked directly at the camera – and was revealed to be an eager, willing, Ashley, my very best friend.

Any fear that I might have had that my friend was an unwilling participant in this sapphic scene was quickly dispelled. Ashley might be roped and gagged, but the look she gave Sandy was one of unbridled lust – it was look that I had never seen on my friend’s face before, but it was unmistakable and spoke directly to her lust and willingness as a submissive participant in the session. .

I had never realized that my Trans Twin sister was an active and dominant trans dyke, nor had I ever suspected that the girl who had been my best friend since we first met during our first year at University was a submissive lesbian bondage slut.

After Ashley gave a silent nod, Sandy thrust the large slick clit into my friend’s tight ass in one firm motion, and it seemed obvious that it had already been in her not long before – for Ashley’s Trans pussy was slick with dripping lubricant, and her ass love tunnel accommodated the massive clit with ease, as it drilled into Ashley for its full length.  I could hear Ashley scream into the ball gag, and it seemed to be a scream of pleasure and pain.

My sister then began to piston her clit in and out of Ashley’s ass, her hips pivoting with fast and expert motions – it was clear that Sandy was very far from being a novice in the art of trans girl-fucking. Meanwhile, Ashley arched her spine and drove her pelvis backwards against each of Sandy’s thrusts, thereby doubling the impact of each impalement.

Sandy reached forward with her right hand and grabbed Ashley’s high, tight pony tail and pulled back to get better leverage and to pull Ashley onto her long clit. This caused another moan to escape Ashley’s gagged lips and to arch her back, hands coming off the bed, nipples straining against the clips and the chain on her back.  Holding a fist of Ashley’s blond hair, Sandy hooked one finger under the nipple clip chain and pulled to increase the pressure on Ashley’s delicious nipples which must have been experiencing a velvety type of pain as Ashley moaned more than screamed into her ball gag.

Then came the last shock of them all, though it was less devastating than seeing my sweet and adorable best friend as a submissive trans lesbian fuck-whore. As Sandy pounded Ashley’s ass in bondage doggy-style, a figure moved into view at the top of the bed, reaching under my best friend’s chest to Ashley’s juddering breasts and pulling sharply on her clipped nipples. It was none other than Miss Wilson, the stern , very sexy head librarian at the University. I did not know her first name, but presumably it was, or reduced to, “Slave Tina,” which was the lettering on her black patent leather choker collar. Miss Wilson was a slim, fit, sexy  blonde of average height, in her late 20s or maybe early 30s.  She was one of the most attractive of the entire faculty on campus, and she was always dressed in elegant style. Now she wore even less than my sister: just a pair of stiletto-heeled shoes and black hold-up stockings, in addition to the collar.

Miss Wilson was a full M2F Trans woman, complete with beautiful vagina. My eyes drank in the sight of Miss Wilson’s naked cunt and smooth-shaven mound with its jutting labia, her pointy medium-sized breasts swaying as she leaned over Ashley. After giving my best friend’s memories a mauling grope that Ashley had clearly relished, the Librarian unbuckled the ball gag and then thrust her pussy into the girl’s face. I gasped again as Ashley at once stuck out her long tongue, and began eagerly to lap and lick Miss Wilson’s vagina, whilst all the time quivering from every piledriver impact from my sister’s hard clit.  

Ashley was certainly hot and eager, for she was really getting into the session now.  It was a stunning revelation to see my friend acting in this wanton and sexual way, and not just for the discovery of her Trans lesbian orientation – Ashley was normally rather quiet and shy, but clearly she channeled all of her passion into sapphic sexual marathons like this!

It all made sense now – the curious coincidence that neither my best friend nor my sister had been available when I had suggested going shopping in the town center earlier Saturday afternoon.  How could I have missed the signals.

The next clip showed Ashley on her back, spread-eagled on the bed in an X shape, and again in bondage, with her wrists and ankles tied off to each corner of the bed, pelvis thrust high into the air with several pillows underneath. Now, Ashley’s clit was free from its bondage and was rock hard on her flat, stomach. Sandy was once more pounding her clit into my best friend’s ass, her hands braced upon Ashley’s hips to give the necessary leverage and force to drill Ashley deeply.  Ashley’s tits jiggled with each thrust, and I could hear her moan loudly now that the ball gag had been removed.  

My sister was giving it her all, and Ashley’s slim body was jerking and quivering with every battering-ram penetration. Then Miss Wilson mounted the teenager at the other end, facing towards Sandy – and therefore the camera – as she straddled Ashley and lowered her cunt onto the girl’s questing mouth. The Librarian then reached down to seize Ashley’s nipples which were now not clipped or chained. although her bust was smaller than mine, my friend had a nice pair of rounded and perky 28Cs. Miss Wilson began to squeeze Ashley’s tits, pinch her nipples, making the girl gasp and groan with arousal. The scene was completed when Sandy released her grip on Ashley’s hips and instead cupped the Librarian’s breasts, bending her head down to kiss and suck the nipples of Sandy’s lesbian sex slave.  Sandy was clearly Tina’s and Ashley’s dominatrix.  The three females, all Trans M2F, with Miss Wilson the only fully transitioned with her cunt, made a remarkable sight, forming a triangle of sapphic satiation, and I felt myself straining against my gaff as I watched their uninhibited surrender to Trans lesbian lust.

With a tongue deep in her cunt and my Trans Twin sister suckling on her nipples, the Librarian began to shudder in an unmistakable orgasm, showering Ashly’s face neck and breasts with a orgasmic squirt of massive proportions. Who knew that Miss Wilson was a squirter.  This moaning orgasm subsided but not before Ashly began to quiver and moan.

Sandy realizing that Ashly was about to cum with her ass being pounded, grabbed a fistful of Miss Wilson’s hair, and forced her head down to Ashly’s engorged and trembling clit. Miss Wilson did not need any more encouragement and opened her red lips to suck in Ashly’s clit just seconds before it erupted. Ashley shot rope after rope of thick creamy cum into Miss Wilson’s mouth which sucked, and sucked.  I could hear Sandy tell the Librarian not to swallow just yet and Miss Wilson nodded her head as she continued to vacuum up the cum from the now deflating clit.

Once the Librarian had milked all the cum out of Ashley, she lifted her head up and opened her mouth to the camera and Sandy to show off her treasure trove of cum. 

Sandy then commanded: “Good girl, now share with Ashley.”

Sandy watched as the Librarian scooted back and exposed the cum slicked face of Ashley, who must have known the drill as her mouth was open and eager. Miss Wilson then began to slowly dribble a string of cum into Ashly’s mouth. The continuous string took almost 90 full seconds to make its way out of the Librarian’s pouty red lips into Ashley’s eager mouth. When finished, Miss Wilson leaned down and began an upside down French kiss of Ashley the likes of which I had never seen before. Cum dribbling out of Ashley’s mount, only to be sucked up by Miss Wilson and put back onto Ashley’s wet lips to be sucked back in and re-entered into the tongue dancing session between them.  

Occasionally, Miss Wilson would give the command: “Open” and Ashley would comply by opening her mouth wide. Miss Wilson would then suck up some loose cum around Ashley’s mouth and spit it into Ashley’s waiting velvet mouth, not closing to savor the taste until Miss Wilson had spit two or three loads  onto her tongue.

This cum swapping and swallowing session must have been too much for Sandy as I could see her tense up, arch her back and drive her clit deep into Ashley’s ass as she gave out a guttural orgasmic moan, depositing her cum into Ashley’s tight ass.   It seemed like Sandy came for 30 seconds as she gripped Ashley’s hips and bucked wildly into her ass.

When her load was completely inside Ashley’s ass, Sandy then said: “come here slut and clean this up.”

Miss Wilson knew exactly what to do as she scampered around behind Sandy, got onto her back and slid face up under and between Sandy’s thighs. Sandy rose up a bid and allowed her clit to escape from Ashley’s ass, only to find an eager open mouth willing to suck it clean.  Sandy began a slow rhythmic face fucking of Miss Wilson who savored, licked, and sucked all the ass and cum juices on Sandy’s clit. When finished, and noticing that some cum was now leaking out of Ashley’s ass, Miss Wilson craned her neck and extended her extremely long tongue to begin lapping up the oozing cum.  Tina’s tongue must have been 4 or 5 inches long and it was mesmerizing to watch her use it like a live, wet, squirming dildo.  Tina then inserted her long, thin tongue into Ashly’s ass  like a wiggling dildo to open it up and release more cum, which Miss Wilson eagerly sucked into her puckered mouth. Miss Wilson did not stop until Ashley’s gaping ass was no longer dripping any cum, administering long, French kiss like tongue sessions deep inside Ashley’s ass.  Ashley was getting more turned on by the long tongue ass licking and her moans of approval were like short songs of ecstasy. 

Sandy reached down and petted Miss Wilson’s face and gave her what must have been the best compliment when she said: â€œYou are such the good little fuck toy, aren’t you.” Miss Wilson began to smile and the scene ended.

The final clip showed Miss Wilson sitting on an ordinary upright chair, with her arms roped to its back and her ankles tied to its front legs. Two other lengths of white cord had been wound around each of the blonde woman’s thighs and then tied off underneath the chair, forcing her legs to be splayed wide apart. A final piece of cord had been looped around each breast, and then crisscrossed her chest, around her neck behind her back and tied off just under her perky breasts, all with the effect of forcing her breasts to stand straight out, nipples exposed. 

Ashley was kneeling directly in front of the Librarian and was also in bondage: my friend’s arms were behind her and had been strapped tightly together at both the elbows and the wrists, and the latter were connected to her shackled ankles by a short rope.  The effect on Ashley was to push out her perky breasts and arch her back in her kneeling position. Very sexy. There was a choker dog collar around Ashley’s neck with the loose end fastened to an anal hook which appeared to be deeply embedded in Ashley’s ass. As Ashley wiggled, I could see that the anal hook would tighten and move inside her while pulling more tightly the choker collar around her neck.  Ashley had a face mounted dildo strapped to her face and buckled behind her head. It was a long, monstrously thick dildo of 12 inches in length and 3 inches in girth. Ashly was bobbing the dildo up and down, just in front  of Miss Wilson’s cunt. Ashley was the picture of submissive obedience.

Sandy came into view to stand behind Miss Wilson, and with her left hand she reached over the bound woman’s shoulder to fasten a nipple clip onto the woman’s left nipple,. Miss Wilson sucked in a mouth full of air and you could hear the whistle of her breath as she reacted to the alligator clip on her left nipple. Sandy pinched and pulled Mis Wilson’s right nipple to extent it before clamping the alligator clip onto it, soliciting another gasp from Miss Wilson who was so bound that she could do nothing but accept her Mistress’s treatment.

Sandy grope the blonde’s left breast, squeezing it and pulling on the chain which connected her nipples to the clips. With a lustful anticipatory smile, my sister’s right hand then snaked across the Librarian’s pelvis and delved between her parted thighs. Sandy began to frot her fingers up and down Miss Wilson’s meaty gash, easing it open to show the hot pink flesh inside, whilst my best friend gazed at it through the holes in her face mounted dildo harness from a distance of about eight inches. After a few seconds of this, the Librarian began to gasp and moan, writhing on the chair to the very limited extent that her bondage permitted. Sandy then released her Trans lesbian Librarian’s tit and pussy, strode round to loom over Ashley from behind, took a firm grip of younger girl’s head, and pushed the teen’s face down onto Miss Wilson’s cunt, causing the long, thick dildo to enter her parted swollen and lubricated pussy lips.

It seemed that Ashley had an unlimited talent with the face mounted dildo, and she applied herself with no less vigor than before when she was licking Miss Wilson’s cut with her tongue. Once my friend had settled into her pussy ffucking rhythm, my sister stepped to the side and reached across to take one of Miss Wilson’s breasts in each hand, massaging their firm flesh and pulling them apart to stretch the silver chain connected to the nipple clamps.   Miss Wilson’s face was a mixture of pain and extasy as she moaned to the cunt fucking and nipple play.

Then Sandy swung one leg across to stand straddling above Ashley’s head, proffering her own large, erect clit to the Librarian’s mouth. . My sister put a hand at the back of the blonde woman’s head to bring her forwards, but in truth it was not needed, for Miss Wilson had hastened to open her mouth and accept the head of Sandy’s clit, then another several inches, and then all of it as I could hear her gag slightly as Sandy’s jewels rested on Miss Wilson’s chin, her 10 inch clit buried deep in her throat. , with Tina’s neck arched up, face to the ceiling, so that Sandy’s long clit could more easily slide down her throat.

Sandy began a slow, deliberate face fucking of this beautiful blonde Librarian who, although tied up, did her best to reach forward with her head to accept Sandy’s large clit into her mouth and throat with each thrust of Sandy’s hips.

Sandy’s perfect, tight, hard ass was a sight to behold. It was hovering just above the thrusting head of Ashley who never paused with her face mounted dildo fucking session. As Sandy would thrust, her ass cheeks would clinch and legs flex. 

For Ashley, it was obvious that with each face thrust, she was fucking her own ass with the anal hook. She seemed to enjoy it as she would withdraw the long face mounted dildo from Tina’s cut, allow the anal hook to almost come out of her own ass, and then she would thrust forward with her neck and empale the anal hook deep into her ass again, and again.

After a few seconds, Sandy’s head went back and I saw her buttocks clench and quiver, then her mouth opened in a long moan, just as her hips suddenly spasmed in an unmistakable orgasm. My sister then fisted a bunch of Mis Wilson’s blonde hair and tugged it tightly to keep her clit deeply embedded in Miss Wilson’s mouth and throat.  She thrusted ever so slightly back and forth as she deposited her cum load into the Librarian’s mouth and did not stop for several moments.

Miss Wilson’s cheeks were concave as she sucked and sucked the cum out of my Trans twin sister all the while, looking up into Sandy’s eyes who met hers with a lustful gaze

“Do not swallow yet.” Came Sandy’s command and Miss Wilson nodded as she sucked, and sucked.

Sandy finally released Miss Wilson’s head and took half a step backwards, which allowed her the space to reach down to the woman’s chest, grasp the chain connected to her nipples, and quite savagely pull on the chain until the alligator clamps slipped off her extending nipples. At the same time, Sandy grabbed Ashly’s high, tight pony tail and pulled her face into Miss Wilson’s cunt to deeply penetrate her. The scream was loud and violent from Miss Wilson, but the Librarian’s vocalizations were not in pain or even in protest – this was the final erotic stimulus (as my sister had clearly anticipated), perfectly synchronized with Ashley’s face mounted dildo fucking, that took the older woman to the crest of her climax and multiplied its explosive force.

Another gush of cum juices squirted from Miss Wilson’s cunt onto Ashley’s face  mounted dildo and through Ashley’s hair. I kept Pulling on Ashley’s pony tail to [pump the dildo into Miss Wilson’s cunt with long, deliberate strokes, knowing that I was at the same time, anally fucking Ashley with the anal hook.

Miss Wilson was writhing in the chair against her ropes and Ashley was struggling to keep up with the face fucking and deep anal penetration.

It was all Miss Wilson could do to keep Sandy’s cum in her mouth with her screams of ecstasy. Finally, with cum dribbling out of her mouth, I could hear Sandy say, “Now, swallow it and suck in all that has leaked out of your mouth.”

Like an obedient slut, Miss Wilson began to swallow in small gulps and slurp in to her mouth the cum which had dribbled out. Occasionally, Tina would extend her long, dildo like tongue and wiggle it around her mouth to guide the cum into her wet, inviting mouth and just watching her work her tongue made me rock hard. I had never seen such a long tongue an imagining what I could make Tina do with it was really turning me on.

The video clip ended with Tina blowing a kiss to the camera as Ashley slowly withdrew the massive face mounted dildo from her cunt and my sister Sandy saying: “You both are such good little fuck toys.” 

Through all this, whilst I sat rigidly staring at the pornographic images on the screen, a voice somewhere inside my head was almost screaming: My sister is a Trans lesbian ! My sister is a Trans femdom dyke! My sister is screwing my best friend! My sister is fucking the shit out of Ashley, my best friend, and she’s loving it, the dirty Trans lesbo slut’s loving every moment of it!

It was more than I could stand. I gave a moan, hiked the front of my mini-skirt up to my waist and thrust my right hand down inside my gaff and pulled out my clit. . Instead of relief, this stimulated me even more, and I hastily yanked my gaff down to below my knees and plunged two fingers of my free hand into my asshole. As I began frantically to rub my shaft and shaft myself with my other fingers, with my thighs spread apart and my back arching off the chair, I hit the return key with my left hand and set the video clips playing again. My eyes were riveted on the screen as I slammed myself towards a climax, and then I carried on almost without pause for a second orgasm and a third, until I slumped down again,  shaken, spent and sticky with my own cum-juice all offer my hand and in the napkin I had quickly grabbed to capture each load.

The clips had played through and had ended with the final image frozen on the screen – Miss Wilson in the throes of ecstasy, her face staring at me straight out of the monitor, lips in a kiss blowing pose, as if she could see me. As I lay sprawled in my chair, legs wide open, I thought what a sexy hot bitch the Librarian was – and suddenly, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! My soccer coach received a harsh lesson on obedience that Saturday night as I took her right to the BDSM edge several times and the coach had to use her safe word with me 4 times, a new record, but afterwards said it was the most thrilling night of her life, so far.

The next day, a Sunday, was one of the two days in the week when I knew that Ashley had an afternoon special library lesson with Miss Wilson. I had never understood why she never complained about doing this extra work, and I determined to have a little fun with her. Making sure that I caught up with my cute friend just as she was closing the door of her dorm room, I told her that Miss Wilson had given me a message for her – an apology that she was not feeling well and would have to cancel their Sunday lesson, but looked forward to seeing Ashley at their next appointment on next Thursday. My friend looked quite saddened at this news, but walked off to study elsewhere on campus.

I knew where Miss Wilson lived from the time when she had been tutoring my twin sister in library sciences , and so it was easy to find the neat semi-detached house on the quiet street.  It dawned on me then that I finally got it why Sandy had been so keen on all those extra tutorial sessions on library sciences with Miss Wilson last semester.

I knocked on Miss Wilson’s front door. It was almost immediately opened by Miss Wilson, who had obviously changed into an outfit that you would hardly expect for a teaching situation. She was wearing a pair of strappy brown leather tooled closed toe stilettos with something of a western, almost cowboy-style theme. She was not wearing any stockings or leggings, with her slim bare smooth legs exposed), and a pair of small and very tight-fitting brown soft, thin leather low rise short-shorts which seemed to capture her tiny waist in a very tight fit. The camel tow between Miss Wilson’s legs was pronounced as was how high the shorts were up her thighs.  The shorts were cut so close at the crotch that the red sheer thong she was wearing was just visible. Above this was a string halter top which was loose fitting and cropped so short that I could actually see the rounds of her perky breasts just under the lower hem of the top.  The string halter top was cut-off just below her breasts and when she moved, I could see her  breasts sway since she was not wearing any bra. Her perky tits seemed to defy gravity as they were lifted high, with no sag whatsoever, as they brushed against the fabric of the halter top.

Her entire midriff was exposed from just below her bra all the way down to the top of her short-shorts. She had a ribbon in her blonde hair which she used to put her beautiful blonde hair up into a high, tight pony tail, and was wearing dangle silver earrings which seemed to almost touch her collar bone.  She was wearing her Slave Tina collar and I am absolutely sure that she did not expect me at her door.

