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The Adventures of mandy Love: Chapter 2: the Party Girl.

Posted: 8 months ago - Jul 19, 2022

The Adventures of Mandy Love: Chapter 2: The party girl.



My next adventure starts at a party of a mutual friend, up in the wine country near San Francisco, California, USA.


I took a cab out there and found the party in full swing, with at least two-thirds of the guests having already arrived. There was a jazz band playing on the patio, and cool electronica vibe music in an indoor ballroom. I drifted around, making small talk with the relatively few persons that I knew.


there was quite a lot of toned and attractive female flesh on view, and a few that set the pulse racing, but it seemed that they were all hooked up with husbands or boyfriends. My eye was caught by a stunning tan, fit, younger woman, who I would learn was you, My Jenny, maybe a few years younger than me, and while you were absolutely passible, I knew, just knew that you were a lipstick CD M2F sister just like me.


You had rich dirty blonde hair that fell in cascading curls to your shoulders, and your flat stomach highlighted the swell of the full bust above it – easily double D cup which were some of the best breast forms I had ever seen– and the curvaceous flare of your hips below. But what really drew my gaze like a magnet was not just your superb body, nor the lively animation of your expression and gestures, but the remarkable dress that you were wearing. It was not by any means one of the most revealing in its upper half – indeed, its attraction was in part that it concealed more than many, showing a full cleavage but only a limited amount of your faux breasts. It was two things: firstly, it was in a creamy white satin that was an extraordinarily effective contrast with the deep amber glow of your tan smooth skin; secondly, whilst it was extensive in its drape, it had a long slash on each leg. Whenever you walked or turned, it revealed an expanse of vividly-contrasting tan skin which revealed no tan lines whatsoever, almost to your hip. In fact, I became convinced that if one was standing at the right angle at your side, one would see across to at least the base of your tucked treasure, if not more, and I began to wonder how you had so expertly tucked away your clit. It was almost like you were not wearing any panties underneath it – there was no sign of them, but it might be a brief skin colored thong, which would hardly show.

I’m not sure if you noticed me watching, or just noticed me – for we had one thing in common, which was that we were two of the tallest women at the party. At any rate, on one occasion that I was looking your way you caught my eye, and gave a slight smile. I thought that perhaps I had been checking you out a little too obviously, and with a slightly embarrassed flush I ducked away and went to cool off with a glass of chilled Chardonnay and a walk in the grounds. You had been surrounded by a thicket of admiring men (several of whom had also been trying to get the angle to see your pussy, only if they knew,), and you had been laughing and joking with them, laying an elegant hand first on one shoulder and then the other. As the evening passed, I encountered you on several more occasions, and indeed you was so striking it was hard to miss you


– most of the guests, like me, were shorter than you, only a few had our height, and none had your lithely grace and stylish dress sense.

I thought I felt your gaze on me from time to time, but I couldn’t be sure – sometimes when I glanced across, it was if you had been looking my way and had just turned away, but it could have been my over-active imagination. So it was something of a surprise when, close to midnight, I was picking a few nibbles from the nearly-depleted buffet in one of the less crowded rooms, and realized that you were beside me with your hand brushing close to mine as we both reached into the same bowl. You gave a laugh in a rich, boyish mellow voice, and introduced yourself as Jenny. I told you my name in return, and explained that I was relatively new in town and that this was my first midsummer party. You nodded and said you thought that was the case, and I felt quite flattered when you remarked that you would have remembered me if I had been there last year.

I was sure you did not run in my crowd, for I would certainly have noticed you at some over event with your stunning physique. You didn’t reveal what your occupation was – when I probed a little by asking how you came to be at the party, You just smiled and said that you had known our mutual friend, a fabulous lipstick CD sister, the hostess for the party, for quite a while.


You seemed to have shaken off your posse of male pursuers, and when I mentioned this you rolled your eyes theatrically and said ‘thank goodness’; they were only after one thing, you said, and whilst you wanted to be polite it had been starting to get tiresome with all the competitiveness and the sexual innuendo, and even an attempted grope from a couple of the bolder (or drunker guests.  I shared the laugh with you, and was again flattered when you said that I must get the same problem, but I just shrugged it off, saying that I was not as beautiful as you. You insisted that I was, and remarked that I looked good enough to eat, licking your lips as you made the comment. 