She was quite the site, with her ample cleavage showing in what could only be called a come fuck me outfit.  Not what I would have expected for a tutor session, but I knew why. She was essentially in a slutty outfit for what she had expected to be a fun session with Ashley.

Miss Wilson regarded me with some puzzlement, and then her gaze shifted over my shoulder, as if she expected to see Ashley hidden behind me. I looked directly at the attractive young Librarian, and said:

‘Ashley can’t make it today’, and then I nodded in the direction of the inside of the house, and added: ‘I’ll explain everything.’

Without giving the Librarian time to react to this unexpected turn of events, I stepped forward confidently into the doorway, as if it was the most natural thing in the whole wide world. As I had expected, Miss Wilson automatically gave way before me, and I walked through her hallway and into what was clearly the living room. Resting my bottom against the arm of a long sofa, I turned and regarded the Librarian, who had followed behind and was now standing just inside the room with a nonplussed expression on her face.

As she watched, I pulled out the red thumb drive and dangled it with the lightning bolt facing her.

“Guess what I found at my work station?” I said smirking.

‘Huh?’ was the Librarian’s puzzled response, ‘Mandy , what do you mean?’

It was clear to me that she might not have known about what Sandy had done with the camera footage.

Miss Wilson still looked confused, though I had the feeling that she was catching up. It was time to make things clear:

“I watched the video clips of you, Sandy and Ashley.” I said mater-a-flatly. Very interesting content.

‘Oh!’ gasped Miss Wilson, and then her eyes went wide and her face pale with shock, as she began to realize the implications: ‘OH, NO! NO!!’

“Very interesting. Do your fellow Librarians know of your tutor methods?”

‘OH MY GOD!!’ moaned the Librarian, and she clutched at the back of the nearby armchair for support. She looked like she’d been hit in gut with a sandbag – her face was white, and I thought she might actually pass out, but she stayed upright and gasped for breath.

‘Oh, sweet Jesus! Who have you told? Oh, no! – who have you shown them to?’ she asked, with a rising note of hysteria in her voice.

I stayed completely calm, emphasizing my control of the situation, and replied coolly:

‘So far ... no one’, but before she could take any comfort from that, I continued: ‘so far ... but there are lots of people who maybe I should ... like Ashley’s parents? ... or the Academic Dean, or maybe the University Trustees? ... or the police?’

Miss Wilson gave a moan at the mention of the Academic Dean, then a terrified gasp at the reference to the police.

‘No! – why? no, not the police!’ she protested, but in weak tone.

‘C’mon, Miss Wilson’, I snorted derisively, ‘it’s obvious you’ve been fucking Ashley for quite a while now, and she only turned 18 a month ago – I bet you started doing her right after she arrived at the University when she was still a minor. That is statutory rape around here. Did you know that?”.

I put a sardonic twist on the word ‘rape’, and my instinct was proved right – the shot struck home, as Miss Wilson flinched and gasped.

‘So – you were fucking an under-age girl’, I observed, and then I delivered the coup de grace: ‘it’ll all come out, you know, if the police question her – in fact, she’ll be bound to say that you forced her, that you made her do it.’

‘But ... but – I didn’t!’ protested Miss Wilson with a despairing wail, ‘I never would – never! I did seduce her, yes, but it was even hardly that – she was so keen, she so obviously wanted it, she just about jumped into my arms the moment I gave her even a hint!’

‘Maybe so’, I answered crisply, ‘but who’s going to believe that? Her word against yours, and given your taste for bondage ... well, I wouldn’t bet on you!’

Miss Wilson gave an inarticulate moan, as her intricate little Trans lesbian seduction scheme came home to roost, and she faced the possibility not just of the end of her career, but of serious jail time as well.

After a short pause, I took pity on the distressed Librarian – and she did look so vulnerably sexy as she gazed at me, almost in tears – and I added: ‘well, maybe ... maybe no one needs to know ... if you do exactly as you’re told!’

Miss Wilson gasped with relief: ‘Yes, oh yes! Thank you, Mandy– I will, of course!’

I had nicely judged it: the frightened woman’s will to resist had been utterly broken, and she had no illusion about where the power lay in our relationship – now she would be a willing submissive in my hands.

I rose smoothly to my feet and advanced intimidatingly towards her, and she gave way before me, until she was backed up against the wall of the room. I closed the gap between us, until there was barely an inch between my breasts and hers, and she made no resistance as I took a grip at the base of her throat with my right hand.

I noticed that as my flesh touched hers, Tina’s nipples immediately hardened and began tenting through the almost sheer fabric of her loose top. Her breathing heavy, I could see her breasts moving up an down, causing her nipples to rub against the fabric, stimulating them further. It was arousing me to see her emotional reaction include a sense of arousal.

‘This is what will happen – this is what you will do, exactly as I say, with no objection or hesitation, if you want those videos to go no further. First, you will never – and I mean never – say a word about any of this to my sister, or about anything that happens from now on – as far as she is concerned, you don’t know me outside of my duties at the University Library. You’ll give her the thumb drive which you must have dropped while doing something in the volunteer  room. I wouldn’t want her to miss the fun – exactly as you meant to, and you’ll see her just as usual next time she is schedule for her next tutor session, but you will tell me about your arrangements first before they happen. Got that?’

Miss Wilson nodded weakly, clearly relieved, and started to babble her thanks, but I cut her off with a firmer pressure on her throat.

‘That’s not all’, I said, ‘in fact, it’s just the beginning. Secondly, from now on, THIS belongs to me, bitch!’

As I said the word ‘THIS’, I thrust my left hand down between her legs, and seized her crotch in a firm grip. Miss Wilson moaned in fearful arousal as I shifted my grip to the waistband of her tight leather shorts and then hauled them savagely upwards, so that their gusset cut sharply into her pussy. I am 1 inches taller than her five feet seven inches, but much taller in my 5 inch stilettos which I proudly wore for this dominating occasion.

I am quite the vixen ,  with very strong arms due to regular workouts at the gym. This gave me the leverage and strength to lift her almost off her feet. I gave her shorts another painfully cutting upwards jerk to emphasize her powerlessness, and then I tugged open the brass button at their waistband, yanked down the zip, and pushed the opened garment half-way down her thighs.

The blonde Librarian gave a squeal of shock as I plunged my hand down inside the red, sheer, lacey thong panties that were now revealed, and I took possession of my prize – the soft flesh of her vagina, now moist and gaping from both shock and the flush of desire caused by my assertive domination. I made the position unmistakably clear, whilst my hand groped her pussy and I thrust a finger into her crack.

‘Your cunt is mine, bitch – mine to do whatever I want with, when I want, and how I want!’

I noticed that Tina’s nipples somehow got even harder and extended a little further from her breasts as she heard these words.

I emphasized my dominance over her by seizing the front of her panties, bunching the fabric together in my fist, and then I heaved upwards so that it sliced into the base of her vaginal slit. For the next few seconds, I pumped this up and down, mercilessly abrading Miss Wilson’s gash as she whimpered pitifully but offered no resistance to my abuse of her cunt. My other hand released her throat in order to grasp her left breast, and I pinched and twisted its erect nipple through the thin fabric of her loose crop top, eliciting another broken moan from the violated Librarian. Then I stripped her shorts and panties down to her ankles, tugged up the crop top to her arm pits, and scooped her breasts into my hands. My head went down and I sucked each nipple in turn into my mouth, before nipping it none too gently between my teeth – causing the Librarian to moan brokenly each time. Her nipples were hard, but sweet, as if she anticipated the suckling by putting some peppermint spray on them. 

‘Aaaahh – yes, Mandy... ooohhh! ... oh, Mandy! take me! yes, yes ... do whatever you want ... I’m yours, anything! take me ... use me ... fuck me!’

I smiled in satisfaction: this lezzie Librarian was my bitch for sure now, abject in her surrender and longing only to satisfy me, to give her body up for my carnal use – and from that submission, she would get her own ultimate sexual thrills. This was music to my ears, and it was not the first time – despite my being only 18 years old – that a woman had sung me this song.

About five months ago – at a time when I had already realized that I was entirely Trans lesbian, and was seething with frustration at being unable to risk doing anything about it – I was seduced (if that’s really the right word by Monique, one of my soccer coaches. I had been flirting like mad with my coach and giving off so many ‘fuck me’ signals) She was an easy target. She was a black woman in her mid-20s, Probably the most attractive woman I had ever seen. Fit, trim body, muscular legs, high, firm ass, DD breasts which defy gravity as they sit high on her chest, nipples turned up and just waiting to be sucked. Her tiny waist was only 18 inches which accentuated her femine curves, but she had a six pack to die for and was all athlete. Monique had the most amazing lips, those luscious full lips that I could kiss for hours at a time, and would, upon my command, give me the best head jobs I could imagine, to say nothing about how she loved to suckle my nipples. We have been having regular fucking sessions ever since, two or three times a week, which I have kept a total secret from everyone. As time passed, I became more and more assertive and aggressive in our love-making, finding that this increased the intensity of both our climaxes. Monique began braiding her hair into tight cords and would beg me to pull on them as I was fucking her doggie style, lifting her upper torso off the bed and the combination of pain and pleasure resulted in many multiple squirting orgasm sessions with her. This progressed to my totally dominating her, as the older woman revealed her longing for submission – and most of all, to be taken by a younger Trans girl with a massive clit.

A couple of months ago, Monique and I moved into experimenting with bondage, and now I know how to tie a woman into a posture of total vulnerability, how to soften up her breasts and ass and cunt with cruel abrasive ropes, and how to force her into giving me sexual pleasure before my clit ravages her holes. So, by this time, I was fully experienced in lesbian sex, and delighted in taking my pleasure through dominance and force. Now it seemed that perhaps this was a family characteristic – that was why it had been so mind-blowing to see my attractive athletic Trans Twin sister Sandy so roughly fucking my bound submissive best friend.

Keeping Miss Wilson pressed against the wall – which she needed, or I think she would have collapsed from the combination of the shock of my revelations and then my conquest of her spirit and body – my right hand continued to massage her breasts, pulling, and twisting her hard nipples, whilst I thrust first one, then two, and finally three fingers of my left hand up into her vagina. The force of my penetration was so great that once again I nearly lifted her off the floor, and she gasped and shuddered as I began a rapid and powerful pistoning motion, driving my digits in and out of her hole. They were already covered in slick lubricating fluid when, after barely thirty seconds, the Librarian’s back arched, her eyes bulged, and she gave a hoarse scream as her hips and thighs shivered in orgasm, wetness shooting all over her thighs, my hand and down her legs. 

As she was coming down from her extasy, I drew my face near hers and leaned in to kiss her. Just before I did, I whispered: “Let me feel that tongue of yours my slave.”   As our lips met, I could feel her shaking from the quick orgasm she was still coasting through, but I could see her eyes focus and she  leaned into my kiss. Her lips parted and I could feel her long tongue begin to dance with mine in a wet, tender tongue twisting dance. It was luscious, and we continued for several moments as her breathing came back under control and she reached out to embrace me.

I wanted to test my dominance over her right from the beginning, so I switched immediately back into Mistress Mandy mode. I brushed her hands away and quickly flipped Tina so that she was facing the wall. I pushed her hard enough that she instinctively put up her hands to brace the wall.

 â€œKeep your hands on the wall,” I commanded in a sultry, soft voice into Tina’s ear. 

I kicked at her feet to force her legs back and apart until her torso was parallel with the floor, legs straight, back arched, ass out, legs spread wide. It was quite the sight, bend over, titts jiggling underneath her, doing her best to balance on her heels. 

I walked around behind her and she looked back over her shoulder with an expectant expression. She looked like she was going to say something but decided that a good slave never spoke until given a command, and remained silent.

I bend down between her spread legs and admired her perfect ass. Very firm, muscular,  but just enough flesh to get in a good slap. That would have to wait.  My control over her was not yet complete and I needed to see how far she would let me go.

I put my left hand on her hip, and trailed the fingers of my right hand through her folds. She arched further and lifted her ass as if to offer herself to me. I like this gesture and reward her with a gentle tug on her clit.  I then began lubricating the fingers of my right hand with the cunt juices which were still abundant around her love lips. The attention I was giving to her cunt seemed to please her and she wiggled as if to say, “more please.” Oh, yeah, there would be more.

Pointing all five fingers of my right hand into a cone shape, I started to press into her, pulling her back with my left hand.

Tina’s expression when she looked down and through her legs was one of shock. When my knuckles first penetrated her cunt, she gasped out loud and tried to wiggle way, but I had a firm grip on her hip and kept her in place.  No doubt she could have twisted away, but her submissive side kept her pinned to the wall with her hands She began to say something but I cut her off.

‘this cunt is mine and I can do whatever I want, whenever I want.” My statement was not a question for this was not a negotiation, it was a Mistress training her slave slut.

“Shh, no talking or protesting now.” I commanded.  â€œBe a good little fuck toy for her Mistress.”

I then pushed further and was surprised at how tight Miss Wilson’s cunt was since I knew that she probably was fucked regularly with massive dildos. Nonetheless, I continued and pushed until my entire fist was now inside her.

Miss Wilson was gasping for air and taking short, choppy breaths,

“I own you, and can do whatever I want with my cunt. Do you understand?

“Yes, yes, Mistress, please, do what you want, fuck me, fist me I am yours.” She said completely broken and submissive.

I started pistoning my fist up into her and was again surprised that after only 10 deep fisting thrusts, I was rewarded with a gush of squirting cunt juices when she came for a second time, shaking, moaning, and writhing as she struggled to stay on her feet, legs spread.

‘Fuck me ... arrghh! Oh, Mandy, yes – urrghh ... harder, do me harder! FUCK me, have me – DO ME NOW! I’M CUMIN, I’M CUMIN!! AIEEEEEE!’

The bitch did in fact turn out to be a squirter like in the video, as a spray of cunt-juice was ejected from her vagina over my fist, arm and down to my elbow. I pulled my fist from her cunt and examined the fragrant cunt juices. I lifted my fingers to my mouth, tasting Miss Wilson’s flavor and savoring the satisfaction of having a second woman who was ten years older than me become my submissive sexual plaything.

‘Right, you lezzie slut’, I rasped; ‘I’ve permitted you some pleasure – now I’ll have mine.”


Miss Wilson gave a shiver of anticipation, and then swiftly led me upstairs to the main bedroom – which, not surprisingly, turned out to be the room in the video-clips. She went to a drawer in her dressing-table, and silently opened it to reveal an extensive collection of interesting items – including at least three different strap-on dildos, a mean-looking double-ended one, some vibrators, ball-gags, whips, nipple clips, anal plugs, and a cat-o-nine-tail flogger, along with wrist and ankle cuffs, a face mounted massive dildo, and various lengths of rope and chains. .

I pulled out the flogger  and then instructed Miss Wilson to strip off her halter top and shoes, and kneel in submission on the carpet in front of me.

I ordered the slim and pretty blonde Librarian to kiss my feet, lick my stilettos clean, trace her tongue up my legs to my inner thighs. She did all this willingly and it was clear that her role as a submissive was well engrained before I had arrived at her life.  She was on all fours licking my shoes with her long, luscious tongue, and that is when I whirled the flogger around and whipped her right ass cheek with it. She flinched but did not scream or stop her stiletto licking. I liked her poise. 

“Do you want me to whip you while you service my beautiful heels, you slut?” I asked, not really needing her to reply.

“after a moment’s hesitation, she shyly whispered, “Yes, please whip me Mistress Mandy. I have been a bad girl and need to be punished.” At this, she spread her knees and arched her back, sticking her ass up in the air a bit more  to give me full access to her ass crack and pussy, while continuing to carefully lick up and down my  inner thighs, trying to get closer to my lacey thong gaff. .

The next crack of the flogger came down on her left ass cheek    This blow was harder and I could see the goose bumps form all over her skin as the area of her ass began to redden. 8 more quick whips on each ass cheek and her white ass was now glowing red.

“Do you want me to continue the lesson with punishment on your dirty cunt, you slut, fuck toy?” I asked, just to see if she would set any limits on my dominance.

“If you wish Mistress. My cunt is yours and if it pleases you to whip me on my cunt and asshole to teach me a lesson, then please, whip me, and so that I learn the lesson, please whip me harder.” 

At this last statement, I was impressed and took the lead. Reaching down and grabbing her high, tight blonde ponytail in my left hand, I whirled the flogger around and landed a perfect, very hard whip right on her cunt lips. She jerked wildly, but with me holding her hair and head in place, there was nowhere for her to move.  She stopped licking my heels for a moment and said: â€œThank you Mistress.”

I whirled the flogger around again an hit right on her exposed asshole, and then again on her cunt, alternating the stinging whips between her asshole and her cunt. After 10 hard, stinging whips, I stopped and noticed that her cunt lips were swollen, as was the ring around her asshole, but they were both glistening with wetness. 

I decided to pause her punishment for now and move things along.

“Good girl,” I said. â€œYou may need more training later, but now for my pleasure.” 

I then commanded that she undress me. She proceeded to do this quite eagerly, and within a few moments my skirt was off, my top unbuttoned and off, revealing my matching red thong gaff and lacey bra. 

Miss Wilson looked up and bit her lip as she was obviously enjoying her submissive role, on her knees, between my very athletic, smooth legs. She must have sensed some familiarity as Sandy and I are identical twins, but she did not say anything as she slowly extended her long tongue out to wiggle it around as if to ask where she should start.

“Keep going” I commanded.

Miss Wilson hooked her fingers in the sides of my gaff and pulled it down to my feet, revealing my rapidly engorging large clit. She then reached up and behind me to unclasp my bra, revealing a magnificent set of firm, athletic looking double D perky breasts, with upturned nipples which were hard as diamonds. I told her to leave my stilettos on and she beamed as I think she enjoyed me towering over her in my platform shoes.

After my thong gaff were removed, I shifted my legs further apart and thrust my quickly engorging clit out towards her, in an unmistakable invitation. Before I could even give the instruction, Miss Wilson gave a little soft cry deep in her throat, placed her hands on my hips to steady herself, and opened her mouth to begin her expert session of deep throating.

Despite being a trans full lesbian, she was an expert clit sucker. I barely had to guide her head with my fistful of her blonde hair as she got to work. With attention to all the right places, a practiced throat which did not engage in any gag reflex no matter how deep I thrust into her throat, and a good style of making sure to swallow down all her throat juices to keep the session clean. I was on the edge of an orgasm in minutes, probably due to the heightened sexual tension from my dominance over my new fuck toy.

I stopped her attentions just short of bringing me to orgasm. â€œEdge me” I commanded and let go of her hair to see how good she would be.

She pulled my clit from her mouth, smiled up at me and said: “Yes, Mistress Mandy”.

What a good little slut she was, and would be.

She resumed her attention to my clit with soft flicks of her tongue just under the head, and began stroking the long shaft at the base, making sure not to come up to the head to over stimulate and throw me over the orgasm cliff. She delicately tongued my hole with the tip of her long tongue, would once or twice venture South and nudge my cute asshole with her long tongue, poking her tongue into my ass like a wet dildo for a few soft strokes, and then put my clit occasionally back in her mouth, every once in a while deep throating me until I could feel her chin on my jewels. Amazingly she kept me right on the edge of a massive orgasm for what seemed like 15 minutes. 