We talked for a while, and I began to think your interest was more than just friendly CD sisterhood; we were definitely moving into flirting, and with your expressive gestures you were touching my hands and arms much more than was necessary. No one seemed to intrude into our little bubble of space, and I began to feel a mounting thrill that had me getting a bit cramped between my thighs, under my cute gaf thong, and moist in my CD pussy. Finally, as one more overtly sexually ambiguous remark topped another, you paused and put your hand over mine where it was resting on the table, tracing your fingers to my wrist. You looked me directly in the eyes and said; ‘If you


haven’t been here before?, would you like to see around? Our friend won’t mind –


at these events, only the hostess’s private rooms are off-limits, but there are lots of other places to explore and get lost.’ Your lips were slightly parted in a way that made me want to taste them right there and then, no matter who was looking, but this sounded like some sort of invitation to find a more discrete place – and it was clear that you were sexually interested in me.


I said that I would love to, adding meaningfully ‘if it’s just the two of us – I’d love a private showing, adding a wink to the comment.’ ‘Oh, you replied eagerly, slipping an arm deliciously around my waist, ‘it’s just a party for two’. That exchange removed all doubts, and I felt heady with excitement and anticipation, as the tightness in my gaf, and wetness in my CD pussy soaked the gusset of my skimpy panties. – I had prepared by thoroughly and deeply lubricating my CD pussy with organic coconut oil , and my excitement was heating things down below to the point of almost dripping.


I had never been picked up (for that’s what it was) by so stunning a beauty, or ever before had the opportunity to make love to a woman of your caliber, but you seemed equally excited and if I do say so myself, I am quite the stunning bueaty who would be the envy of everyone at the party, save for you.


You steered me through to the hall, and said: ‘let’s start the tour at the top’. You released my waist and led the way up the broad staircase, giving me a close view of your magnificent ass swaying from side to side in the tight satin dress as I followed behind you. there were two upper floors, and when we reached the highest you drew me close and then, as other was no one on the landing or in the corridor, pulled me against your warm body and found my lips with yours. I parted them for a deep tongue-twining kiss that left me short of breath for all the right reasons, and gazed at you speechless as you pulled back. Your hand dropped from my right shoulder to cup and squeeze my fix breast, and at my eager moan you nodded


. With the lights of lust dancing in your eyes, you said softly ‘I had to be sure’, and then you took me along the corridor, past seven or eight closed doors. We stopped in front of one which you opened quietly and peered inside, and then beckoned me to follow. It was a bedroom, but clearly not in regular use  as there were no personal items in it, and it had that neat and tidy look that spoke ‘spare room’. You closed the door behind us, clicking the latch so that only someone with the key could enter after us. Then you turned back and gazed at me for a timeless moment, and I drank in your beauty in return. You lifted your hands to enclose both of my breasts, and gave them a firm squeeze as you said in a surprisingly husky voice and sexually forward manner: ‘I want to fuck you ... and I want you to fuck me!’ I’ve gone to heaven, I thought, and then: no, heaven has come to me.


Your fingers traced down the deep opening in the front of my ball gown, and then slid up and went underneath it, finding my naked faux breasts – for the design of the dress had made wearing a bra out of the question. As your fingers found my faux nipples, connected with sensor pads to my actual nipples, I thought I would faint from arousal, and it was as much to steady myself as to return the favor that my hands went to your shoulders, and then to begin unfastening the halter neck of your gown. It proved to have a fairly simple clip artfully hidden under a silk bow, and when I unsnapped it the dress fell apart on each side down to your hips. An acre of sumptuous tan skin was revealed, and two of the perkiest , firmest faux breasts that it has ever been my privilege to hold were exposed. How you had so expertly fixed them in place was a wonder.


I leaned forward, extending my eager tongue and started to lick and suck – as I was very aroused and can be quite dominate when I want to be. I look up into your eyes for permission to continue, and ‘You said, “yes, go for it, gal, mmmm’, you moaned, and I realized that you must be wearing the same sensor transfer pads as I to your actual nipples, which were highly sensitive. I slowed my pace, making it softer and more tantalizing, and my tactic scored a bull’s eye. You began to writhe in my arms, not in objection but in unconstrained pleasure, and your head fell backwards, with cascades of hair hanging down your back and your throat exposed in complete surrender to the moment. I slipped an arm around your waist to hold you steady, and applied the other hand to one breast and my mouth to the other.


Your breathing took on a ragged syncopation of increasing pace, and I could tell that I was taking you to a nonejaculatory orgasm just from the attentions that I was devoting to your nipples. Your hands were still holding my breasts, and your grip tightened convulsively – almost painfully if they had been real– as the climax took you to a crescendo, and you gave a high-pitched cry of ‘yes! yes! oh – fuck! – yesssss!!’