Finally, I pulled her hair back and withdrew my clit from her mouth which looked like a baby bird feeding on a delicious meal, mouth open and long, extended dildo like tongue trying to reach my clit.


I ran a finger across her cheek, and whispered to her:

‘Don’t worry, you dirty filthy slut – you’ll have that chance again, before long!’

, I told the Librarian to stand at the side of her bed with her feet placed a yard apart and then to bend forwards over the mattress, sticking her ass out towards me, back arched, head in hands on the bed, legs straight. The whipping did its job and both ass cheeks were bright red, short of welting, but very hot to the touch and no doubt very tender. I reached out and slapped her right ass cheek just to test her and she screamed a soft, scream trying to be a good girl and remain silent. 

She obeyed by opening her legs farther apart thinking that I would now engage in a hand slapping session of her ass and pussy.  I just could not resist and grabbed the flogger again.

“you are so eager to be whipped. Do you like it slut?” I purred to her.

She looked back at me and in a shy voice whispered “Yes, Mistress. I really like being whipped and beg you to whip me a little more please. I especially enjoy it when the whip wraps around my inner thighs and hits me right on my clit.”

“Fuck” I said to myself. This one is going to be a handful.  Nonetheless, I was getting very excited and in any event, I needed to put her in her place.

I whirled the flogger around and this time wasted no effort with multiple quick whirling stinging whips right to her pussy and clit. I  just kept up the continuous whirling whipping action for almost 2 full minutes as I watched her pussy get wetter and wetter. After a while, I could hear the wet slapping of the leather strips hitting her flooding cunt, spraying cunt juices all offer her legs and ass,and then she tensed up and begged: â€œHarder Mistress, right on my clit. Oh, yes, harder, fuck yes, harder, yes please Mistress.” 

I renewed my efforts and with a couple of direct hits on her clit, she shuddered in an amazing display of full body contraction, cunt juices flooding out of her cunt and down her redden legs. Quite a sight, with her still up on her   straight legs, ass high in the air, back arched, with an even set of red marks all over her ass, upper thighs and lower back, swollen cunt lips and a pouting puffy asshole which, soon, would be getting some deep attention.

I continued for another few seconds and felt her reach back and touch my thigh gently in a safe word kind of way to let me know she was at her limit. Her cunt lips were now really swollen and I am sure very tender. 

“Thank you Mistress.” She said with shaky legs and a quivering whisper of a soft voice. She returned her head to her hand and just breathed deeply in a post massive orgasm moment, tits swaying underneath her. . 

She then regained some composure and stuck her ass farther up in the air, knowing what was to come next.

She was already trembling in anticipation when I took a grip on her waist at each side, just above her hips, and then brought my clit forward until its tip pressed lightly against the lower end of her slit. Slowly and tantalizingly, I drew it upwards so that its ridged edges rubbed along the whole length of her labia, and then I dipped the end of it into her for an inch, before withdrawing it and starting the same slow circular pressure again. Her wet, swollen lips were like velvet and with all the lubrication, it was all I could do to not plunge into her right then.

The blonde woman gasped with desire, and then shivered in frustration as I probed the edges of her pussy-hole for a few seconds and then again reduced the pressure. It was almost like torture for her, teasing with the promise of penetration and then withdrawing it. Miss Wilson gave a pleading whimper, beseeching me to fuck her, as she vainly thrust her ass out backwards in the hope of engulfing more of my clit’s length – but I was ready for such an obvious move, and pulled back just as quickly, thwarting her even more. I kept this up for a few moments longer, as the Librarian became almost incoherent in her needful wailing and begging

. Then, when she least expected it and without any warning, I arched my hips and slammed the full length of my huge clit into her, entering her with one savage thrust until the jewels were resting right on her cunt lips.

Miss Wilson gave a terrific shriek as she was impaled, followed by another when I withdrew the long shaft of my clit then banged it home again with equal force. To give myself extra leverage, I grabbed her shoulder-length straight blonde hair, twisting it into a pony-tail and using that to haul her head back and upwards. Her breasts swayed wildly underneath her chest, and jiggled still more as my other hand pinched and wiggled each nipple in turn.  Once again, I aroused the blonde woman so much that within less than a dozen of the pile-driving penetrations, she came with volcanic force. After that, she collapsed like a puppet whose strings have been cut, sliding off my rock hard clit to crumple onto the bed, her head to one side with her eyes, glazed and unfocused, staring at the wall.

I was not yet finished, for I intended to take my own pleasure with the University Head Librarian’s naked body. I pushed her further onto the bed, and then ordered her to lie face down. Extracting the coil of white rope from the drawer, I proceeded to tie my new mature bitch in tight constricting bondage. It was a simple piece of ropework that began with a loop around her waist, from which the two long ends were drawn down the cleft of her buttocks and sharply beneath her, scything into her vaginal groove. The two ropes then went straight up her pelvis and stomach, and crisscrossed between her breasts before going over her shoulders, crossing again at the small of her back, and running down to tie around her ankles. However, these last lengths were deliberately short and when they were tautly fastened, the woman’s ankles were pulled backwards so that her heels were pressed against the point where her butt-cheeks curved round to the back of her thighs. Any attempt on her part to straighten or lower her legs had the immediate effect of increasing the pull on the ropes that were slicing into her pussy, causing agonizing sexual torture – this was a favorite hogtie variant of mine, which I had discovered whilst experimenting upon Monique, my soccer coach.

It was just as devastatingly effective on the blonde woman, and I paused for a moment to enjoy her foolish squirming struggles and the broken sobs that resulted from the vicious abrasion of her soft vulnerable inner vaginal walls which were already tender due to the whipping and penetration with my 11 inch clit. Then I gave a sharp slap on her bare ass, as the signal for her to roll sideways onto her back – which, with a helpful shove from me, she managed after some further whimpering and suffering. In this new position, Miss Wilson found that the least painful position for her legs was to keep her back arched, tits pushed up, ankles tight up against her ass and to swing her knees open to each side, as far as they would go, even though this resulted in a position of utter vulnerability, with her cunt offered up for my use – and abuse.

After admiring my creation for a moment, I decided to test Tina’s tongue talents and climbed onto the bed, straddling her face with my jewels resting on her chest.

“Now, let’s see how far you can go with your tongue.” I purred as I reached back, separated my tight, firm ass cheeks, and lowered my asshole right to her mouth.

I could almost hear her lick her lips as she moistened them and then extend her tongue in what would be a French kiss to end all French kisses with my ass. The feeling was amazing as she worked her tongue round and then slowly into and out of my ass. She worked her tongue deeper and deeper. It was like a warm, wet dildo slowly ass fucking me and it was beyond erotic. The way she wiggled and curled her tongue in my ass, hitting my love bump inside, made me wild and I was leaking precum all over her breasts. I started to slowly move up and down on her tongue and for a while, she just fixed her tongue in its most extended position so I could just fuck myself on the hot, wet, slick dildo of a tongue she offered.  My clit was so rock hard that I was just seconds away from coming several times. The way Tina worked her tongue, wiggling it, curling it, rubbing my love bump inside my ass, all so sexy and so erotic. My precum was spilling all over her tits and she seemed to love that she was pleasing me, with my moans and whispers of pleasure.

After about 15 minutes of this tongue wiggling ass play session, I had another idea.  I rotated off her face and off the bed with a rock hard clit thinking about what was to come next.  I had to get my ass off that magic tongue  or I would have cum in another second. The edging play I engage in always increases the ultimate explosion of an orgasm for me and this edging play was intense.

I returned to the drawer and removed another item, the one which had given me the idea for putting her in this position. It was a face-fitting strap-on phallus of the type I had seen in the video, with an inner mouth plug. I pushed the latter between the Librarian’s lips, and then tightened the straps around and behind her head. The device covered her from chin to forehead, but had eyeholes so that she could see out sufficiently above the projecting dildo to be able to aim it effectively. Finally, I picked up the flogger again.


For a moment, I stood at the bedside, enjoying for a moment the glow of warm anticipation in my own clit as I gazed down at my sexy mature captive. I ran my fingers over her breasts, pinched her nipples, and then hooked my index finger around the bondage cord and tugged it to rub against her clit and the hot sweet wetness of her slit. Although muffled by the gag of the mouth-plug and face-harness, I heard her soft moans as her tits were fondled and her pussy teased and tortured. She even lifted her tits to receive more nipple attention and pushed up her hips in an effort to coax me into more bondage rope rubbing on her swollen clit. I then  lifted myself onto the bed and squatted above her head, facing down the length of her body. I was now so ready for a little anal play to keep me on the edge of my own orgasm and my clit was bouncing on Tina’s tits in anticipation of feeling her long, wet, wiggling tongue in my ass.

I crawled back up onto the bed and again straddled her face. So that she could see what I was doing, I pulled out a syringe of coconut oil I had brought for the session, and slowly inserted it deeply into my puckering asshole which, after the tongue play, needed some real attention. I plunged the sweet-smelling, slick oil into my love tunnel.  I withdrew the syringe from my ass and put it on the night stand, clinching my ass so that none of the oil escaped my ready and willing ass tunnel.

My clit felt electric with desire as I slid myself slickly down onto the vertical dildo, sheathing it in my ass, until my ass was smothering the Librarian’s face.

I kept my ass pressed down upon her for a few seconds, until I felt her gasping for breath. Then I grabbed Tina around her tiny waist for stability and with my feet still in their stilettos on either side of her head, I hinged up with my ass and almost let the large dildo slip out of my ass. I slowly dropped down again with my weight, impaling myself with almost vicious force on the plastic pole. Miss Wilson’s head was bounced down against the mattress, and then on the rebound the dildo that she was wearing was thrust back upwards into me. I responded by lifting my ass off her face, my tits compressed between my arms as I held her by the waist and slammed downwards once more, after which I repeated that pistoning cycle over and over again. I was getting myself off with the self-inflicted penetrations, whilst the submissive head Librarian was dizzy and almost stunned from the repeated smacking impacts of my ass on her face.

After a few such thudding blows, I slowed down into a softer, more rhythmic pumping action, taking the large dildo deep into my ass, all the way out and back in again. I love the feeling of my inner  sphincter being slowly pried open and penetrated, feeling  the long, ribbed shaft of the dildo pushing its way up and inside me, filling me, rubbing against my inner love bump, and putting me into an almost trance like state. I could have continued that slow pumping for a while, but needed to move on.

I then introduced new elements into my dominating abuse of the bound and submissive blonde. First, I reached for her breasts and tweaked her nipples, which produced a wonderfully wild wriggle beneath me which corkscrewed the dildo around in my ass , before I rose up and plunged down again. Next, I whirled the flogger around and began to deliver a series of sharp slaps onto the vulnerable soft flesh of the woman’s cunt. This was rewarded with muffled shrieks and still more convulsive squirming beneath me, and it was this last – combined with the mid-blowing pleasure of being able to ravish this older woman in this way – that took me to a climax of intense power, one of the very best that I have ever had, either before or since. As my orgasm began to break over me, I gave a few more flogger whips directly to Tina’s clit and felt her convulse  in what surely was a pain induced orgasm for her as well.

I picked up a large martini glass I had found in the kitchen and had placed on the bedside table before our session and positioned it in front of my clit.

I used the martini glass to capture all of my cum, and it was a lot. With careful attention not to spill any of my spurts, I filled up the entire martini glass.

With a satisfied sigh, I rose from the bed, removed the strap-on from Miss Wilson’s face and then the rope that was wound around her body – when I pulled it out from her pussy, where it had dug deeply into her flesh, she gave a sob and a shudder, and there was another spray of cunt-juice as she orgasmed yet again. The Librarian lay limply on the bed, completely exhausted and vanquished, her eyes amused glazed and her breathing in soft shallow gasps. I had to grab her by the neck and grab her by the ponytail to get her to sit up, and take the martini glass in her trembling hands.

“A treat for you.” I said as I gestured for her to sip it. then I gripped her hair again to haul her to her feet. She did so and as she drank the creamy liquid, a smile crept across her face. She liked cum and it showed.

‘Show me where the shower is, bitch, and then you can serve me – you ain’t done yet!’ I told her.

Meekly the older woman led the way along a short corridor and showed me her bathroom, in which I showered myself in steaming hot water whilst she waited, naked and humble, kneeling on the floor in front of the cubicle. When I stepped out, Miss Wilson hurried to shuffle forwards on her knees, and even before I gave any instruction – oh, what a well-tamed and trained sapphic slut she was going to be!  she clamped her mouth to my soft clit, first lapping away the water and then slurping her flattened long tongue all around. Then, with a gleam in her eye,  she extended her long tongue between my legs and into my asshole, as wantonly, and  eagerly to eat my Trans pussy as deep as she could. 

With a contented sigh, I leaned backwards with my damp shoulder blades against the bathroom wall and spread my thighs open, as Miss Wilson applied herself vigorously to her task of once again French kissing my asshole which could take her tongue even deeper now that I had just worked a foot long  3 inch dildo into it.  I grabbed her high tight ponytail again and pulled her face into me.

“As deep as you can go my good fuck toy. I want to feel you work it.” I commanded as I tugged at her blonde hair.

She responded by pushing hard into me and drilling her extended tongue deep, deeper in fact, than I had imagined possible. The attention to my ass made me rock hard and it was time to take my prize.

I pulled her tongue out of my ass and just looked at her. She knew what to do.  She licked her lips, opened her mouth, flattened her tongue as a runway and pulled my clit into her love hanger.

Every few seconds, without breaking contact between her lips and my clit, , she twisted her head slightly sideways in order to gaze up at me limpidly with her deep brown eyes, fluttering her eyelashes coquettishly. How a thirty-is professional woman managed suddenly to turn into a provocative little minx half her age, I don’t know – but it made me even harder.

As I gazed down from directly above at the smooth swell of Miss Wilson’s breasts jiggling  from her efforts,  , The bitch was acting as if she was just a sweet sixteen year old giving her first blow job, but she was also making good use of many years of sapphic sexual experience. She avidly suck me every which way, until with a quick rush I mounted to my climax, giving a gasp, and jerking hard on my own tits as it surged through me like a rip-tide.

“On your tongue this time”, I barely got out as I started to cum. She flattened her tongue and pulled my clit until it is just inside her mouth. Spurt after spurt of com jetted into her inviting mouth and I could see the back of her throat becoming covered in the creamy liquid. As if she knew how to ask, I nodded and she closed her mouth to begin sucking the cum out of me. For a full 120 seconds, I felt a vacuum hose on my clit as Tina sucked and sucked every last drop of cum out of me. She kept sucking even as I began to limp and I had to pry her mouth off my clit when I could take her tongue lashings and sucking action no more.

Feeling satisfied, not just by my orgasms but still more by the total sexual command I had attained over my pretty University Librarian, I stood there as the monarch of all that I surveyed, whilst Miss Wilson fetched a clean, soft cotton towel and dried my hair and then my body, her hands trembling as she wiped the water away from my breasts and smoothed downwards between my legs. I then strode back to her bedroom, where I used a hand-held dryer on my hair, and – refreshed and reinvigorated – put on my clothes, as my Librarian, still naked and kneeling in submission, regarded me with reverence.

Whilst in the shower, I had decided on what I wanted to do, and before I left the Librarian’s house I gave her my orders. These were first that she was to tell Ashley that her usual Library Sciences session on Thursday had to be cancelled due to a University staff training session that Miss Wilson must attend – I did this partly because I knew that it would increase my friend’s sexual frustration to fever pitch, and partly because Thursdays were one of my times for fucking Monique , my gorgeous tiny waist,  black soccer coach, and I had no intention of disappointing her – or, rather, myself – by missing that.

My second instruction to Miss Wilson was to tell Ashley to come to her house at three o’clock on the following Sunday afternoon, where she would make it up to her. However, I would be arriving at one o’clock, when I would first take my pleasure with Miss Wilson’s body – her eyes lit up when I said this – and then would get ready to surprise Ashley, who must not be given any hint that anyone else was to be present. Finally, I took the Librarian’s cell phone number, and told her to check for messages the next day while working at the Main Library before her lunch break, and without fail to follow whatever orders I sent her. Her tongue flitted over her lips as I gave this last requirement, for she knew that it meant she would serve my sexual pleasure again during the week – a prospect that both enthralled and frightened her, as it seemed that the one security rule which she had hitherto faithfully followed was never to have sex with a girl on the University Campus grounds.

Before leaving her house, I bent down and gave her a long French kiss, accompanied by a final groping and pinching of her breasts  and nipples which seemed to be permanently hard now.  I savored the feeling of her long tongue slipping into my mouth and almost down my throat. It gave me goose bumps again and I already was fantasizing about that long tongue in my ass.

I told her to get clean, have an early night, and dress the next day in her prettiest lingerie and as short a skirt as she could wear without causing complaint from the University Deem with whom I knew she had a meeting each Monday morning.

The next day seemed to crawl until just before the lunch break. I excused myself from my friends with some mumbled excuse about needing to get some books from the University library. I started off in that direction, but walked past the main Library entrance, taking a back door to a lower floor restroom that was not much used at this time of day. I entered the room, checked that there was no one in any of the five cubicles, and then went into the one furthest from the entrance, clicking the latch on the door behind me. I lowered the cover of the toilet bowl and sat on it whilst I sent a quick text message to Miss Wilson’s number, with instructions to come to this restroom at once and, as soon as the room was clear, to knock twice on the end cubicle.

Sure enough, it took only about three minutes before I heard the click of heels on the hard bare floor, then a quick pause, followed by two hesitant knocks on the door of my cubicle. At once, I unlatched and opened it, drew the Librarian inside, and closed the door again. I made Miss Wilson take my previous position of sitting on the covered toilet, whilst I stood in front of her and undid my full length leather coat.  I had chosen a dominatrix  leather strappy outfit which crisscrossed my body, highlighted, and pushed up my full, perky breasts, wrapped around my tiny waist, and connected to thigh high fishnet stockings, leaving my leather thong gaff as the only real piece of clothing. My Mistress collar was gleaming with its crystals and leather, matching my dangling earrings.


The Librarian’s breath caught in her throat as she took in the sight of me.   Transfixed, she let her mouth gape open in amazement at my body and the tight, revealing dominatrix outfit I was wearing.

My dominatrix outfit  was basically an elaborate shiny patent leather harness. It started with a crystal studded choker collar around my slim, elegant neck, and ended with straps around my upper thighs to which were connected large hole black fishnet stockings. My tiny trim waist was highlighted in a series of tight  horizontal leather straps which accentuated the difference between my hips, waist and just below my tits. The hour glass shape of the leather straps  with my tan, athletic flesh showing through connected together with silver chains was mesmerizing.   To the tight choker collar around my neck were four Leather straps, two each descending  to either side of my tits connected to shiny silver rings at the base of my breasts. The silver rings which circled my perky tits caused them to stand out a bit more than usual. Connected to the silver rings were a series of concentric shiny leather matching straps encircling around my breasts, leading to a final silver ring around my upturned nipples.  Leather Straps connected to the sides of the breast rings went under my arms and across my back to match the other horizontal leather straps around my waist and torso. My shoulders were bare, as was my upper back, but I wore matching shiny patent leather fingerless elbow gloves. The highest set of upper thigh leather straps were right next to my clit and had the effect of accentuating the triangle space between the bottom of my leather gaff and upper thighs. My ass was bare but the lower horizontal straps had the effect of pushing my tight ass even higher. I wore a pair of black patent leather shiny stiletto-heeled and metal-tipped boots that came half-way up my thighs. I wore dangly leather, silver and crystal chain earrings  which hit my collar bone to complete the look, with some light, goth makeup to add a severe look to my face.