I released your breasts and you stood back a pace, slightly tottering in the aftermath. The nostrils of your attractive Roman nose were flared and your eyes were still hot with unsatiated lust. In a throaty voice, you instructed: ‘get this dress off me!’ You turned around, and I knelt behind you and found the other fastening at the bottom of the back, where the fabric that enclosed your breasts swept around to meet just above the cleft of your cute, firm ass, above that, your back had been bare. With the halter neck already undone, as soon as I opened this the whole creamy concoction tumbled to your ankles; You stepped out of it, but took care to drape it carefully over the back of a small chair. I was stunned by what I saw – You had a superb physique for a CD in your early 30s, and clearly kept yourself even fitter and more toned than I did myself – and, without boasting, I can say I was both slim, petite even, and spent a fair amount of time keeping my body tight, muscular and trim.


I had already admired your full perfectly affixed, swinging breasts, adorned by paler milky-white aureoles and stiffly erect faux nipples; now I saw your smooth stomach muscles, flowing hips and toned thighs. I had been right about the panties . You had a tiny thong gaf in an attractive, expensive-looking combination of black transparent gauze and lace, but just enough width to hold your clit firmly in place; I wasted no time in pulling this down and off as well. You were wearing no stockings, and like myself had shoes with 5 inch heels – black, of course, with elegant straps over the foot and ankles. I purred to keep your heels on and you moaned in your approval.

Your shapely ass was right in front of me, and I kissed you first on one cheek and then the other , before spreading your firm ass cheeks apart to push my tongue into your cleft, licking at your cute, anal star .


You gave a slightly startled squeal, but then responded by moving your legs apart, and thrusting your chest forwards and your bottom out behind you. My tongue pushed in further, French kissing your puckering star, wiggiling my tongue inside, whilst I brought one hand up between your thighs to take a firm grip of your clit, now hardening at a fast rate now that it was unfettered by your gaf.


. This was rewarded with another squeal which turned swiftly into a moan of pleasure, as I firmly inserted my index-finger at least three inches into your CD pussy after removing my tongue.


You were very aroused, lubricated and easy to penetrate, and I began finger-shafting you whilst still teasing and nibbling around your ass. You whimpered, and with a convulsive shudder you came a second time, this time I was ready and quickly scampered around to be kneeling in front of you so that I could just slip the head of your clit into my full lips before you came, and came you did. In long, sweet, thick spurts, coating my tongue, mouth and throat in your sweet love nectar


I felt in command of the situation, more than I usually do – I love to dominate but just as equally, I love to be the sex kitten, played with and guided with femdom talents. There are times when you want to be in control and this was one of them. With my hands on your hips, I pulled your unresisting body towards me until your still very hard clit was now presented to my mouth in a straight forward angle.


Your jewels had yet to recover from your shuddering orgasm, but I would not be denied. With my tongue still coated with your juices from your last orgasm, the sight, smell and taste of your clit were irresistible, and I attacked it with my mouth, lapping up your clit, feeling you harden with the wet, warm feeling of my tongue around it.


My tongue began to thrust deep into your cum hole, and this drove you wild. ‘Oh, yeh, yeh, baby’, you grunted, ‘lick me – suck me – FUCK ME!’ My lips were clamped round your thick clit like a limpet, I was intoxicated by the scent and taste of your tan, smooth skin, and my tongue quested roughly for every sensitive spot under the head of your clit.


When I reinserted my left middle finger deeply into your CD pussy, still wet after my tongue lashing, you gasped, and begged to sit down before your legs gave way. I removed my mouth and released your hips from my grip, and you took two steps backwards to find the side of the big double-bed which was in the center of the room. Sinking down on the mattress, you spread your legs as wide apart as possible, thrusting your clit and CD pussy outwards in wordless invitation. I enjoyed a moment of rapturous appreciation of the wonderful sight: your hungry eyes, half-open mouth, and diyouvelled hair; your magnificent breasts, your firm, flat stomach, coated with a young of sweat; your open legs and at their center your tight ass hole and erect massive clit, moist and vividly pink. Truly, I am not sure if I have ever seen a more beautiful CD sister, a more wanton pose, or a more definite promise of sexual fulfilment. ‘Fuck, you’re magnificent!’ I said, and I could tell that my sincerity had pleased you.


You shook your tumbled brown hair, and announced with a joyous smile ‘I am the Lion Queen’, and then with real hunger you added ‘and I will eat you!’ – giving me a fake snarl and showing your teeth as you said this – ‘but first, eat me!’


You were so full of warmth, so eager and just so fucking sexy – you were rocking my world, and had barely touched me yet, in fact I still had all my clothes on!