I  twisted round to hang the skirt on top of my jacket, on the clothes-hook on the inside of the cubicle door, and noticed Tina staring at my tits and ass like she had never seen anything like this before. It had just the stunning effect I had hoped an and was lucky no one notice under my full length leather jacket as I strode from my office at the library to the back space restroom in the not too often used section of the library.

I then turned back to face the transfixed Librarian, noting with satisfaction how the stiff pinnacles of her nipples were visible through her grey silk blouse. I shifted my feet as far apart as the width of the cubicle would allow, and then slowly wiggled out of my gaff, giving the woman a sight of my firm flat stomach and my stiffening nipples, while my clit began to engorge right in front of her face.

I lifted up my tiny gaff and offered it to her head. She instantly knew what to do, closed her eyes and pushed her blonde head with the tight pony tail through the small ring of the gaff. The intimate wear was a choker collar around Tina’s neck and this would come in handy later.

“Stand up and strip down to your garter belt, stockings and heels.” I whispered in a low, sultry, sexy tone.

Tina needed no more encouragement  than my whisper and immediately complied. She had even brought a hanger for her clothes as she must have anticipated a session without clothes.

Once fully undressed, she turned expectantly to me and batted her brown eyes in a shy, demure manner that made her look adorable and no older than 21.  She looked delicious in her pink tight garter belt around her tiny 18 inch waist, lacey garter straps connected to her thigh high matching pink fish net stockings and black heels. With the black gaff around her neck, she was gorgeous in her black, pink, black outfit, tits, and cunt exposed.

Her perky, firm  tits appeared to defy gravity with little upturned nipples which were hardening as she stood there with almost nothing on.  Her chest was heaving with anticipation, and the result was evident in how her breasts moved on her chest.

“How may I please you Mistress?” was all she said as she clasped her hands behind her head and kneeled in submission before me.

“I have a present for you.” I said pulling a small velvet bag out of my jacket pocket. â€œStand up, turn around so I can put it on you.”

She spun on her heels  and the sight was electric. Her cute little tight, firm ass framed by the garter belt, straps, and thigh highs. It was all I could do to stay in my gaff as I watched her wiggle her ass in lustful anticipation  of what was to come.

I removed the lacey bra like device out of the velvet bag. It was a bra, but with an open wire like mesh to it with spikes pointing inward, and two alligator nipple clamps right in the center of the bra cups. I slid my arms around her and cupped her perky breasts with the device, as I pulled it tight and behind her back to clasp. I threaded her arms through the straps and then spun her around to face me. 

“A training bra, of sorts, to assist with your submissive training.” Was all I said matter-of-factly.

She was looking down when I pulled out her left nipple and clamped the clip on it. She hissed out a breath, trying to muffle her natural reaction to the pain, and did it again when I clamped the right nipple.

“What do you think?” I asked, not really sure of what to expect in terms of a response.

“I could see the spikes digging into the flesh of her firm breasts and the nipple clamps   tugging her nipples up. It looked deliciously painful and I could not wait to start  with the training session.  I reached out and cupped her breasts and gave them a gentle, but firm squeeze in the spiked device. I heard her let out a long breath as the velvety soft pain began to set in. 

“If it would please my Mistress to train me in this bra, then I shall do exactly as my Mistress desires. So that I may understand how you will train me, please let me feel your strength, your power, your desires by showing me how my nipples  may experience the full extent of the device.” Tina whispered in a low, sultry voice.

In an obvious demonstration of submission, Tina again clasped her hands behind her back, forcing out her tits and offering her nipples to me.

I understood her intention and did not let her down. I grabbed the nipple clamps on each breast and pinched them hard onto her nipples, slowly twisting them while maintaining direct unblinking eye contact with her.

I could tell that she was almost at the  end of her pain threshold, but wanted to hear her say it.

I then not only further twisted her clamped nipples, but the rest of my soft hands grasped her breasts and squeezed the spikes deeply into them. Tina panting like a pet, finally broke eye contact and released her hands behind her back so she could touch my arms. She knew not to speak, but the touch was all I needed to know that she was at her safe word threshold.

I released a little of the pressure, and leaned in for a kiss. The sensation of my tongue in her mouth put her over the edge and a bit unexpectedly, she came with a shudder that even surprised her.  Cum juices began flowing out of her cunt and down her inner thighs.

I withdrew from the kiss and said: “Good girl. This training bra will allow me to teach you how to cum on command.” 

Her eyes blinked up and as if they were welling up with tears of joy, she said: “Yes, yes, Mistress Mandy. I want to be your good girl, teach me to cum on command, please, please.

Still holding on her tits through the spiky device, I rotated us so that I was over the toilet and her back was to the door. I pulled down on her nipples and she understood that she was to get onto her knees in front of me.  As I released her nipples, I noticed that she was licking her lips with that magical tongue of her and it turned me on even more that she knew what was coming and that her mouth was watering for a taste of my clit.

‘Eat me, you little fuck toy,– eat me good, , eat me deeply now!’ I hissed.

I had spoken no more than the first two magic words before she snaked her index fingers around the base of my clit  to hold it firmly as she began what was an epic blow job session. When Tina looked up, she was faced with my instantly engorged full length clit pointing right at her face.

Slowly, eagerly, she clamped her mouth over my clit and her firm tongue wormed its agile way into my slit, around my shaft, and around my clit head. Such was her enthusiasm for the task that I actually had to steady myself by reaching to the sides of her head and steadied myself on the side walls of the stall.  Tina was not only eager but also an experienced and talented trans clit -licker, and she soon had me going. With a gasp, I used my free hand to pinch my exposed nipples which had become rock hard and were protruding through the silver rings of the dominatrix outfit. I actually shuddered with -orgasmic waves of pleasure. I involuntarily pushed my pelvis forward so my clit was fully extended. Tina withdrew her mouth and just stared at my clit slit as a drop of precum oozed out. With a sly smile, she extended her long tongue and making sure I was watching, she flicked the tip of her long tongue all around my slit so that the tip of her tongue was coated with precum.  With a deliberate and slow pace, she sucked in her tongue to let the precum gather around her lips, and then extended her tongue again to lick up the precum and swallow it down. All so damn erotic, my clit got even harder, if that was possible.

I put a hand on her head, grabbed her pony tail, and pushed her away for a second as I sat down on the covered toilet. â€œStand up and give me a lap dance I will never forget.” I commanded as I pushed up my pelvis to thrust up my clit.

With a gleam in her eye, and a pop song in her head, she said: Yes Mistress, whatever your desire, Mistress.”

She put her hands above her head, clasping them in a seductive pose as she moved forward to straddle my legs. I held up my clit and with a sexy circular motion, Tina stepped forward to straddle my hips, and lower herself onto my rock hard clit glistening from her oral attention just moments before.

When my clit head brushed her pussy lips, I could tell that she was a dripping little slut. The lubrication was flowing and it was needed as Tina’s little pussy was tight. She circled down and down with her hips until I entered her pussy with a moan of delight from her lips and a gleam in her eye as she stared into my eyes.

“Hands behind your back,” I purred into Tina’s hear in a low husky tone.

“Yes, Mistress.” Tina purred in response, never stopping her up and down circling motion with her hips to corkscrew her pussy down on my clit, deeper and deeper.

Tina looked amazing, with her flush cheeks, high pony tail just waiting to be pulled, and now that her hands were behind her back, her tits were pushed up and out, caged in the spiky bra delivering pleasure and pain with each hip movement causing her breasts to swing up and down.  Her eyes betrayed her desire as I could see her looking at her nipples as if she was wondering how she could beat me to pinch them, and heighten her pleasure / pain sensations.

Not needing a formal invitation, I reached up and grabbed each of her tits through the spiky device and began to pull her down further and further, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples all the way.

Tina hissed out a low breath when the velvety smooth pain of the nipple clips sank into her flesh. She looked right into my eyes and blinked as if to say, “Thank you Mistress love being a good girl for you.”

Her arousal was intense and I could hear her start panting which was a sure sign of her impending orgasm.  She wiggled and writhed above me with her hands clasped behind her bac, hips engaged in their small circle dance, and her torso engage in tantric like gyrations which would be the envy of the best belly dancer on the planet. Her muscular thighs were straining as she balanced on her heels, trying, not yet, to put her full weight on my clit.

As I pulled her down to bottom out inside her, I marveled at how she  never stopped looking directly into my eyes, in submissive lust. I pinched her nipples just a bit and she finally closed her eyes for a second and then whispered: “Is this when my cum on command training begins Mistress?” 

Tina threw her head back and started grinding deeply on my clit, making sure to rub her clit on me as she circled with my clit as deep inside her as possible.

“Are you ready, you little fuck toy?”

“Yes, Mistress, ready whenever, wherever you want me to be ready.

‘ she purred.

I squeezed the spiky bra into her tits and pinched her nipples hard once again to push her over the top. I then gave her the command, “Tina, Cum. Now, Tina. Cum.” I pulled on her nipples to force her to put all her weight on my clit and her clit finally made contact with my pelvis. She started to grind on me , further stimulating her clit, all the while imp ailing herself deeply with my rock hard clit.

Tina’s eyes blinked and then closed as a full body contraction hit her with a shudder so violently that her legs gave out, causing her to shake on my full 11 inch clit, which threw her into the next gear. I gave her nipples one more intense pinch, and then grabbed her hips to keep her rocking on my fully sheathed clit, stretching, pulling her into extasy land.

With a low moan, Tina started dribbling cunt cum juice all over my clit and onto the towel I had wrapped around the base of my clit just for this moment. I knew she was a squirter and did not want my clothes soaked by her cunt cum today.

“Keep coming until I tell you to stop”, I said in a sultry voice as I forced her cunt to circle my clit, making sure to rub her clit against my pelvis bone.

For 30 seconds she wanted to scream, but knew not to. Her mouth was open in a silent scream until I drew her face hear and commanded “now you can stop my fuck toy.”

With this command, I pulled her in for a passionate kiss. It was as if she was starving and the only nourishment was my mouth. She hungrily and deeply kissed me, playing with her long tongue, slipping it deep into my throat and then around my tongue. So erotic the kiss was that I was almost pushed over the top with my own orgasm. It was all I could do to hold Tina’s wiggling hips still.

With a quick push up of my hips, I bounced Tina off me and left her straddling my lap, on her wobbling and shivering legs, cunt gaping and still dribbling cunt cum juice.

“Now, your training will continue.” I whispered into her ear as I stood up, rock hard clit stabbing at Tina’s firm stomach. I pushed her forward and placed her hands on the back of the toilet, kicked out her legs to as wide as the stall would accommodate and pushed her back down so that she was straight legged, back arched and tits dangling an captured in the spikey training bra.

I reached into my bag and pulled out my syringe of coconut oil to administer the lubricant needed for the next phase.

She looked adorable with her cute pear shaped ass framed in the pink stockings, garter belt and garter straps. She looked back and her eyes got wide when she noticed the syringe.

“yes, Mistress, Yes. Oh yes!” Tina exclaimed when she realized that the next part of the session was going to be a deep ass fucking.

I slowly inserted the syringe into her puckering asshole and slid it in. The syringe is about 10 inches long but very thin. I waited to push the plunger in until the syringe was past her inner sphincter ,  so that I was sure there would be a generous amount of organic lubrication all the way inside her tight ass.

She turned her head back, arched her back a little more and braced herself on the toilet as she anticipated my next move.

I put away the syringe and moved in between her spread legs. My rock hard clit was begging for release and I positioned the head right at her oozing asshole. I coated the tip with some coconut oil seeping from her ass and then slowly plunged my clit into her oh, so, tight ass.

I could hear her take in a deep breath as I slid in the first 5 inches, and then just held it there so that she could accommodate. While a very aggressive dom, I do not want to actually hurt my submissive, just going them to the edge of their tolerance.

I then reached forward an grabbed each of her tits with my hands, bent over her and pulled her by the tits onto my clit.

The spikey bra was digging into her flesh and the nipple clips were straining on her nipples and then I heard the unmistakable panting of her orgasmic bliss. 

“Cum Tina. Cum now Tina.” I commanded as I pinched and twisted her nipples in what was surely a velvety warm, pain / pleasure moment. 

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, what are you doing to me, oh, fuck. I am coming, I am Cumming, so fast, how, why, oh, fuck.” Was the dribble coming from Tina’s soft voice as she was surprised at how quick I was able to make her cum with an anal orgasm. Her cunt was dribbling more cunt juice as I began to really plough into her ass now.

Tina was shaking and wiggling on my clit buried deeply in their ass and I just kept her impaled until she calmed down a bit. Then I started with the deep ass fucking.

I realized that this all was so erotic that I would not be able to last much longer so I started deeply thrusting into Tina, with long deep insertions, extractions, thrusting each time until the head of my clit was way past her inner sphincter. Finally, after three minutes of this ass slapping / pounding, I was over the edge.

“ I quickly let go of Tina’s tits and grabbed her high, tight ponytail to lift her up. I pushed back and withdrew my clit entirely from her gaping ass and spun her around whipping her head around. I pulled down on her ponytail and with wide eyes, she quickly understood what I wanted.

Tina sank to her knees, opened her mouth, wrapped her slender fingers around the shaft of my clit and started stroking it up and down its entire length, keeping just the head in her mouth. Tasting her own ass juices must have excited her as she was using her tongue like an egg beater on the underside of my clit head until I erupted.

Spurt after spurt of my cum hit the back of their throat and she never stopped stroking with her hands, or beating with her tongue just under my clit head. Her sheiks were concave with her sucking power and I held her in place with her ponytail firmly in my grasp. 

After 20 seconds, I urged her to start deep throating my clit by tugging on her hair and she eagerly complied. With that magical tongue, she tickled my jewels when my clit was all the way down her throat, and encircled my clit head when I pulled it almost out of her mouth.

She continued fondling and sucking for what seemed like 5 minutes until my clit began to subside. Making sure to milk every last drop of cum from me, Tina sucked, and sucked until I think my clit head had a hocky from all the sucking action. Tina finally looked up and licked her lips.

“May I please you further Mistress?” was all she said as she knelt before me on her knees, eyes sparkling, face flush, and tongue wiggling in and out of her mouth making sure that she licked up all the cum on her lips.

“You are such the good little fuck toy.” I purred as I reached down to lift her up. 

Just one more thing before we end our session today.” I said with a sly grin.

“yes, anything, Mistress, whatever you desire.”  She half whispered.

I pulled my black thong gaff from around her neck and said, “I want you to wear these until next we meet on Sunday, and to make sure you remember our little training session today, you will keep both of these in until you go home tonight.

 With that, I reached into my bag and pulled out two, stubby, thick anal plug like devices. I reached down between her legs, slicked up the first plug with her cunt juices and pushed it into her. She let out a slow moan as the widest part of the plug stretched her cunt lips impossibly wide, but they snapped back into place as the cunt plug nestled nicely within her with just the jeweled preventer sticking out so that it could be removed later. Without me saying anything, she spun around, stuck up her ass and reached back to spread her ass cheeks. I was impressed. I worked more of the coconut oil lube onto the anal plug and then worked it into her gaping asshole. The widest part of the plug made her streak as its girth was massive, but just like the cunt plug, this one was sucked inside her ass with the proper amount of encouragement, and I marveled at how her O ring snapped around the preventer once the bulb was inside her ass.

“I feel so full Mistress, so deliciously full.” Tina said in a lustful, husky voice.  â€œThese may make me cum as I walk around and sit at my desk. Do I have your permission to cum Mistress while I think about you this afternoon before removing your toys?


She wiggled her ass as if in appreciation, hoping for the answer I gave.

“You are such a little slut aren’t you.  Well, since you have been such a good girl, you may cum as many times as you wish as you wiggle your cunt and ass around the toys, but you may not use your hands, understand?” I whispered in a sly, sexy voice.

“Thank you, thank you, oh my, thank you Mistress, and I will be a good girl. Nothing but hands free orgasms for your cute little slut this afternoon.

I then bend down to have her step into my gaff. It was tight on her, but just the thing to keep the plugs in place for the next 4 hours.  She spread her legs and wiggled just to make sure everything was in place and going to stay there.

“So deliciously full” Tina’s voice trailed off as if in a dream as she slowly ground her hips in a small circle to determine what friction she could achieve to pleasure herself.

“Turn around my pet.” I commanded with her still wiggling her ass and thrusting her pelvis to get used to the feeling of double penetration.

Once she was facing me, I leaned down and placed my wet, full lips on hers. She had been a good girl and I wanted to encourage her with some affection. I pulled her in closer for a short kissing session with tongues dancing ever so lightly in each other’s mouths. It was a beautiful kiss and I wanted more, but things to do, places to go, and I still had not released her yet.

“Ready for me to remove your training bra?” I said in a sassy voice, pulling her close to me and feeling the cold steel of the clamps on her nipples against my skin. She winced a little with my embrace which added additional pressure to the spikes around her breasts and the clamps on her nipples, but did not cry out. After a moment to compose herself, she looked up sheepishly at me.

“As you wish Mistress. I am yours with which to play, and if you desire to release me from my  new training device for now, I would be most grateful.” The slight shake in her voice let me know the pain in her nipples was sinking in and it was time.

I unclasped the training bra and Tina closed her eyes as I unclamped the nipple clips. A shudder of pain hit her as the blood rushed back to her nipples and it was as if it excited her more, but she knew to say nothing even though I could tell she wanted to give out a short scream of pain and pleasure.

Instead, she just shuddered, wiggled her hips and tensed up for a few seconds. What the fuck, I thought, she just came from the nipple torture. I am going to have fun with this one, for sure.

Once free of her training bra, Tina knew instinctively to lower herself to her knees and start cleaning up my clit which had a drop of cum oozing out of it again. She sucked hard on the head and took some tissue to wipe things down so that I could step into my new gaff. She guided the tiny, tiny gaff up my muscular, thin legs and with experienced hands, guided my clit up and back , with the jewels on either side in front, so that the gaff  would fit properly and give me a femine crotch look. With a quick kiss on my gaff, she looked up, wondering if I had any other commands for her.

“Get dressed.” I commanded. â€œWe need to get out of here.”

Once Tina had fully dressed, nipples still poking out, she said: “Thank you Mistress, thank you so very much. I loved your outfit and hope that I may please you again this coming Sunday with you in that same outfit. I will even bring you a gift to match your dominating style if you permit me.” Tina whispered in my ear as we opened the stall door to depart, me still buttoning up my full length leather coat.


“Of course, my pet. I will be in this outfit and I look forward to your gift, so long as it will help me train you further.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress, it will and will fit nicely into its little holster which will accentuate your beautiful hips.” She responded, leaving me to wonder.

‘Don’t forget that you are my little cute bitch ... you’re my cute, fuck toy, whenever, wherever I desire, Do you understand?” I whispered hotly in her ear in a command like tone which generated a crop of goose bumps on her neck and shoulders as we walked through the bathroom.