I gave a low imitation of a wolf howl, and crawled towards my target on hands and knees, bringing my face to your anal star and resuming my oral penetration with renewed vigor and determination. After an initial moan, you clamped your mouth closed and took short deep breaths through your nostrils. As my tongue plied your anal walls apart and dove as deeply as I could reach, you clutched one of your breasts in one hand, mauling the tit quite roughly, and clamped the other hand on the back of my head, trying to pull me even further into your CD pussy.


I surfaced for a quick breath, and then used my teeth to nibble along the edges of your opening while encircling your clit with my free hand, pumping it up and down, lightly, but firmly, a technique which usually produces fireworks and did not fail me now. I could hear your voice uttering a mixture of swear words interleaved with gasps and groans, and your vocal response encouraged me to bite a little harder than usual. You let out a ululating wail (and for a second I was worried someone would hear it and break down the door, thinking the person inside was experiencing trauma. Trama for sure, but no need for assistance. 


You degenerated in the next few seconds to barking shrieks as I zeroed in on just the head of your clit with my soft hand, diving deeply into your hole with my tongue. Teasing it, sucking it, and carefully pumping into and out of it with my long tongue.


The effect of the latter was explosive: you were wracked with a series of shudders, and came for the third time, but not before I pulled my tongue out of your ass and gobbled up your clit before it could explode. Your orgasm was even stronger than before. I tasted the wash of you cum juices, vacuuming them up with my mouth, savoring them with my tongue and swallowing them. You flopped back on the bed, and brushed a hand across your sweat-covered brow. ‘Wow!’ you said, ‘that was fantastic! I owe you, babe – and I always pay my debts!’


When you rose to your feet, I stood up as well. You gently stroked my cheek, and kissed me tenderly on the lips, pausing to taste your own cum on my tongue. Then, slightly detaching yourself, you said ‘you look really good in this, honey’, and ran your hands all over my front, ending by slipping them once again in between the bodice of my dress to find my breasts. I reached behind me to undo the fastenings, and my dress fell away from my body just as yours had done earlier, but mine crumpled all the way to the floor. I was wearing more underneath than you had done: I had a pair of black hold-up stockings, and black satin panties that were shaped to sit high on the hip with a plunging front, tightly holding my large clit in place and not allowing it to swell yet.


. Within seconds, you slid your hand inside them, to release my clit and stroke my smooth, hairless love pole. You slid your other hand deeper between my legs and ran your knuckle up and down my wet, coconut oiled opening. I closed my eyes to savor the sensations, and now it was your turn to steer me backwards towards the bed. You encouraged me to lie on it fully, on my back, and you climbed on to straddle my stomach. With one hand you reached behind you to continue probing at my CD pussy, and with the other you groped each of my breasts in turn. Then you shifted position into a 69 orientation and slid my panties from my hips to below my knees, and I completed the job by kicking them off


. After this, you were in a classic 69 position and lowered your now softer clit into my eager and anticipatory mouth. I certainly hadn’t lost my appetite for your sweet sex, and resumed with if anything even more determination. As I was feasting on your clit, softly working it deeper into my mouth as it hardened, your own face was poised just a few inches above my long, thick clit, and you wasted no time in giving it vigorous attention. For several minutes we licked, sucked, stroked, and fondled each other, as you steadily and patiently worked me towards orgasm.


We had been in the bedroom for quite a while by now, and the noise of the party had almost ceased. I realized that it must be at least 1.00 a.m., possibly later, but I certainly wasn’t going to stop short of obtaining delicious release from the tongue of my new CD sister goddess. However, just as I was feeling that my climax was about to break, the door into the bedroom opened. I was so preoccupied it took a few seconds for this development to register, and then I gave a horrified squawk of alarm. Standing in the doorway was the elegant hostess of the party.  Her slim and elegant form silhouetted against the brighter lights of the corridor. There she stood, the owner of the house and your best friend, as I would learn later. A fabulous lipstick CD sister I had seen earlier in the evening. I had only met her twice before, very briefly and we never spoke.


She had seemed a cool, slightly remote figure, a very handsome woman of around 40, a couple of inches less in height than me. Her Irish parentage had given her the ginger hair that she kept in a business-like short bob and her pale creamy skin tone (though expensive oils and beauty herbalists certainly helped with that). In those brief meetings it had registered with me that she had a firm, tight sexy body, with the fullness of her bosom highlighted in her dress. Earlier this evening I had looked at her with interest as she circulated amongst the guests, for although her black evening dress was in one of the more conservative styles on display, still it clung close to a figure that was as trim as a woman of half her age, and showcased a bust that many of them would have killed for.


Then I had idly wanted to see more of her – now, I certainly didn’t! A cold chill swept through me as she folded her arms below her ample breasts, and enquired: ‘So, Jenny, you seem to have scored – who do we have here?’ My bubble burst in swift realization, as the pointers all fell into place: Your failure to mention how you came to be at the party, your comment about knowing the owner of the house for years, your familiarity with this upper and clearly more private part of the house, your confident occupation of this room. Shit! shit! shit!! SHIT!!! ran through my panicking mind: I was fucking the hostess’ babe, and had been caught. Whilst you surely were a delight, it couldn’t get much more flagrant than being discovered almost nude, in a 69 clinch, with my tongue wrapped around your clit,


. I tried to mumble something, anything, and to rise up, but your weight on top of me pinned me down. Through a mist of apprehension, I heard your voice – unconcerned, soothing, and telling me not to worry, it’s all OK.


Then your friend shifted position slightly and more of the corridor light fell on your face – and with huge relief I could see that you were not angry, but smiling. You knew what was coming next and it pleased you to have startled me like that.


She closed the door behind her and walked over to the bed, whilst you smoothly rolled off me to lie alongside me, propped up on one elbow, amusedly regarding your new trophy and your older CD lover. I was still paralyzed from shock and remained flat on my back, unintentionally avoiding the gaze of your pretty friend, who had a clear view and full access to all my charms. You let your hand fall lightly on my right faux breast and traced across to the left one, giving the faux nipple a firm tweak. Still closely watching my face, your hand moved down my body to grab my clit, and I gave a short gasp of surprise and pleasure. ‘Mmmm, she is quite a stunner’, the hostess friend told you , ‘well done, sweetie.’


Your friend then met my eyes directly, and in a few words she explained that you and her particularly enjoyed CD threesomes, and were always on the lookout for suitable additions to their games – in particular, at this annual party You, apparently, were always commissioned to find a new girl to join your circle. Your friend, also made two other points clear, politely but firmly: this could never be spoken of outside the house, and whilst they would love it if I became one of your group of fuck-buddies, I must not expect any special treatment or privileges if we were to see each other outside of our fuck sessions.


I nodded my agreement, and then reinforced it by saying ‘That’s fine – I wouldn’t want it any other way’. Your friend gave a warm smile that transformed her face, making her look at least five years younger. Then she pulled up the hem of her evening dress, languorously lifting the thin material to bunch around her thin waist. As I lay on the bed looking up at her, I had a grandstand view: she was wearing nothing at all beneath the dress, and must have been taped., After what seemed like endless tanned legs, she seemed to be smoothly shaven, so every detail of her tucked clit could be seen. When the dress was completely above her hips, she swung across the bed, straddling me and lowering your tucked clit down onto my face.


She whispered, “take my tape off, baby,” as you looked down on me.

Once I had released her very ample clit, she took my head in her hands, guiding my mouth to her scented clit head. ‘I want what Jenny just had – now!’ she instructed. there is a God in heaven, I thought, and she is wonderful. I had made love to plenty of CDs over the years, but always wanted a CD threesome. – I had never experienced a CD threesome before.


The view which I had looking upwards as your friend guided her clit into my mouth was absolutely stunning – She was a Goddess, a svelt and trim woman, , and I was so turned on by her. . My fingers reached around her thighs to pry her cheeks apart, and my right middle finger eagerly pressed in between them, locating and then penetrating her rose bud. I started thrusting my finger inside. With the third or fourth slice of my finger up and down her hole, my mouth sucking hard on her clit, my tongue feverishly working the underside of her sensitive clit head, she closed her eyes and arched her back. You had risen from the bed and came up behind your lover, and just at this moment you slipped your fingers under the straps of her dress, easing them off her shoulders and letting the dress tumble down at each side. This revealed your friend’s large U-shaped faux breasts, which were perky and bouncing as she began thrusting her hips into my mouth.


My perspective on the scene from underneath her pelvis was so erotic that I nearly came, and I gave a kind of gasp. Because my mouth was locked onto your friend’s clit which began to slip down past the back of my mouth, and into my tight throat.


this sent a jolt of lightening through her, and she gave a curious sideways shake of her hips whilst a shudder ran through her body. The shudders continued as you reached round from behind to cup and fondle her jewels as she pumped into and out of my mouth.

I had resumed my attention to deep throating your friend, tasting her pre cum, when the next thing that I knew was a sudden penetration of my own lubricated CD pussy by something hard, wide and long. surprise as much as anything made me jerk my head upwards, which rammed your friend’s clit deeper down my throat.