‘Oh, yes, Yes, oh! your bitch, yes, please let me be  your fuck toy bitch on Sunday, please.” She whispered as we departed.

The rest of that week was a blur and on Saturday I let the exhausted Librarian lie fallow, instructing her to stay at home and get plenty of rest, for Saturdays were my other regular session with my first lover, and now my sex slave Monique my beautiful athletic and up for anything soccer coach.

As usual, I went to Monique’s house at two o’clock on Saturday afternoon for a four hour sexual marathon. On this occasion, fired up by the heady experiences of the week with Tina, I arrived already fully dressed in my crisscrossing strappy black shiny patent leather dominatrix outfit, with matching gaff thong, knee high patent leather 5 inch stiletto boots, dangly chain earrings, fingerless black lacy elbow length gloves, my Mistress choker collar, to die for cat eye makeup, glossy red lips and flawless high, tight pony tail hair style to show off my model facial features, all wrapped up in my full length leather coat to conceal things until appropriate. Monique met me at the door and her jaw dropped open as she just stare in amazement at how good I looked.

To increase to her shock, I unbuttoned my leather full length jacket, peeled it off and handed it to Monique who never took her eyes off me. 

“Holy fuck, you look so hot. Was all she said as she took my jacket and carefully placed it on an ornate coat rack near the front entrance.  She just kept looking me up and down at my body in the domininatrix outfit.

“Giving a low whistle, she closed the front door and walked back around in front of me.  Coming in for a kiss, she whispered in a soft, sexy voice.

“you in this outfit, well, it raises things to a whole new level.” Her lips met mine an dwe embraced in a sensuous full mouth kiss, her looking up and me looking down. 

I loved the feel of her in my arms and yes, I was taking it up a notch with this outfit.

“yes, my amazingly beautiful, gorgeous pet. something I picked up for our sessions. Glad you like it. Now shall we begin?

Monique had been in my training for several months now and had become used to the routine. After we walked down the babble entryway, heels clicking as we walked, she stopped and spun on her heels right under the dome skylight. The soft glow of the amber light filtering down from the skylight was a photographer’s dream with her skin color.

“I am all yours Mistress, to play with as you desire, to use as your fuck toy, to cater to your every whim.” Monique said in her soft, sultry, husky voices she stood there like the ebony goddess she was.

Monique was stunning in her hot pink matching outfit which consisted only of a collar with silver ring in the front, just waiting to be connected to a chain, fingerless elbow length satin gloves, a corset which sinched her tiny waist to an impossible 18 inches in diameter while acting as a quarter cup shelf bustier, presenting her perky tits with upturned nipples, hardening by the second. The hot pink matching corset was connected to matching thigh high fishnet stockings and she was wearing 6 inch matching hot pink stilettos. Her hair was tightly braided into dreadlocks with hot pink beads at the ends which rattled as she moved her head around in a soft tinkling sound. Her makeup was flawless and those beautiful eyes make to look like a kitty cat were wonderous. Her body was so tight and athletic. Like soft leather wrapped steel. Just an amazing sight, especially when she slowly assumed the slave position under the soft amber dome light of the skylight.  

She ended up kneeling before me, head bowed, knees spread wide apart, but toes together and sitting on the back of her heels. Her back was arched and Her hands were up and clasped behind her neck, elbows up and out to the side to thrust up her perfect, perky tits, in a lustful, submissive pose. Her body was getting goose bumps with her knees on the cold babble floor, and she started to take short, quick breaths, in an obvious sign of how excited she was.

I reached down and put one finger under her soft chin to lift up her face.  I wanted to look into her beautiful green eyes.

Noticing that her eyes were glued on my nipples framed in the concentric silver rings and leather straps of the Domininatrix harness, I pulled her up to her feet, and gave her the command “Suckle”  and she immediately lowered her head to my right nipple and opened her mouth. With a velvety warm, wet tongue, she traced my nipple and then began sucking on it. She knows I love her suckling and knows that I like it hard and firm. She started to suck really hard and I could feel my clit already straining in my gaff to be released. Her combination of sucking, nibbling, licking, and tongue flicking had me getting really turned on.  She then released my right nipple and began the same treatment for my left one. It was heaven for about 5 minutes, but I knew that the key to keeping my slave engaged was variety so I stopped her by grabbing a fist full of her gorgeous tightly braded dreadlock hair and pulled her off my left nipple. Her tongue was straining to reach my nipple as I pull her off. It was so hot to see her wiggle her tongue  to try and extent it farther out of her mouth to reach my stiff nipple.

“Now assume the position.” I barked in a commanding, but feminine voice.

The position was her inspection position which we always started with to heighten the sexual tension of the moment.

Her elbow length gloves had a Velcro strip on the inner side so that she could put her arms behind her back and connect her elbows and wrists together as if bound together, but without rope.  This had the effect of jutting her tits out and up, arching her back and forcing her shoulders back, before she bend over at the waist, legs parted and straight, back arched, head up, hair dangling around her gorgeous face. Her bound hands cupped her firm ass cheeks and spread them apart so that I might have a better view of her brown star and cunt

Monique was standing still, in her inspection position, waiting for me to begin. her fit, muscular legs high atop those shiny stilettos, were straining to remain spread and stable. Her firm, full breasts were now hanging down with her bend at the waist, just waiting, and the anticipation got them hard and pointy.

“That is my good girl”, I said in a soft, sultry tone as I walked over to her. 

She shifted her head and the beads in her hair made a cute tinkling sound as she tried to see where I was behind her.

I walked around behind her to admire her perfect ass, and to confirm that she had lubricated her asshole, as she had been instructed. Before we start any session now, she knows to inject a full syringe of warm coconut oil into her ass so that things are as slippery as needed when it comes time for her anal training part of the session.

I reached down an stroked her velvety soft, firm, and pulled part ass cheeks, traced a finger down her ass crack and slowly inserted my index finger to the second knuckle. Monique let out a low moan as I penetrated her asshole.

I had noticed a drop of coconut oil oozing out of her brown star and confirmed with my finger that she had, in fact, lubricated herself well.   I raised my finger to my mouth and smelled it to confirm that it was coconut oil. My tongue extended out and licked my finger in eager anticipation of what was to come.

I reached between her muscular thighs and patted her cunt lips, now moist with love juices because of her arousal.  I pulled back and gave her a stinging slap right on her cunt which forced a gasp from her lips, but she said nothing, like the good girl she was.

“So, have you been a good girl or naughty girl today?” I asked not really interested in what she would have to say.

“A naughty girl Mistress Mandy. I think I will need to start our session today with an appropriate punishment for being so naughty.”  Her voice was low, almost whisper like and very sexy.  â€œI might need to be clipped and whipped”, she said in almost a whisper, hoping that she had not crossed the line to suggest her own punishment.

“I see.” I said, now walking around to be in front of her with her head bowed before me. I reached out and grabbed a fist full of her dreadlocks to pull up her face.  

She was excited with a wild look in her eyes, in anticipation of the punishment session to come.  I pointed my glistening index finger which moments before had been plunged into her tight asshole right at her mouth. â€œOpen” I commanded.

She parted her lips and allowed me to glide my glistening finger into her warm, wet mouth. She closed her lips an tongued my finger, sucking the coconut and ass juices off of it to clean it thoroughly. After a few seconds, I withdrew my finger and still pulling her head up with my other hand knelt down in front of her.

I kneeled down so that my face was directly in front of hers and planted a soft, deep kiss on her eager mouth. I could taste the coconut oil and her ass, it turned me on. Her tongue flew into my mouth and we danced with tongues for a few seconds until I broke it off. 

“Yes, I think we will start with your punishment for being so, naughty. A clip / whip session I think would be appropriate.” I said matter-a-flatly, not acknowledging that she had requested the specific punishment.

Monique began to shake with anticipation as I reached up from my kneeling position to pinch and twist each of her hanging nipples. Monique put her head down an dhissed in a breath as I increased the pinching pressure. When finished, with my pinching, her nipples were rock art and sticking straight down.

I reached into a little pouch like holster on my domininatrix outfit and pulled out a chain with alligator style nipple clips on each end. I opened the jaws of the right side clip and targeted her left nipple. In one quick movement, I captured her entire left nipple in the alligator clamp and she again hissed in a breath as the pain began to soak into her nipple.  I quickly attached the other end of the chain to her right nipple soliciting another moan from her lips.  She had barely begun to fathom the pain when I put the chain now connecting her nipples together into her mouth.  She knew to hold the chain in her mouth until commanded to release it and I loved the visual of her nipples being pulled up and out as they strained against the alligator clips.

I could barely hear her but I am sure she said, “Fuck yes, Mistress, I love your nipple play.” I smiled as this was just the beginning and I do love to play with my sex slaves nipples.

I stood up and walked over to my bag by the door to retrieve a few other items. Monique knew to remain in her inspection position until commanded to move.

I pulled out a clit vibrator with a clip on it and flicked it on to make sure it had full battery power.

I also pulled out a new toy. This was a high-tech flogger with a handle with a wheel at the end of the handle. There were 9 strips of leather whips connected to the wheel and when I activated the wheel with the control knobs on the handle, the wheel spun in place, causing the strips of leather to spin in a perfect circle. I loved how I could control the scene of the rotation and the specific area the flogger would hit with this device, one of Monique’s favorites.


I return to Monique and walk behind her. Reaching between her legs, I found her nub of a clit and opened the jaws of the clit clamp. I could feel her shake with anticipation as I released the clamp so that it could capture her clit in its jaws. The vibrator was remote controlled which was quite handy. 

I took a step back and activated the vibrator to the medium setting and immediately Monique began to squirm. Her squirming stopped immediately, however, when I activated the spinning whip and applied it to her right ass cheek.

Monique was struggling to remain stable, with straight legs, and back arched as I began the whipping session in earnest. I could move the handle very slowly and watch as new sections of her boatful ass would be impacted by the spinning whips. I could pull the handle back so that just the stinging tips of the whips were hitting her skin, or move the handle closer and let the full face of each whip slap her ass at a rate of several hundred whips per minute. The continuous whipping motion was like holding a paint brush with red rouge and applying it to her ass, for wherever I applied the whip, her ass would redden instantly.

I moved the angle so that the tips of the whips were whirling between her ass cheeks and she could feel the wind created by the motion of the whips. The whip action was in a circle upward so that when I applied the whip to the underside of her ass cheeks, it struck her perfectly. Her ass was so muscular that it barely jiggled as the whips impacted her flesh.  I made sure to evenly whip her entire, beautiful ass, from the high crown points to the upper parts of her thighs, right next to her cunt.

I pulled back the rotating whip for a moment and I noticed her cunt was now leaking arousal juices as I know how much she loves to be whipped. I then directed the whirling flogger directly to her cunt lips and she exploded in an unexpected orgasm by stuttering and loosing her balance. Her knees buckled for a second and she shook violently for 30 seconds.

“Did you ask for permission to cum, you little slut?. I asked fainting disappointment, but relishing in the fact that my training for the past several months was paying off with the pain / pleasure combination, getting her to cum immediately upon having her cut whipped hard with a vibrator on her clit.

“I, I, I am so sorry Mistress. I am such a bad girl.” Was all she said.

I reached forward and grabbed a fist full of her dreadlocks to pull her head up a bit and stabilize her for what was next.

I turned up the vibrator to full strength and then directed the whirling flogger directly to her cute ass star. With hard, continuous whipping of her ass star, she again began to quake.  I could see that some of the coconut oil was oozing out of her asshole which was dilating and closing as if a mouth in search of something to suck.

“May I cum Mistress, please, may I cum again?” she pleaded.

Again, my training was paying off as the direct pain / pleasure combination of vibrating her clit and whipping her ass hole was sending her over the edge again.

“Hold it you little bitch.” Was my command as I keep up the direct ass star whipping for another full 60 seconds. I could see her star ring begin to get puffy and this was what I was after.  The entire time, she kept a firm grip on her ass cheeks to pull them as far apart as possible so I could get the whip in there and hit her star directly. I knew she loved this because she never loosened her grip on her ass cheeks, proudly displaying her star for me to whip.

“cum now you slut, cum now.” Was my command.

She immediately reacted to my voice by Cumming and dribbling cunt juices out of her pussy and down her legs as she shook and shuddered from the intense orgasm.  This second orgasm lasted longer than the first and she again buckled her knees and wabbled on her feet for a full 60 seconds.

I stopped whipping her ass star and turned the vibrator down to low, pulled up on her hair and got her to stand straight up.

Her face was flush, and lust was in her eyes as she looked longingly at me. She knew what was next and jutted her tits out as far as they would go by arching her ack and making sure the Velcro at her elbows was tightly affixed.

With her ass glowing red, her pussy lips puffy and sore, her ass star puffy and sore, she looked down at her nipples expectantly.

I reached out and unclamped both nipples at the same time and when the blood rushed back to the flesh, she let out a small scream of pain and pleasure, again wabbling a little on her legs, but she did a good job of resuming her leg spread plank position, tits out.

I took the flogger and again began its whirling motion with the controls on the handle The whips spun around in a continuous fan like fashion, the leather tips of each whip whirling upwards in the fan like circular motion. I moved forward and directed the stinging flogging tips to her left nipple for several seconds and Monique’s eyes closed as she descended into her pain place. I moved the whirling flogger to her right nipple and repeated the process.

After I was sure that her nipples were stinging red and glowing hot, I moved forward more and began whipping all of her breasts. First from the underside, then from the sides and then from the top. 

She was now just swaying a little back and forth as I knew in her pain place this was ecstasy. I turned up the clit vibrator to full and then assaulted her nipples and breasts in a random patterns, making sure to completely cover her breasts with loving, stinging red mars of the whip, at times increasing the pressure and thereby increasing the pain, at times softening the pressure to blessing the pain.

All the while, Monique’s eyes were closed as she was reveling in her pain place.

“Cum now slut, cum now.” I commanded just to test her cum on command training I had been teaching her.

Immediately and somewhat to her surprise, she began uncontrollably quaking, shuddering, and bouncing up and down when the orgasmic wave hit her.  I directed the flogger to hit both her nipples at the same time and kept up the hard nipple whipping for the entire 60 seconds of her mind blowing orgasm.

Once I was sure she was coming down from her pain / pleasure high, I turned the vibrator off and stopped whipping her.

“That’s my good girl. You take your punishment so well, but since your first orgasm was without permission, we need to administer one more punishment segment.” I whispered into her ear, not knowing if she had heard any of it in her blissful state.

“yes, Mistress, anything you wish Mistress. Please punish me for Cumming without permission. I was a bad girl and need to be punished for that. Monique said in a dreamy voice with half lidded eyes.

I reached down and unclamped the clit oviraptoran then stood back. This next session was going to be a clit whipping and I did not want the vibator to get in the way.

I started up the whirling motion of the flogger again in an upward circular motion, and then moved in to make contact directly with her extended clit. Her clit was now jutting out because it had been clamped and was a perfect target for the stinging tips of the flogger.

I applied pressure to the whirling motion and leaned in to make contact with her clit. Her reaction was instant. She stood up and initially tried to move away from the stinging tips of the whip.

“Sit on the whip you slut and take your punishment.” I commanded.

With all of her training, she obeyed immediately and sat lowered her clit right onto the whirling, stinging tips of the flogger. She even moved her clit around so that I could keep the flogger whirling in a stationary position and so she could obey and whip herself. 

I was getting so turned on at her obedience and willingness to please me by hipping her clit hard. I kept up the whirling motion and she directed the stinging tips of the flogger to her clit for a solid 5 minutes. I was Shure her clit was now without much sensation due to the pounding it was receiving, but wanted to again test her cum on command training.

“Cum now slut, cum now.” I commanded in my most sultry and sexy voice.

While the stinging tips of the flogger were whipping directly on her clit, her eyes flew open and she started to shudder and shake again in a rolling orgasm, not as intense as before, but with more than equal amounts of pleasure based on the cunt juices dribbling out of cunt.

I kept the whipping going until I could see her eyes pleading for a rest, and then pulled away.  Looking into my eyes, she could tell that I wanted her back on her knees before me. Elbows and wrists still connected with the Velcro strips on her elegant gloves, she sank down before me into her slave position and began to whimper as if she had something to say, but would not dare say it without permission.

“Yes, my beautiful little fuck toy? Do you have something to say?” I said in a matter of fact way, wrapping up the whip and putting it along with the nipple clamps into the briefcase style bag I had brought.

“Holy fuck Mistress, I love being your slave, I love your command of me, I love being your submissive fuck toy, I just love all of it. She said in a low sexy voice after she regained her composure. She was just so perfect. Amazing beauty, pure submissive, and a pain slut on top of all that. I just loved my sessions with her. .

“Ready to begin our real session now?” I asked, again not really caring what she said.  

“yes, of course, whatever you wish Mistress. How would you like me to please you Mistress?” Monique said in a sexy, submissive voice.  Her breasts were reddened, with nipples sore, tender, and hard as diamonds, her cunt was puffy and red from all the whipping, her cute, tight ass was glowing red and if I could have seen her tight asshole, it, too, would have been puffy and red. Just the perfect starting point for our afternoon session and her continued oral cum on command training.

I reached out to her and she knew to come up off her knees and stand. I grabbed her arm which was still behind her back and lead her to the play room at the end of the first floor hallway. It was locked with a special code and only I knew it even though this was Monique’s place. 

When we entered, I could see that Monique’s eyes were wide with excitement and I knew she was a bit anxious. She never knew what I had in mind and today was no exception.

I lead her over to the dual level bench and indicated for her to kneel on the lower level, bend over the rounded part of the upper level and lay down on the upper level so that her tits fit perfectly into the two cutouts in the bench. Essentially, this was a doggy style fuck bench, and Monique knew, from her training, that I wanted her knees as far apart as they would go on the bench. I then fastened her knees to straps on the outside edges of the lower bench to keep them apart, making sure I had access to her cunt and asshole.  

I pulled her arms apart and attached her wrists to hand cuffs which were connected to the lower level bench on which she was  kneeling. Monique flicked her hair and the tinkling sound the beads in her dreadlocks made was somehow sensuous.  With her arms pulled diagonally down and back, she was pinned to the two benches. I fastened the final strap from the upper bench around her tiny waist and this had the effect of forcing her into a back arched position, tits dangling through the upper bench cut outs, ass high up in the air, knees wide apart, and head resting on the soft chin rest at the edge of the upper bench.   

She was truly beautiful in this position, with her tiny waist cinched up in the hot pink corset accentuating her firm, tight ass. For a moment, I was mesmerized. I would never let her know this, but I felt very proud to be her Mistress as she is always the best looking, most beautiful girl wherever we go and she is all mine.

And that ass. That hot, glowing red ass which I had just whipped into a sensitive canvas of reddened flesh contrasted perfectly with her hot pink outfit. 


What I really like about my double level fuck bench is that I can raise or lower it to any position on a three dimensional rotational basis using a joy stick. It allows me to suit my needs which ranged from forcing my 10 inch clit down her throat, to penetrating her ass, cunt, or both.   

I walked around to admire her red hot perfect ass and noticed that her anal star was now winking at me. Such a good slut, I thought. I could smell the coconut oil she had injected into her tight ass tunnel and now was the time to test things. Afterall, I had not yet started my play time and This was just too tempting.

I pushed a couple of buttons and activated the joystick controller. I angled the double fuck bench so that her tits were proudly facing me and she was in an almost upright position. 

“…and how are my girls? Are they enjoying themselves?” I said in a low, sultry tone, moving close to her face. I leaned in to kiss that luscious mouth and took the opportunity to feel the red hot flesh of her tits which had just been whipped for several minutes. Her enthusiastic tongue dance with our kiss let me know that she enjoyed my fondling of her breasts and nipples. I thought about twisting her nipples, but they were already hard and that must have been very uncomfortable for her as the flesh was so sensitive after the nipple whipping. It made me strain against my gaff to think about some additional nipple play, but that was for later. 

I pulled away from our sensuous kiss and took hold of the joy stick again.

I repositioned her so that her ass was pointed directly at my clit. I quickly shimmied out of my tight, patent leather gaff and allowed the moment to sink in. My clit, now free, was able to engorge quickly and with how stimulated I was, I rose to the occasion in seconds. 

Moving forward, I could see that Monique was turning her head to see what I was up to and this pleased me. I love an active slave, always trying to do what she can to give me all she has. In this instance, Monique instinctively knew that I was going to enjoy her ass so she wiggled, as much as she could, so as to further entice me to penetrate her.

As I moved forward, my clit head naturally found her start and with coconut oil oozing out, I made contact with her star. I moved the head of my clit around her back door love tunnel to spread the coconut oil around and then slipped my clit head in. the first moment of penetration was heavenly. Monique gave out a sigh of pleasure and I just slowly moved forward until I could feel my clit head hit her inner sphincter. Just the feeling of sliding my long, veined shaft into her velvet glove of an ass was truly arousing and somehow I got even harder. 

“ready babe?” Was all I said.

Monique just put her head down and nodded her acceptance of my dominance over her. With a little head flit to make the beads in her hair tinkle, she just purred like a kitten, waiting for me to plunge deeper.

I palmed her red hot ass with my soft hands to generate some goose bumps of excitement. I could feel her shiver in anticipation, as I placed my hands on her tiny waist in the gorgeous corset. I gripped hard, and in one fluid motion, I thrust forward with my hips until my jewels were resting tightly  against her cunt. 

Monique let out a low, sultry moan as I sank to her inner depths and started panting as I held her in place, my clit buried as deep as it could go so that she could get used to the feeling. It always took a few minutes to allow her tight ass to stretch so that it was pleasing for her. I am not a sadist, but do like to punish. Fucking my slave’s ass, however, is a pleasure activity and I want Monique to enjoy each luscious thrust of my clit inside her as much as I do, even if she has no say about it.

The long, velvety smooth strokes of my 10 inch clit in and out of her ass was beyond erotic. The little purring kitten sounds coming from Monique who wiggled as much as she could to please me was intoxicating, and amazingly, I felt my orgasm creeping up quickly.

After a particularly deep thrust, I pulled out completely to see if I could get her to gape, but she was too fit and her hole snapped back, with just a small hole visible, and winking at me for more.

I plunged my coconut oil covered shaft back into her luscious ass and started to focus. I decided that it was my turn to cum, and I wanted it now. 

“?Want a treat in that beautiful mouth of yours?” I whispered into her ear as I leaned in for a deep, penetrating thrust.

“Oh, yes, so soon, oh, yes, please, please, Mistress, please may I taste you?” Monique squeaked out in between some faster thrusts of my hips.

Another 10 quick thrusts, deep, and luscious thrusts, into her tight, firm ass and I quickly pulled out, moved the joy stick to spin Monique and aim her mouth right at my clit head which was flaring and fully engorged.

She quickly zeroed in on my clit head, licked her lips, and then engulfed it into her wet, warm mouth, bobbing as much as her restraints would allow.

I grabbed her head and held it still as I plunged deeply into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, and beyond. I needed two deep throat fuck thrusts and then pulled out so that just the head was in her mouth, near that lively vibrant tongue of hers. She sucked, licked, and twisted her head until I started Cumming.

With an “Oh fuck, you are good,” slipping out of my mouth, I let her work her magic to suck down spurt after spurt of my thick trans cum into her mouth. I always want her to suck me soft and left my clit in her mouth for some time as I felt her milking my shaft to suck out every last drop of cum. I watched her cheeks cave in with a 60 second suck fest and then could feel my clit softening.

Monique knows to never spill a drop so she has standing orders to swallow all the cum she can as soon as it is in her mouth. Just to make sure, I slowly moved forward and slid my softening clit to the back of her mouth, and down into her throat.  I held it there for maybe 30 seconds to compose myself, knowing that she would reset after she began needing air.  Even though I knew she was desperate for air, she did not move as I slowly withdrew.  Not even taking a breath, she again caved in her cheeks to suck all the throat slime on my shaft so that I came out clean. 

She was licking her lips with a gleam in her eye as she looked up at me, wondering what would be next. She did not have to wonder for long.

I walked to a cabinet and pulled out the two toys needed for the next session. One was a telescoping, vibrating cunt vibrator which started in a 4 inch long position, but could extend to 12 inches long, with a significant dog knot style ball at the base and a spring loaded clip at the end which could be clamped down directly on her clit.   The ball at the base and but plug preventer made sure that once in her cunt, it would stay firmly lodged in the position set.

The second was a similar vibrating but plug device which started out only 1 inch in diameter, but could expand to 6 inches in diameter, being about 6 inches long.  Long enough to keep her full, but not long enough to penetrate her inner sphincter .This toy was for her tight ass. I was training her ass to be fisted whenever and wherever I wished. The vibrator also made her wild as it rubbed perfectly on her anal G Spot.

She was such a good girl that I pulled a bottle of my  favorite lavender scented lubrication out to make sure that she would be prepared for the extreme penetration. She smelled the scented lotion and immediately tensed up as she knew what was coming next.

I turned on some sexy electronica music with a remote and inserted the tapered tip of the nozzle cylindrical bottle of lube into her ass which was still slightly gaping from my ass fucking just moments before. The nozzle slipped in easily and I paused as the neck of the bottle hit her ring. 

“Ready?” I asked, not really waiting for an answer, but she was so tuned into the moment, she immediately responded.

“Yes, Mistress. Please fill my ass with what you will.” Her sexy, soft, low voice was a real turn on as I squeezed the bottle to inject a healthy portion of the slippery lube into her ass.

She knew instinctively to clamp down her ass hole when I withdrew the bottle so that none escaped before I inserted the toy. She always enjoyed the insertion moment, with its intense pain and pleasure components.

I wasted no time positioning the multi-purpose but plug to her beautiful star and with a little bit of the lube trickling out of her ass, I coated the tip of the toy for a nice, smooth insertion.  I pushed gently at first and she willingly opened up her ass to allow the 1 inch initial position toy to be inserted. 

Once she was used to the smallest setting, I expanded the toy to 2 inches and then 3 inches. The tip quickly flares out to the expandable portion of the shaft and I took my time with the process of working her ass in the medium position.

I could hear soft moaning coming from her mouth as I worked the toy in, out, in, out, and back in until I was sure she could handle the full 3 inches. I then applied constant pressure and was amazed at how her ass hole spread wider and wider, stretching beyond belief to accommodate the girth of the toy. 

Now for the training session, I thought to myself as her moans were constant now. I expanded the toy to 4 inches and continued the pumping. She would give out a little scream each time the widest part of the plug would stretch her ass hole and then settle in as her ring would envelop the toy to a smaller diameter right at the restrictor flange.

Several minutes of this in, out, in, out slow extasy and I felt  that she was ready for the final setting with it buried inside her beautiful ass . I inserted the plug at the 4 inch setting and made sure it was firmly embedded. I gave her redden ass a soft pat and noticed that it was still radiating heat from the whipping session, and then I walked around to face her. I positioned the machine with the joystick so that she was upright, head about my height so I could kiss her while making the final adjustment. 

I whispered in her right ear: “You are such a good girl, you make me very proud of you,” and then pulled back to kiss her. She was helplessly bound so she could only extend her tongue knowing what I wanted. I gratefully sucked in her tongue in my mouth to start the kiss, and what a kisser she is. Deep, soft, sensuous kisses began and with my tongue deep in her mouth, I hit the remote to expand the inner part of the plug to its full 6 inches . She tried to scream as the pain and pleasure hit her but I prevented it with my tongue in her mouth. She started to shake uncontrollably in an anal orgasm which really turned me on even further if that was possible.

She just tensed up for a full 30 seconds and then went limp in her bondage. So sexy.

I readjusted the butt plug to be only 3 inches in diameter and repositioned her to be face down, back parallel to the ground. It was time for the second toy.

I lubed up the cunt toy and inserted it into her glistening pussy which had just leaked out a bit of cum with her anal orgasm. The toy in its shortest position was easy to slip into her cunt, but I noticed some resistance when it encountered the girth of the anal plug. Perfect, I thought as the added pressure would be directly on her anal G spot.

She awoke from her dazed anal orgasm bliss to say: “yes, fuck me Mistress. Fuck both my holes, make me your slut bitch. Train me to take it up my ass and cut. I am yours, all yours to play with.” With that, she tried to look back and blow me a kiss as I inserted the rest of the cunt toy to the expandable knob to keep it in place.

“You are such a good girl. Ready for your double penetration training?” this time, I waited for a response. 

“Fuck yes, absolutely, fuck me silly until my ass and cunt are perfectly trained for you Mistress. Really, I want this, need this, and want you to take me, possess me, watch me cum and cum for you. May I cum when I want or do you want to continue my cum on command training. Oh, fuck, this is so amazing”, as she wiggled her stuffed ass and cunt as if on display for me.

“You will only cum on my command, do you understand baby? I do not want to have to punish you for Cumming without permission. Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Mistress, I will do my best., she almost whispered as her excitement was beginning to take hold of her whole being.

I activated the cunt toy and put it into a rhythmic elongation, contraction mode so that it would fully penetrate her to the extent of its 10 inch insertable length, and then back to only 6 inches. While her cunt was getting used to the pumping action, I expanded the knob at the base to a solid 3 inches in diameter to securely fix the toy in her cunt and then attached the spring loaded vibrating arm to rest directly, and firmly, against her clit.   I had wanted to watch her cute facial expression when I placed the vibrating arm against her clit, but resorted to just watching her face in the mirrors as the stimulus began slowly. I had the vibration on low to match the slow pumping speed of the toy and then took a step back to admire my work. Her beautifully shaped ass was stuffed with the anal plug and her cute pussy was stuffed with the pumping toy. Her moans started almost immediately and I decided to walk around to face her to witness her bliss first hand.

Again, I positioned the bench so that she was upright and facing me. The expressions on her face were priceless as I knew she was already about to cum.

“OK, here are the rules again. I will put both toys on auto random mode and you may cum as many times as you wish, so long as you ask for permission first. If my clit is in your luscious mouth, you may cum at any time, otherwise, you must wait for my ‘cum now’ command.” I noticed that her eyes had wandered to my clit which was now stiff and pointing right at her face. I watched in amazement as she licked her lips as her mouth was obviously watering in anticipation of sucking my clit again.

I repositioned the bench so that she could take my clit in her eager mouth and as soon as I was in position, synchronized with the bench, she opened her mouth and literally sucked me into her mouth. I hit the random buttons on the two toy remotes and pushed my hips forward so that 6 inches of my clit was in her mouth, and about 2 inches down her throat. The random action of the butt plug expanding to a full 6 inches while the cunt toy elongated to a full 10 inches had her Cumming instantly, and since my clit was in her mouth, she knew she could com freely. 

I put my hands on her head and started a slow face fucking while the toys did their job and her orgasm would have had her screaming but for the massive clit down her throat.

I pulled out so she could breathe, and she was just frozen with a massive orgasm for 30 full seconds. Once the orgasmic wave had passed, she just started panting as the toys spread, stretched, penetrated, and thoroughly fucked her into a mind numbing state of bliss.

I did not count the number of times she came during the next full hour, but it was in the mid-teens, each time asking for permission when my slit was not in her mouth and Cumming freely when it was inside.

At about the 30 minute mark I simply could not hold out any longer. Despite my best efforts to self-edge, I gave out a “Fuck It” exclamation and buried my clit deep in her throat. When I started to pump my cum, my clit was a full 6 inches down her throat and the cum was pumped directly into her stomach, all the while she was shaking again with her 10th or so orgasm, brought on by the taste of cum in her mouth.   So, fucking sexy. 

After the hour of training, I very gently removed the ass and cunt toys, coated her fuck holes with a special ointment to increase recovery time and noticed that I could with great ease, fist fuck both her holes with no resistance at all. What a perfect, amazingly beautiful, fuck toy she was. She was going to be the center of attraction at a party I was throwing in a couple of weeks and I knew that being fisted in both holes at the same time, while in full bondage dressed in her hot pink training outfit  would be on the menu. She would love it, and clearly establish my reputation as the dominate mistress in my group of friends.

. We ended the session in the wet sauna to recover and caress each other, both of us offering  tender  kisses to come down from the sexual high we had just experienced. She loved to sit at my feet wile I stroked her head and neck like a well trained pet, all the while nuzzling between my legs, trying to nurse on my clit again. She was insatiable.   

I mused at the thought of what I was going to do with her for our next session, as this on one hit new personal highs for both of us.

? We ended our time together in bed and enjoyed a well earned nap, with her suckling my nipples as she dozed off to sleep, my nipples hard and erect, eager for the events the next day would bring.

The next day was going to change my life forever. I was going to finally maneuver my twin sister Sandy into being my submissive sex slave, and the planning to accomplish this feat took several days to work out.

Sandy had her usual session scheduled with Tina on Sunday afternoon, but this was going to be like no session she had experienced before.

Tina greeted her at the door in the same super sexy, hot pink training outfit I had given to her, the same one I had given to Monique. She looked amazing in it and I think Sandy’s breath was sucked out of her when she saw Tina at Tina’s door in the outfit.

Like Monique, tina was stunning in her hot pink matching outfit which consisted only of a hot pink soft leather collar with silver ring in the front, just waiting to be connected to a chain, fingerless hot pink elbow length satin gloves, a hot pink corset which sinched her tiny waist to an impossible 16 inches in diameter at the smallest point  while acting as a quarter cup shelf bustier, presenting her perky tits with upturned nipples as if they were being served, nipples hardening by the second. The hot pink matching corset was connected to matching thigh high fishnet stockings and she was wearing 6 inch matching hot pink stilettos. She was wearing hot pink thong G string sheer panties which left nothing to the imagination, an further accentuated her hips and tiny waist. Her blonde hair was tightly put up in a high pony tail style.   Her makeup was flawless and those beautiful eyes make to look like a kitty cat were wonderous. Her body was so tight and athletic. She was not quite like Monique with her soft leather wrapped steel body, but was close. Just an amazing sight as she greeted Sandy at the door.

Tina offered Sandy a chilled glass of champagne which Sandy eagerly took and drank in one go. What Sandy did not realize was that the champagne was laced with a new compound which, when mixed with alcohol, turned the subject into a completely submissive individual, willing to do whatever commands might be made. For obvious reasons, the compound was not approved anywhere, but a chemist researcher friend of mine had stumbled upon it and gave me several doses to use, in exchange for one of my amazing deep throat blow jobs, where I let the guy dump right down my throat while I milk him with my swallowing movements. 

Tina quickly refilled Sandy’s glass with more of the laced champagne and Tina, herself, as per my instructions, was also sipping the cocktail. 

Sandy had initially thought of another bondage session with Tina, but after 10 minutes of the cocktail beginning to affect her will power, she agreed with Tina’s suggestion that Sandy try out a new toy and let Tina tongue her ass deeply with her long, slender, 5  inch wiggling tongue.

The new toy looked like a back stretching bench which allowed the user to put their knees and legs  on soft, padded benches, as one would end over and rest their pelvis on a padded, angled bench. The angles forced the users legs wide apart which had the combined effect of not only spreading the users knees and legs wide apart, but also pushing the users ass up in the air with ass cheeks wide open. The top padded bench on which one would rest their pelvis was adjustable so that it could be raised or lowered, depending on what a Mistress might want to do with her slave’s ass. The angled bench for the user’s pelvis was situated higher than the forearm padded bench on the other end. Essentially the toy put the user in a head down, knees spread wide, ass up in the air position.   There was nothing between the forearm rest and the pelvis bench so a female slave’s tits could dangle underneath for display or other purposes. 

When Sandy first tried out the device, she was fully clothed in a tight pants suit outfit, and even then, she looked sexy as anything, The toy had been adjusted perfectly since I had set it up and we were twins. She was bent over, knees spread wide, ass up in the air, tits dangling in her shirt with forearms resting on a pad well below her ass height. 

“Like this?” she asked of Tina.

Tina just smiled and said, yes, but you need to be naked.” Tina excitement was noticeable as her face and upper chest were flush pink, a tell tale sign in blondes that they are sexually aroused.

The drugs were taking effect quicker than expected, and when Tina commanded that Sandy strip and get on the toy again but fully naked, , Sandy complied without a word. 

All the while, I had cameras trained on both of them and Tina was wearing a micro ear piece so she could take my commands. I had fed Tina some of the champagne cocktail 30 minutes before Sandy had arrived and by the time Sandy was at her front door, Tina was fully under the influence of the will power stripping drug.  I tested this before Sandy arrived by giving Tina the commands that she was to achieve an orgasmic state level up to 7 out of 10 whenever her hair was pulled, her nipples were clipped or whipped, her clit was clipped or whipped, or her ass was whipped. I then commanded that Tina put her fair into a tight pony tail, go to the pull up bar in the fitness room and wrap her pony tail around the bar and hang from her hair for 5 seconds. The pain must have been intense, but my commands had properly embedded in her mind and Tina, holding the end of her pony tail in both hands, and hanging by her hair from the bar was writhing in extasy because of my command. It was All she could do to stop when I commanded her to do so, she was enjoying it so much.   She then offered to let me whip her or better yet, clip her nipples and whip her. I walked up to her, grabbed both her nipples, pinched them hard and twisted then 360 degrees and leaned in for a kiss to show her my appreciation. The pain in her nipples escalated her orgasmic state to level 7 and I was almost holding her up by her twisted nipples as her legs went week with all the pleasure extasy. I Frenched kissed her and enjoyed that long tongue of her one last time before leaving as Sandy would be there shortly. I left Tina all aroused and wanting more, just the way I like her.


Back to Sandy, Tina helped her get into the perfect position on the toy, tits dangling, ass up in the air, ass cheeks spread wide and clit not yet hard, also dangling, but still impressive with its length.

I decided to see how the drug was affecting Sandy by telling Tina to command that Sandy’s clit become hard.

Tina walked over to Sandy, softly stroked Sandy’s ass, up her back and placed her hand at the back of Sandy’s neck. Tina followed the contour of Sandy’s neck up to her luscious mane of blonde hair and then abruptly grabbed a fist full and jerked Sandy’s head up and back.

Sandy was startled but did not attempt to get off the toy even though she was not restrained in any way.

Tina brought her lips close to Sandy’s left ear and whispered: “Make your clit hard as a rock for me. Do it now. Tina continued to lift up and back Sandy’s head so she could watch her face and watch her clit.

Sandy opened her mouth as if to protest, but just closed her eyes for a second and then opened them, a smile sweeping across her face. 

Within 20 seconds, Sandy’s 10 inch long, 2 inch diameter clit was fully engorged and Sandy was even slowly grinding her hips which had the effect of causing her clit to make small circles in the air underneath her.