I then heard your friend moan, ‘oh! yes! – do her baby, do it slow and deep, and do not forget about me.”


You had left the bed for a moment, and from some drawer had extracted a long, flexible double-ended dildo made of dark purple plastic. While you lifted my legs up to your shoulder to slip your long clit into my CD pussy, slowly stretching me out, you put one end of the double ended dildo into your mouth, holding the other end up to the hostess.


The hostess eagerly sucked in her end of the deldo and you both started face fucking each other, as you fucked my ass, and as the hostess fucked my face. 


I could not see what was happening, but could hear it. You both were deep throating the 18 inch dildo and your lips must have touched as you almost started to gag. I could feel your bodies moving so that the triad of face fucking could move to the next level,  it must have been quite the sight, my stilettos  up by your face, the double ended long dildo sliding down both of your throats as you touched lips with each deep push, my ass lifted up off the bed, my star stretched to the limits with your massive clit, and my throat completely full of the hostess’s clit which was stiftening quickly, a signal that she might cum soon.




You then produced two more, slightly smaller dildos and somehow, reached around the hostess to slip one into her ass, pushing my fingers away. She plunged the other into her own tight star, each of them having a mechanism to keep them deeply secure in your cute asses.



I would learn later that this was the first time you had tried the triple anal and face fucking position, and I, for one, in the moment, could only focus on my ass, my throat, and the dildo in the hostess’s ass. That was enough to bring me to the edge.



Within a few seconds, I heard moaning from both of you, muggled due to the deeply inserted double headed dildo in your mouths. I had been trying to moan for a while, but the hostess’s clit was so deep in my mouth and throat, I could barely breathe as it was, let alone moan.


You and the hostess started using your hands to pinch and pull on my nipples and that sent me over the edge. I started bucking underneath them and it only served to push the hostess’s clit deeper down my throat, and your clit deeper in my ass.


I must have had a 60 second orgasm with no one touching my clit at all, other than the small cup you placed on my clit head to capture my love juice.


I literally shook, and spasmed in a full body clench for the full 60 seconds, and this sent both you and the hostess over the edge as well. I felt the hostess’s cum spurt directly down my throat and could feel your love juice warming my ass.


Everyone started bucking wildly and this only increased the sensation and I had a back to back second orgasm, a first for me, again filling up the cup with some additional cum.




I had never, even dreamed of this type of experience. My mouth full of creamy thick clit  juice, feeling squishy in my ass now that it was fully loaded with cum, and hearing the noices of you and the hostess still pulling each other close with your face fucking game.


Finally, you both pulled the double headed dildo out of your mouths. At the same time, you head went back, and you gave a series of shrill yelps, aimed at the ceiling. Your friend pulled her clit out of my throat, positioning her clit right at the entrance to my gaping, wide open oral love tunnel so she could watch the spurts splash my eager tongue, , and I lapped up as much of her cum juices as possible.

After taking a few deep and shaky breaths, she slowly withdrew her clit from my mouth, and you released my legs to allow yourself to withdraw your clit from my ass.


I was gaping, of course, and this gave you an idea.


You held one end of the double headed dildo  at the entrance of my ass and slid it in about a third of the way, then bend it in two and took the other end and began a slow process of double penetrating me. 


I tried to protest, but was pinned down by the hostess who had taken the dildo out of her ass and put it into my mouth.  She, too, had used coconut oil as a lubricant, and I appreciated it as she pumped it into and out of my inviting mouth, now willing to do anything. 


You were apparently an expert at double penetration as you worked slowly, methodically, until both heads of the double headed dildo  were inside my ass, which had never, ever been stretched so wide.  Little did I know that this was just the beginning.


Your friend then discarded her dress completely, and was now naked, other than her cute heels which were on either side of my face as she reached behind herself to fuck my face with her anal dildo.


As for you, you started a push me pull you approach to the double penetration and you must have hit my anal G spot as I became aroused and stiff as a rock in a matter of seconds.


“Look at her, she loves the double penetration!” you exclaimed as you noticed my arousal.


The hostess then added,: “let’s give her something to write home about then..” her voice trailing off to almost a whisper.



The next thing I knew,, I had the anal dildo pulled out of my mouth, the two heads of the double headed dildo pulled out of my ass, and I was commanded to get on all fours on the bed.  You wanted some make out time with me so you crawled underneath me so we were face to face, and it was nothing when you slid your clit into my gaping ass. The hostess climbed behind me, steadied herself by grabbing my hips and then lined up her clit to join yours. It took a bit more coconut oil and some gental persuasion, but soon, you both were fucking my ass, and I was in heaven.