“Like this?” Sandy purred in a sweet, sexy voice.

I commanded Tina to praise and kiss her, to show her what was about to go into her tight, firm muscular ass.

Tina let go of Sandy’s hair and crouched down in front of Sandy, lips just inches apart.

“Good girl. Sandy, you are such a good girl.” Tina purred back as she leaned in for a deep French kiss.

Sandy’s eyes brightened as Tina’s long tongue made contact with and then slipped into Sandy’s mouth. Tina was pressed hard into Sandy so it was clear that Tina was deep tonguing Sandy’s mouth and throat. It almost looked like Sandy was going to gag, Tina’s tongue was down so deep in Sandy’s throat, but she remained locked in the deep French kiss, obviously doing her part to contribute to the tongue dance in her mouth.

The scene on my computer screen was so fucking hot. Sandy was on the toy, legs spread, ass up in the air, back arched, tits slowly swaying to the kissing movements, rock hard clit dangling and yearning, on her forearms, head up and making slow circling movements with her mouth and head  as she continued kissing Tina.

I commanded Tina to stop kissing and continue with the plan. Tina slowly withdrew her long, extended tongue from Sandy’s mouth, giving Sandy the opportunity to suck on it like a small cock for a few seconds before pulling it back into her mouth. 

Both beauty’s licked their lips and both seemed to want more, but better things were coming.

Once sandy was again, in place on the toy, Tina in her cute, sexy hot pink training outfit, kneeled behind Sandy and extended her magical, long, slender, wiggling tongue to begin the reaming session. 

Before Tina began, I commanded her to pull out the alligator nipple clips she had hidden in the back small triangle of her hot pick thong bottoms. She did not need to be told what to do, but I commanded in my most sexy voice to always clip her nipples when reaming Sandy with her tongue today. 

Without hesitation, Tina pinched her left nipple to pull it out, then clipped the clamp on it, breathing out slowly with the pain which brought her to orgasm level 1 of 10. She repeated the procedures with her right nipple which brought her to orgasm level 3 of 10, and then returned to her duty. 

She gently placed her fingers on the inside part of Sandy’s ass cheeks to spread them even farther apart.


I was mesmerized by Tina’s tongue talents as she was, essentially fucking Sandy’s ass with her 5 inch tongue. Slowly at first, and softly, were her tongue thrusts.  Then, after I commanded that she go deeper, I watched as the entire length of her wet, velvety tongue disappeared into Sandy’s ass, again and again. Tina’s lips were in full contact with Sandy’s puckered ass hole and she was determined to deep French kiss the beauty for all she was worth.

It was really fucking hot to watch, as she wiggled it as it entered Sandy’s ass, eliciting moans from Sandy each time.

I marveled at Tina’s ability to French kiss Sandy’s ass, all in high definition, and all being recorded for later. Tina was making small circles with her head, no doubt mimicking the tongue wiggling movements deep in Sandy’s ass.  After Tina came up for air, she would spread Sandy’s ass cheeks as wide as they would spread, and then lower her lips to her beautiful, puckered ass hole again, , and just start kissing her in her ass with that long tongue. No doubt wiggling it on Sandy’s anal G spot, over and over.

Sandy’s moans suggested that she might be close to Cumming, and this was too soon, at least for my plans to play out.

I told Tina to command Sandy to go ahead and come as close to Cumming as she could, but she was not allowed to cum until commanded to do so. The drugs were taking effect as Sandy dutifully nodded her head in agreement, all the while moaning with the 5 inch tongue wiggling in her ass, bringing her closer and closer to an orgasm.

I then gave Tina the command that would push Sandy’s remaining will power  over the edge. I had Tina take a long, fat syringe of the type you might use to insert anal lube deep into someone’s ass, and then connect a bulb of the champagne laced cocktail to the syringe. Tina told Sandy to keep still, and the drugs were very controlling as Sandy froze in place.  Tina slowly inserted all 10 inches of the syringe into Sandy’s ass, penetrating well beyond her inner sphincter to the part of her body which could better absorb the active ingredient in the cocktail.

Tina proceeded to empty the entire contents of the bladder with the cocktail into Sandy’s ass. The idea was to give Sandy a super boost of the drug anally. Once Tina had injected all the liquid into Sandy’s ass, Tina took a large anal plug and upon my command, trapped the cocktail in Sandy’s ass, all the while telling Sandy that she was a good girl and that she would suck the champagne out of her ass in a few minutes.

Sandy looked amazing on the device. Bent over, ass high in the air, tits dangling, nipples hard and erect, clit rock hard and straining with involuntary movements of Sandy’s muscular abs,  head up and panting as Tina worked the large anal plug in until it sealed things tightly within her anal cavity.

Tina then unclipped her nipples and sighed with the orgasmic pain release. She hid the clamps back in her back thong triangle pocket.

Tina then started caressing Sandy’s ass and slowly stroking Sandy’s huge rock, hard, clit. 

. The soft, slow stroking of Sandy’s clit was clearly having an effect as Sandy’s moans were getting louder and louder , her precum was beginning to dribble out and provide a glistening sheen to her clit as Tina stroked it to cover the clit head. I thought Sandy was going to cum when Tina slipped Sandy’s clit into her warm inviting mouth for a quick couple of licks and sucks.


“Now, do not cum or you will be punished.” Tina purred into Sandy’s ear, as she continued the slow, sensuous stroking with just her fingertips. .

I commanded Tina to slow down and edge Sandy so that she did not accidently cum just yet. Tina nodded her agreement, as was our prearranged silent code as she knew I was watching everything.

After about 16 minutes of this tantric torture, I commanded Tina to  switch places with Sandy. I needed to make sure the anal cocktail had another 20 minutes to fully absorb into Sandy and she needed another distraction or she would cum from Tina’s soft stroking, despite the mind controlling drug which was preventing her from doing so.

Tina commanded Sandy to first climb off the toy and walk with her to the bathroom in the entryway hall. In the bathroom, Tina had placed a perfectly sized hot pink training outfit, identical to Tina’s, for Sandy to put on. Tina then commanded Sandy to  put on the outfit as she would look so good in it. 

Sandy had a confused and somewhat dazed expression, but seemed to understand that it was important to put on the tight, flattering hot pink outfit which accentuated her firm perky tits, her tiny muscular waist, and long, lean legs.

Sandy paused when she pulled up her tiny pink thong bottoms as her clit was still massive and erect.

Tina also paused, as if to wait for a command from me, which I appreciated. 

“Tell Sandy to soften so she can tuck her clit.” Was my command.

Tina leaned in, whispered the command into Sandy’s cute ear with the dangly earrings, and then stepped back to watch the magic. 

Within seconds, Sandy’s clit began to deflate and before long, she was able to pull it through her legs to tuck it firmly next to the anal plug seated in her beautiful, firm ass. . Tina helped her and when finished, they looked at each other in the mirror. What a sight to behold. They were both striking, but Sandy was truly gorgeous. She fluffed up her beautiful hair and with her hands above her head, her hard and erect nipples were pointing up and out of the quarter cup bra, just waiting to be suckled.  Sandy was an expert in tucking her large clit away and even with her legs slightly apart, you could not tell she had a massive clit hidden away. She looked just like any other genetically female super model, except the hot pink collar with silver ring was more suggestive of a sex slave.


I commanded Tina to star suckling Sandy’s nipples after telling Sandy to keep her hands up in her hair. I wanted to test the strength of the drugs in Sandy’s system and sure enough, Sandy stood there, arms up, moaning as Tina suckled first the left, and then the right nipple, making the nipples wet and glistening When Sandy’s moans grew louder with Tina now nibbling on her nipples, it was time to move on.

I commanded tina to touch up her make up so that she was photo perfect and to do the same with Sandy. 20 minutes later, they looked like they could set onto the set of a photo shoot as super models. Tina’s last act in the bathroom was to blow me a kiss at the hidden camera she knew was on her. It turned me on to know that Tina was playing her slave girl part so well.

Now for the next phase. I commanded Tina, who, herself, was now fully under the influence of the mind altering drug, to walk Sandy back into the living room with the toy. I commanded Tina to take off her thong bikini bottoms and climb onto the device, in the same position as Sandy had been in. Tina carefully stashed her nipple clips with her thong, and jumped eagerly onto the toy. She had been practicing with it and quickly was head down, bare ass up, legs spread for Sandy.


Tina then commanded Sandy to grab the syringe with the ball bladder and fill it up with the champagne cocktail and inject it into Tina’s ass. Sandy seemed to be even more compliant now that the drugs in her ass were being absorbed.

Once the cocktail was fully injected into Tina’s ass, I then told Tina to command Sandy to start French kissing Tina’s ass, and slowly suck out the champagne cocktail from her ass.

Sandy pulled the syringe out of Tina’s ass which was now clinched to keep the liquid in. Sandy kneeled down without hesitation, spread Tina’s ass cheeks, and extended her tongue to start the French Kiss. I Commanded Tina to only let out a dribble of the cocktail at a time and with expert anal control, Tina started feeding Sandy a continuous dribble of the drug laced cocktail from her ass. 

It was clear now that Sandy was fully under the influence of the mind controlling drug and it was really sexy to watch her tongue kiss Tina’s ass with long, passionate sucking, nursing,  mouth movements as she dutifully sucked and swallowed the cocktail coming from Tina’s ass.  Sandy was doing her best to penetrate Tina’s ass with her tongue, but Tina’s anal training was advanced and all Sandy could do was wiggle her tongue at the wrinkled ass hole while a dribble of drug laced cocktail dribbled out to be sucked down.

Once Sandy had fully sucked out all the cocktail from Tina’s ass, I wanted to play a bit, catering to Sandy’s dominate side.

I told Tina to command Sandy to put the ear piece on the shelf near the toy in her right ear. Sandy looked confused, but did not hesitate. 

Once the ear piece was in Sandy’s ear, I started a background loop of hypnotic music and soft, sexy mantra statements. The almost subliminal sound track commanded Sandy to obey Mistress Mandy, Love Mistress Mandy, devote herself to Mistress Mandy, even to pray to Mistress Mandy who would be her Goddess from now on, to worship Mandy and to please Mandy by allowing Mandy to treat her as a sex slave, and most of all, I specifically commanded that during all sessions with Mandy, Sandy was to achieve up to a level 7 orgasmic state when Sandy’s hair was pulled, her nipples clipped or whipped, her clit was clipped or whipped, her ass was whipped or Mandy’s clit was in her throat. I repeated these commands several times and got Sandy to repeat them twice to make sure that they were well implanted within her mind.

I then in a soft, familiar voice, commanded Sandy to grab the cat of nine tails on the shelf and start whipping Tina’s ass until it was a uniform color of red all over. Sandy had a note of recognition on her face when she heard my sweet, soft, sexy voice, but did not hesitate, her will power now almost fully gone.  

Sandy did not know it, but her instinct was to grab a fistful of Tina’s hair to make sure that Tina did not jump off the toy when Sandy started whipping her. Little id Sandy know that the hair pulling and ass whipping would bring Tina close to her squirting orgasmic level.

Sandy seemed to relish this assignment and from Tina’s pain / pleasure moans, she was enjoying it as well.   Sandy started out slow and soft, but she quickly increased the speed and force of the whipping. With the prior command in place with Tina, I could tell that the whipping was taking her to her pain place and I estimated that she was experiencing orgasm level 7 as she was shaking and writhing with each sharp crack of the whip on her ass, being almost lifted up off her forearms by Sandy pulling tightly on her beautiful blonde hair.

“Please, more, harder, whip me harder, oh fuck, yes, harder.” Tina gasped out between panting lips, as she reached up with a free hand to pinch and twist her nipples to add to the orgasmic pleasure / pain of the hair pulling and ass whipping.

So, fucking hot was the scene, that I had to pull out my clit and start stroking it into a raging hard on. Maybe I would rub one out before I joined my sex slaves so that I did not cum too soon when we started the afternoon session with me in person.  

Once Tina’s ass was nicely glowing red, I commanded Tina and Sandy to trade places.

I could hear tina give a muffled sad moan as the whipping stopped and her orgasm level again returned to level 0. 

Both, with no will power at all now, immediately obeyed and changed places. 

Sandy, now fully under the influence of the drug, quickly pulled off her thong panties, hopped up on the toy, ass up, head down, tits wiggling out of their quarter cup bra, and knees spread farther than before. She was enjoying this.

Tina marveled at the large anal plug in Sandy’s ass and started to work the plug out of her tight ass by first twisting it, then gently pulling, and pushing it to make sure it was well lubricated.

I commanded Sandy to keep her ass hole clinched to prevent any leakage after the anal plug was removed. Sandy strained as her ass hole would have been gaping due to the length of time the large anal plug had been inside her. She managed, however, and only a few drops  of the remaining cocktail dribbled out of her ass hole. A real tribute to how fit Sandy was that she could keep her ass hole clinched so tight.

Tina, with a smile on her face, reached behind her to the pouch in the triangle of her hot pink thong, pulled out the nipple clips, and attached them to her sensitive nipples, instantly achieving orgasm level 2 with the pain. She squirmed in delight before returning to her task.

Tina started to slowly insert her long tongue into Sandy’s ass to tease out a dribble of the laced cocktail. Now that was so sexy.

Tina then immediately started to suck out any remaining champagne cocktail, while commanding Sandy to dribble only small amounts out at a time so Tina could savor the ass French kissing experience again.

A final test. I then commanded Sandy to stay in place and to beg Tina to pull her hair, whip her clit and her ass. As Tina reached up for Sandy’s hair, I was surprised to see that Sandy had already pulled her hair into a pony tail to make it easier for Tina to grasp it. Tina was not gentle and the first pull lifted Sandy’s upper torso off the bench. I thought Sandy would orgasm right then from the pleasure and pain of the hair pulling. Then Tina picked up the cat of nine tails whip and started whipping Sandy’s ass with relish.  The whipping started out just to redden Sandy’s ass, but soon, Tina was angling the whip upwards so that blows were landing directly on Sandy’s long clit and ass hole. This brought Sandy to a new orgasmic high and she begged: More, hit my clit harder, whip my ass harder, you are fucking bitch, harder, harder.” I could hear the cracks on Sandy’s ass become louder and louder while watching more precum dribble out of her clit head as she achieved orgasm level 7 plus from the pleasure and pain. 

Tina continued until Sandy’s ass, also,  was a uniform red color, and Sandy’s voice was almost horse from the begging to hit her harder .

I had never seen Sandy whipped before so I savored the moment. I commanded that Sandy enjoy the ass whipping to the extent that it was almost going to make her cum,, but she was not to cum.

“Please, goddess Mandy,. Let me cum, please, I will do anything, let me cum.” Sandy begged to no one as she did not know where I was, only that I was in her head and she needed to try to pray for release.

“You will not cum, you fuck toy, do you understand?” Was my reply.

Sandy nodded her approval whispered in a near hoarse voice “Yes, goddess, I will not cum until you command me to cum”.  Sandy then sank back down on her forearms to savor the red hot feeling on her ass and clit shaft.

I took the opportunity to achieve my own orgasm, listening to the cracks of the whip on Sandy’s ass, Sandy begging for more, and me feverishly stroking my hard clit. It was bliss, and a huge load of my cum squirted into the small jar I placed at my clit head. The huge load was going to be part of the next phase of the training session

Tina enjoyed manipulating the whip and Sandy’s ass was glowing red all over in no time.  The same hot pink as her outfit.

I commanded Tina to stop and put the whip away. Sandy just shook all over as she was in the throes of an orgasmic level 7 experience. Only at orgasmic level 10 would she squirt her cum and I had plans for that soon.

Now was the time for me to enter and take control of both of them in person.   I commanded each of them to come over by the door, readjust their hot pink thong panties, and assume the sex slave inspection position in their hot pink matching outfits.

As I opened the door, I was greeted by an amazing sight of both of them legs spread slightly wider than shoulder width, arms behind their back, with the Velcro parts of the satin gloves connecting their wrists to elbows, forcing their tits to jut out, with rock hard nipples. Their torsos were slightly bent at the waist with legs straight and ass pushed up in the air, back arched head up and hands pulling apart their ass cheeks for inspection.

When Sandy saw me I expected some note of recognition, but my command overrode her mental ability and both of them in unison stated: “Welcome, Goddess, welcome to your home away from home to enjoy your sex slaves. How may your fuck toys please you today?”

It was so touching; I almost broke character.

I walked over to Sandy and put my finger on her chin to look her in the eyes. â€œWhat do you say to me when I arrive fuck toy?” I whispered in a slow, sexy voice.

“I will obey you, worship you, pray to you my goddess. I will do anything you wish, and my life is now dedicated to your pleasure. Use your fuck toy however you wish. Please use me.” Was Sandy’s reply in a sexy voice as she slowly rotated her hips to cause her red ass to circle. Fuck, that was hot an getting me really aroused. 

I had never seen Sandy like this an diet was a massive turn on to control my twin trans sister.


To show her I was pleased, I reached down, grabbed both her nipples in my beautifully manicured fingers and pinched, pinched hard, and twisted 360 degrees. â€œGood girl.” Was all I said as I noticed a blissful smile come to Sandy’s face as she achieved orgasm level 3 from the nipple torture. 

I released her nipples and glided my fingertips along her sculped arms, soft upper back, sensuous lower back, an finally along the curve of her reddened ass. I lingered with small circles with my fingertips on her ass and she quickly understood  that I wanted her to make small circles with her ass again. She widened her feet a little to spread more for me, further arched her back to accentuate her ass, and gave me quite a show with how well she could control her ass. 

I traced a finger down her ass crack and gave her the command: â€œWink”.

She knew instantly what I wanted and while spreading her ass cheeks, she began to open and close her ass hole, to wink at me. It was so fucking hot. ,

I slipped my thumb into her well lubricated ass hole and it slipped in as if she was sucking it into her hole. With my fingers, I grabbed her jewels an squeezed hard for I needed to show her who was in control. 

Sandy let out a slow, low moan as the pain / pleasure hit her and she began to shake as if she was going to cum. 

“Not yet, my fuck toy, do not cum yet” I commanded.

So as not to show too much favoritism, I clicked in my heels over to where tina was poised and ready for inspection. 

“Have you been a good girl tina” I said as if I was asking her about what was in the refrigerator.

“yes, goddess, I have been a really good girl. Please let me show you, let me get your whip so you can whip my clit and ass to show you what a good girl I have been.” Tina sounded desperate, but it was my mind controlling drug that had seized her mind and she was all mine. Very sexy, hot and all mine.

I traced a finger down Tina’s ass an stuck my thumb into her ass hole, while inserting two fingers into her cunt. She moaned a deep,  solacious moan, and I knew the time was right.

Now Sandy, I want those panties off and you on the bench toy in the living room. Now.” I sternly commanded.

“Tina, take this jar of love juice, my cum, and put all of it in your mouth, but do not swallow. Use that luscious, long tongue to get every drop.

Sandy quickly obeyed and was without panties, ass up, legs spread, clit dangling and getting hard, head down, and forearms on the lower bench.

“Tina, share the cum in your mouth with Sandy. I want you to share every last drop.” I said with a flirty tone, eyeing the beauty on the bench with a lustful desire.

Tina knelt down in front of Sandy, lifted her chin, and extended her long tongue covered with cum to Sandy’s lips. Sandy did not hesitate, but opened her mouth an greedily sucked in the cum all on Tina’s tongue.  Tina repeated the process six or seven times and each time, Sandy welcomed her tongue into her mouth, and sucked on it like a 5 inch penis, slurping up the cum and coating her mouth with it. Finally, when I thought Tina had no more cum in her mouth, I told her to prepare Sandy for a face fucking. I wanted Sandy’s head up an mouth open to deep throat her with my cum in her mouth.

When Sandy heard this command to tina, Sandy’s clit got rock hard and even oozed out some pre cum in anticipation of tasting my clit for the first time.

Tina, always the imaginative one, stood up, walked to Sandy’s side, and grabbed a large fistful of Sandy’s beautiful blonde hair. Tina yanked up an back with Sandy’s hair which had the effect of pulling Sandy’s head up and forcing her mouth open. Sandy gave out a pain / pleasure squeal and at that moment, I inserted my fully engorged clit into Sandy’s mouth, tongue wiggling to reach my clit even before the head hit her lips.

I knew that Sandy’s mouth and throat were lubricated with my cum so I just kept pushing forward with my hips and buried inch after inch of my long, 10 inch clit into her mouth, then down her throat. 

“You will not gag, you will not use your teeth, you will open up your throat to me and please me with your tongue and throat swallowing,.” I did not wait for a response, but just kept pushing forward and in about 60 seconds, my jewels were resting on Sandy’s chin. Tina was relishing the moment, pulling an twisting Sandy’s hair to make sure she was a good girl and took every single inch of my clit neap.

Sandy was a good girl, never gagged, and in fact, used her tongue and throat to massage my clit as it slowly began to fuck her face. In, out, in deep, and slowly out, in all the way to jewels deep, and slowly out.

“That is, it, lubricate my clit as it is going into that beautiful ass of yours next.”  I whispered to my twin trans sister.

I will pull out of her throat and mouth entirely and noticed a thick, heavy cream like substance on my clit.  It was Sandy’s throat lubrication and a strand stretched from her mouth to the tip of my clit when I withdrew entirely.  So sexy.

Sandy knew not to suck in the dribble just yet. I wrapped the extra lube from her mouth on my clit and then told Tina she could release Sandy’s hair. 

“tina, go get the training bra and put it on Sandy.” I commanded.

“…and as for you, my beautiful fuck toy, spread your knees farther apart, I want you to invite me into your ass.

‘ I purred into Sandy’s ear.

Sandy complied, but her knees were just about as far apart as they could be without falling off the bench.

Sandy was shaking in anticipation as my clit head kissed her star. She dutifully winked her star several times and I just could not resist. I pushed forward my engorged clit head slipped easily into her ass, which began milking my clit as I pushed deeper, and deeper inside her love tunnel.

By the time I was jewels deep inside Sandy’s cute, firm ass, Tina had arrived with the spiked training bra.

Sandy could not see what Tina was doing as she was concentrated on feeling every inch of my   clit shaft glide into her ass, massaging my clit with her inner sphincter as if she was giving me a blow job deep within her ass.

Sandy’s head popped up when Tina first strapped the training bra on her as she felt the spikes of the bra dig into her tit flesh, and the white hot pain / pleasure when Tina first pinched and then clamped the alligator clips onto her hard nipples. 

Sandy gave out a full breath of air when the pain / pleasure set in and the command to be aroused at the pain, then took over and sandy quickly achieved orgasm level 7 with me sliding my clit deep into her ass and the nipple clamps taking effect, to say nothing about the spikes in the bra cups digging into her tit flesh.

“Tina, attach the jar to her clit. I do not want to waste a drop of her cum.” I purred to tina as I slowly, deeply, stroked into Sandy.

The scene was so fucking hot that I was about to cum myself.

I just plunged in deep and held it inside Sandy to take the edge off my orgasm.

Sandy, not to be idle, began circling her hips again in a teasing motion to coax me to stroke into her again.

it was so hot to watch Sandy’s beautiful ass make small circles as I pulled out and plunged back into her ass. I thick she was massaging her anal G spot with the circular motions, and I thought it was time.

I grabbed the harness of the training bra, pulled it up and back, and lifted Sandy off her elbows with the force.

“Oh, Fuck.” Sandy screamed out an involuntary scream as the pain and pleasure hit her.

“stroke her clit tina.” Was my command as this was the time to make Sandy squirt her cum into the jar. and me into her ass.

I started a deep thrust and gave the command with Sandy held up by her training bra, squirming and wiggling in pain and pleasure.

“Cum now Sandy, You are now at orgasm level 10, squirt for me, cum or your Goddess, and keep Cumming until I tell you to stop..” Sandy just started shaking and convulsing as her level 10 orgasm hit. The jar connected to her clit head quickly began filling up with squirt after squirt of her love juice.

“Squirt for me you fuck toy, squirt, squirt.” Were my commands as my orgasm hit.

Sandy started to tense up with a tidal wave of orgasmic hormonal discharge in her brain, as Tina vigorously two hand stroked her steely hard clit.

I gave the command again, after Sandy’s arousal lowered to orgasmic level 7.

“You are now at orgasm level 10, you fuck toy. Squirt for me again, squirt, squirt.” I commanded as my orgasm finally hit.

Sandy’s body quickly tensed up again into a rigid orgasm machine and she started squirting her cum again into the jar attached to her clit head, Tina now nibbling and sucking on the sensitive part right under her clit head.

As for me, rope after rope of cum was being pumped into Sandy’s beautiful ass which was clenched around my clit so hard that I could not move.

I grabbed around Sandy’s cinched waist and pulled her into me. I could feel her full body orgasm still running through her.

One more time, I thought.

“Sandy, you are again at orgasm level 10, squirt for me you fuck toy, squirt, squirt, squirt.” I commanded in the sexiest voice I could manage in the circumstances.

Sandy, again, clenched up into a full body orgasm and now, only small dribbles of cum were coming out of her clit head. She was empty, and nothing Tina could do with her magic tongue or me with my large clit, or commands could get her to pump any more cum into the jar.

“Milk her Tina.” I commanded, as I just started to stroke my softening clit into and out of Sandy’s ass which was so worked that even in her orgasmic state, she could not hold me inside.

Finally, Sandy let out a guttural moan so low, so sexy that it took my breath away.

“yes, fuck me Goddess, fuck your toy, use me, penetrate me, feel me work your clit as I wiggle and work for you, My Goddess, My goddess. I am all yours.” Sandy was becoming horse with all her short, stabbing exhaling comments.

“Tina, cum clean me up and use that magic tongue to suck my cum out of Sandy’s cute ass. I want you to get a good mouthful and feed it to Sandy.” I purred to Tina who was still working Sandy’s clit like a cow’s utter, grabbing it at the base, and pulling it down to milk out the last drop of cum into the jar which was nearly full now with all the cum shots Sandy gave it.   

Tina immediately swiveled on her knees which were getting quite the work out, and knee walked over to where I was behind Sandy. She had a devil smile on her lips as she licked them in anticipation of my softening clit in her mouth.

Tina with no hands, just lowered her mouth and sucked my clit into her velvety warm mouth. She immediately began  bobbing back and forth, sucking the dribbling cum around my clit into her eager mouth, making sure to use her tongue to flick the underside of my shaft in hopes that I might harden again.

The effect was almost immediate. I started to harden again, and I could tell that this made tina smile, although it was difficult to tell with my clit working its way deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat.

“Now clean out Sandy and feed my cum to her with a deep French kiss.” I said in a soft, sexy voice.

Tina slowly allowed my hard clit to escape her warm, wet mouth and turned to face Sandy’s gaping star. She knew that a tongue in Sandy’s ass meant that she could reapply her nipple clips and she quickly pinched her nipples to harden them before opening the alligator clips to clamp her cute nipples in the painful embrace. Tina sighed as the pleasure / pain set in and she quickly achieved orgasm level 3 with the experience before turning her attention to Sandy’s gaping ass which was dribbling out my cum. Tina used both hands to spread Sandy’s still hot pink ass cheeks and immediately dove in for a full contact, full mouth French kiss, making sure to extend her magic tongue before making contact. Tina wiggled her tongue into the clenching star and then, after full mouth contact, began sucking and slurping all of my cum inside Sandy’s ass with a passion. The French kiss was deep, and thorough, with Sandy starting to moan and whimper almost immediately when the tongue started wiggling in her ass.

For Sandy’s part, she helped things along with her slow circling movement of her ass which had the effect of moving Tina’s head in small circles as Tina deeply French kissed Sandy’s star. 

After a minute or so, tina raised her head and opened her mouth to show me all the cum she had collected. I nodded my approval and pointed to Sandy’s head with my gesture. Tina scurried around to the front of Sandy and pulled her head up by placing a finger under her chin. Tina showed Sandy the cum and then moved in for a French kiss. 

Sandy smiled, licked her lips, and opened her mouth to enjoy the offering. The lip locked for what seemed like 5 minutes of tongue dancing with cum and the movement of their heads in the full mouth contact French kiss suggested that Tina was working magic with her 5 inch tongue deep in Sandy’s mouth.

As hot as the scene was, it was time to move to the next phase of my training for Tina. I The thought of what was coming next kept me hard with anticipation.

“Tina, Sandy, stop kissing and come with me to the play room” was my command.

Tina stood up, unclamped her nipple clips, and straightened her hair. Sandy, a little stiff from being on the toy so long, took a little longer to stand up and straighten herself out.

I had already walked over to the entrance of the play room, but before walking in gave the follow up command: â€œBe good girls and touch up your make up. I want you looking flawless for our next session. Both girls started walking to the playroom, but detoured to the luxurious guest bathroom to make themselves look like the best porn stars they could, and they were masters of the makeup craft. When they entered the playroom, they truly looked like movie stars walking onto a sound stage set.

“Come over here my pets.” I purred.

Tina, I want you in this sex swing without your thong panties” Tina looked at the straps hanging from the ceiling with a quizzical look. She walked over to it and wondered how to get into it. 

I pointed to a picture on the wall I had put up to give her guidance. The picture depicted a woman with her ass in a sling, stilettos hooked into two stirrups, her upper torso stabilized with straps under her arms and around her breasts, all of which had the effect of the woman in a but down, legs bent at the knees, and in a spread position, arms secured behind her neck, with her legs in line with her body as if her legs were making the letter “M” . the effect was to open up the woman’s cunt and anal star love tunnel very wide. The woman in the picture was smiling, but this did not seem to give Tina a lot of confidence. 

“Don’t worry, we will help you get into position my love.” My comment of affection soothed tina and within a few minutes Tina was in the same position as the woman in the picture, legs spread wide and out to her sides, knees bent, stilettos in stirrups, hands clasped and secured behind her neck, with straps supporting her weight on her ass cheeks spreading them wide apart,  and stabilizing her upper torso with straps around her arm pits and tits, with the effect of further accentuating her magnificent breasts in the quarter cup bra corset.

Sandy and I raised Tina up to the perfect height, with Sandy facing tina and me behind Tina, our hard clits pointing right at her two love holes. Which were both glistening with anticipation.

I pulled out the jar of Sandy’s cum I had collected from the other room and  handed it to Sandy. â€œGive Tina a treat for being such a good girl.” I purred into Sandy’s ear and she knew exactly what I meant.

Sandy up ended the jar into her mouth and sucked up all of the voluminous cum into her mouth.  She then walked up to Tina who was dangling in front of her and placed her lips on Tina’s. with a full mouth contact kiss, Sandy pushed all of her cum into tina’s mouth. They stayed lip locked in quite some time as they kissed, tongue danced, and generally made out  in a passionate lover’s tongue kissing fest. Sandy had held Tina’s face in her soft, slender fingers to Steady Tina since tina’s hands were secured behind her neck.  When Sandy finally withdrew, Tina’s tongue snaked out and begged for more. Sandy gave her snake tongue some blow job sucking action until I broke the spell by slipping my clit into Tina’s Ass. Tina gasped and this broke their kiss with me slowly penetrating my 10 inches deep into Tina’s back door love tunnel.

“Sandy, fuck Tina’s cut for me.” I said in a whisper right by Tina’s ear. I had grabbed Tina’s small waist to hold her dangling in place as I stroked in and out of her cute ass,, Deeply  I was stroking, but it was gentle so that Tina could get used to the sensations.

Sandy needed no more instruction as she lined up her rock hard clit to Tina’s cunt which was now dripping pussy juice. Sandy had a slightly more difficult time inserting  her  clit into Tina’s cunt since I was occupying much of the space from the back door, but Sandy slowly, and persistently  thrust forward with her hips until she and I settled into a double penetration rhythm me in, Sandy out, Sandy in , me out. It was electrifying  as this was my first double penetration, ever. Not sure about tina or Sandy, but it was fucking hot to hear Tina moan with each thrust and start panting whenever we got close to thrusting at the same time.

Tina was so aroused that without any notice, she started a squirting cum orgasm which even took her by surprise. She tried to clench her body, but was so strapped up that all she could do is pant as wave, after wave, of orgasmic pleasure  crashed over her. I think she was happy to be in the sex swing as it allowed her to just let go and enjoy the deep double penetration.

I then gave the command: â€œTina, you are going to stay at orgasm level 10 an continue squirting until I tell you to stop.” Tina was still in her orgasmic full body clench and this command just increased her arousal. With each breath, she scream out lout “Fuck!” and squirted out more of her love juice onto Sandy’s Clit. I counted 30 such exhale screams and squirts before giving Tina the command,: “OK, now slowly reduce your orgasm level until you are at orgasm level 2 and stay there until I tell you to stop.” 

Tina finally relaxed and this gave Sandy and I the opportunity to push even deeper inside her. I was now matching Sandy’s thrusts and we were now penetrating Tina’s cut and ass at the same time, stretching and filling her like she had never been filled before. I was really turned on by this, holding Tina’s tiny waist with my hands, thrusting up and deep into her ass, feeling Sandy’s clit do the same, with Tina just moaning with her eyes closed, hanging limply in the straps. 

We continued our double penetration fucking of my lovely sex toy for another 15 minutes and the scene finally got to me as I could feel another orgasm swelling within me.  I prepared for a double orgasm cum shot by commanding Sandy to achieve orgasm level 9 with her stroking.

Sandy was hard as a rock, jewels tight and ready to squirt when I finally came in a flood of cum out of my clit into Tina’s ass. 

“Sandy, orgasm level 10, squirt into her cunt, cum now, fill her up.” Was my panting command as I shot squirt after squirt of cum into Tina’s ass. . We just continued pumping cum into Tina for the next several minutes and then I paused to give Sandy another command.

?Sandy, drop to your knees and get ready to suck all of the cum  out of Tina’s two love holes..” I was turned on by this command and gave a few more hip thrusts into Tina’s ass before pulling out.

“Now, Sandy, get down there and suck it all out. I do not want a single drop hitting the floor.” Sandy quickly dropped to her knees, opened her mouth, and started with a full contact French kiss of Tina’s ass as it was so gaping that the cum would drip from there first. After she was satisfied that she had sucked all the cum out of tina’s ass, she moved to her cunt and reengaged a full mouth French kiss to suck  her own cum out of Tina’s pussy. The slurping sounds were cute and I knew that Sandy was enjoying the cum feast.

Tina woke from her orgasmic haze and started moaning again when Sandy was working on  her pussy. The scene was so sexy that I never softened, which allowed me to transition directly into the next training session.

“Sandy, get her out of the sex swing and lay her face up on the bed.” I purred.

Sandy obediently complied and before long, Tina was on her back, luxuriating  on the soft silk sheets on the very expensive, plush,  round bed in the middle of the play room.

“Sandy, get hard an  start fucking Tina face to face.” I said in a low, sexy voice while going to a drawer to get some additional toys.

Sandy smiled at this an crawled up onto the bed, between Tina’s legs which had opened eagerly when she heard my command, and Sandy’s now hard clit was slowly sliding into Tina’s cut. Tina gave out a low moan with the penetration and reached up to cup Sandy’s face as they looked into each other’s eyes until Sandy bottomed out and was jewels deep in tina’s cut.

Tina whispered, that feels so fucking good babe,, I want you, I need you to fuck me now.” 

Sandy laced her strong arms under Tina’s knees and opened her wide with her hands on the bed, forcing Tina wide open. This is exactly what I had wanted to happen and was pleased that my pets were playing exactly how I desired.

I crawled up on the bed and got behind Sandy. I had in my hands two of the expanding butt plug anal toys with which I had played with Monique, and started to insert one into Sandy’s back door love tunnel. Sandy stopped her thrusting into Tina for a moment so I could seat the plug deep into her ass. She wiggled her ass for me to show her appreciation and as if she could read my mind, she pulled Tina’s legs up higher exposing more of her gaping anal tunnel. I reached in and inserted another expandible plug into Tina’s ass an seated it properly. Tina, as well, wiggled her ass in appreciation. I pulled out a remote and started the plugs to vibrate and expand / contract in the lowest setting, expanding to 2 inches in diameter and contracting to 1 inch in diameter. This set the girls on fire as they both started moaning again with each expansion..

With my toy task complete, it was time time for my long awaited rim job from Tina and her magical tongue.

I moved over to squat above Tina’s face and slowly lowered my ass onto her tongue  which she had already  extended to its full length out of her mouth. I located her tongue by feel and then lowered further to spear my anal love tunnel with her wet, warm tongue snake. It was luscious to feel her wiggling tongue in my ass and without any further commands, tina just started French kissing my anal opening like her life depended on it. Lovingly, aggressively,  with sucking, probing, wiggling, and circling, I was in heaven with the rim job. 

Sandy was watching Tina’s tongue playing with my ass as she stared at my now rock hard clit. I gave a faint nod and Sandy instinctively  knew what to do. Without slowing down her deep stroking of Tina’s cunt, she lowered her mouth to start licking and sucking my clit. I grabbed Sandy’s head and pushed her down as I needed a deep throat feeling, and needed it right then. 

Sandy complied and gave out only a small gag when my jewels rested on her chin. With machine like precision, I started to face fuck Sandy, and the combination of feelings were out of this world. Before I lost control, I hit the remote to activate the max setting of the anal plugs so that randomly, each of my fuck toys would experience up to a 6 inch in diameter expansion of their ass tunnels, followed by a contraction to 1 inch. The feeling was electric for both of them and when fully expanded, I could hear whimpering from both of them as this was farther than either of their asses had ever been stretched before.

The scene was so fucking  intense. Sandy fucking Tina’s cunt,  tina tonguing my ass, Sandy sucking on  my clit, and both of them experiencing unbelievable ass play with the expanding anal toys. My last command was for Sandy and Tina to achieve orgasm level 10 right as I came again.  We  were all in full body spasms, all squirting, all screaming, all putting everything we had left into one final amazing simultaneous orgasm frenzy. This continued for a full 60 seconds until I could not take Sandy’s masterful tongue on my clit for one more second. 

“Everyone relax” was my panting command, and we all collapsed onto the bed in a heap of bodies, tangled within each other, my finger on the remote to hit stop.  I think we all momentarily passed out from the intense feelings and what a way to end the training session.


 Could not wait to review the surveillance videos of all the sessions that day, but right at that moment, I needed to snuggle with my pets. We rearranged ourselves into a snuggle spooning posture , pulled the covers over ourselves and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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