I was kissing you with deep, passionate kisses all the while being double fucked like never before thought possible.


Our make out session was intrupted by the hostess pulling on my hair to snap up my head, forcing my mouth open. She then placed the cum cup to my lips and said: Cum kiss my girl friend”, in a sexy whisper.


With my mouth now full of my own cum, I again targeted your lips, and allowed you to slowly penetrate my mouth, drawing out   small dribbles of cum which you sucked down eagerly.


Your arms around me, holding me close, our tongues dancing in a cum bath and the hostess grunting as she would force her clit into my overly stuffed ass.


Heaven, could not be this good.


Our kissing intensified as I now opened up my mouth to deeply French kiss you with cum ladened  tongues. Wet and slippery our tongues were and I made sure that you did not spill a drop of the love juice, using my tongue to suck it up, and redposit it into your open, eager mouth.


Somehow you both found my anal G spot and I gasped that I was about to cum, again, with your tag team approach of one pushing in while the other pulled out.


After you both heard my moan of extasy, you both plunged in at the same time, spreading my ass to a new record, and almost splitting  me in two.


I howled with an orgasmic screan, as you held me down and the hostess spanked my ass, harder, and harder.


“Holy fuck, fuck, fuck, yes, fuck me, oh, shit, fuck me, I am cumming, I am cumming, fuck yes, deeper, spank me harder, oh fuck.” Was my nearly unintigible ranting during my full body clench of an orgasm.


My show also proved too much for them as first the hostess, and then you, came in my ass, the cum spilling out with my ass so gaped and you both drilling me at the same time.



The hostess collapsed onto my back and we all just laid there, your clits buried in my ass and my clit all squishy between you and I, with cum coating our firm, muscular abs. We  must have just laid there for 10 minutes until I could feel you both softening and slipping out of my wet, well used ass. 



How you had the energy to continue I have no idea, but continue you did. You signaled for the hostess to roll off you and get onto all fours on the bed. Then you crawled out from underneath me and found the spark of energy to walk to the cabinet to pull out the largest double headed dildo I had ever seen. It must have been 20 inches long and 3 full inches in diameter. 


“Now you will get yours” you said to the hostess who looked back over her shoulder with lustfull anticipation.


“Mandy, I need your help for this one. Come over here and help us get into position.” You commanded.


I was week, but got to my knees, took the massive dildo and when you got onto your hands and knees, butt to butt with the hostess, I placed the dildo at the entrances of your stars.


“Work it into us slowly, and inject us with the additional cocnut oil lube right there.” As you pointed to a tube on the bed.


I dutifully lubed up the dildo, an squireted a generous portion of the coconut oil you’re your ass and that of the hostess. You both squirmed a little when I injected the lubricant into your asses, and it was so fucking hot. Your firm ass cheeks bunping in anticipation of what was to come.


You both were hard again under your taunt bellies but that was not my concern at the moment. I needed to determine who first would get the dildo.  I, of course, shose you and started working it into your tight ass. You were quite the expert, pushing back an dpushing your star out to accept the slippery toy. Once I had you moaning with 3 inches buried in your ass, I started with the hostess, repeating the process and urged the dildo head into her tight ass which also accepted the large falis up to 3 inches. 


You looked over your shoulder and smiled: â€œNow watch this Mandy, you will love it.” 


Both you and the hostess dropped to your elbows and started pushing backwards towards each other. How you did it was a bit of a mystery, but amazingly, in a matter of minutes, you were cheek to cheek with your lover and you both were wiggling and squirming with that huge tool inside of both your asses. 


I could not resist the temptation of slowly stroking both your rock hard clits with each of my hands as you rocked back and forth, effectively fucking my fingers which were coated in the coconut oil.


Occasionally, you would allow the toy to slip almost all the way out and then push hard back and bury it deep in your ass. I think you and the hostess were competing to see if either of you could take more than your half of the toy and the way you were wiggling, squirming and moaning, I knew you had more than your share in that bueatiful ass of yours.


The hostess was panting now and I could feel her clit tense up, almost ready to cum. I let go of your clit and crawled underneath the hostess just in time to get my lips around her clit head before she started to squirt . She did not have as much as before, but it was still delicious and I did my best to milk every last drop out of her.


“Cum kiss me” was all she said and I did not need to be toold twice.


I crawled around the bed and laid down face up in front of her, allowing our lips to lock, tongues to intertwine and share her cum juices. This make out session did not last long as I heard you moaning louder as you were listening to our make out session.


I scrambled over to you and locked my lips on your clit just in time to capture all of your cum. I savored it and took my time milking you of every drop. I loved to hear you exhale moan each time I stroked another drop out of you as I pinched your clit shaft and drew it down into my mouth. After a minute or so, you then commanded me to Cum Kiss you, wich I did eagerly.


For you, I had saved more of the cum in my mouth so we could savor more of the sharing moment. With me face up, you took pleasure deep tongue kissing me, over and over, pulling out your own cum, and then letting it dribble back into my open, eager mouth. It took 10 minutes of this kissing before we both had swallowed up your testy cum juices, although in truth, I swallowed the lion’s portion given my bottom position.


You and the hostess slowly pulled apart and the massive dildo slowly imerged from both your cute, stretched asses. The head lpopped out of the hostess first, and then you, with the slippery toy just falling to the bed between your inerlocking legs, with deflated clits hanging.


There was to be no rest for me, nor did I need any. Your friend said ‘now it’s my turn’, and she beckoned me to get on all fours on the bed again, head in my hands and ass in the air. 


“I want you to try this as next time, I want to share this double fuck experience with you” she said lovingly.


Like the good girl I am, I got into position and even reached back to separate my ass cheeks for her. You just rolled onto your side to watch. You were visibly spent, but enjoyed the show by the smile on your face.


The hostess picked up the slippery toy, and took the end that had been in you, positioned it at the entrance of my gaping ass, an slowly started to work it inside. It was massive, and even with a gaping ass, it was stretching me wide open.


I urged her on with little circular motions of my ass, wiggling around the dildo as inch after inch disappeared into my ass.  I had never been this full before, and even the double fuck penetration did not seem to fill me as this toy did. The hostess was amazed at how much I was able to take and finally stopped with only 5 inches showing out of my ass. 


I moaned a deep, guttural moan as she started to withdraw it. 


“Wait” I begged, I want to feel it deep inside me for another moment


She slapped my ass twice, hard, and told me in no uncertain terms that I was a fuck toy who had no say in the matter. However, just the time it took her to slap my ass was enough for me and I put my head back down on my hands and whispered “yes, Misstress,. Play with your fuck toy. I will be a good girl. Use me. Fuck me. Penetrate me.” I said in my sexiest voice.


The hostess then started a slow but steady pumping action with the toy, penetrating me deeply, withdrawing it until just the head was inside, then slowly drilling me again, and again. 


I had cum so much, my clit just could not respond further, but it did not matter. I was pleasing my new Misstress and that was enough.


After a few minutes, maybe 10, she pulled out the toy and started fisting me with her coconut oiled fist and arm. I was in overload and just succumbed to the moment. â€œyes, Misstress, fuck me with your fist, work me, train me, let me be the good girl I know I can be for you. Use me, use my holes. Oh, yes, fuck me, deeper,, deeper please.” I could not help myself, as this just seemed all so right to me.


The hostess was smiling ear to ear as she fist fucked me with her slender fist and arm. She was smaller than the toy as I took her arm to the elbow easily.


“Look Jenny, see how willing Mandy is. She loves this.” The hostess said as I pushed back on her arm to make sure she penetrated me deeply with each stroke.


Somehow I became arouse again with the fist fucking and you noticed how hard I had become. You crawled underneath me an dstarted sucking my clit into your wet, warm mouth. Again, heaven, and within a few minutes I came again in your mouth.


I collapsed onto the bed and almost passed out. Inbetween half closed eyelids, I watched as you took my little cum load over to the hostess and began kissing her with it.  I remember that it was so hot as you deeply kissed my cum into her mouth. Licking her lips and sucking it back into  your mouth to swallow. So fucking hot.


After a few moments you both joined me all srawled out on the bed, sexually satisfied and spent. as we all recovered our breath, you and your friend each took one of my hands and led me to their master bedroom – a large, beautifully-proportioned room with three tall windows which overlooked the garden and swimming pool. In the center was a huge circular bed, with ample room for three. We lay down, with me in between you and the hostess, I snuggled up facing you with my ass pushed up next to the hostess who reached over and caressed your arm.


Our sexual energy was quite spent, but we enjoyed the look and the closeness of our bodies and gently caressed each other’s body.


We all fell into a deep, well earned sleep, that is, until the first light of the morning. I was woken in the morning light by your hand questing for my clit. Half awake, I rolled over onto my back and spread my legs wide. I heard a husky laugh, and opened my eyes wider to see you lying next to me wearing nothing but a very hard clit pointed straight at me. and your friend (who had laughed) watching us with interest. The hostess was wearing a white bathrobe, which she had pulled to one side, with one hand inside clearly stroking her clit.

After a few minutes of your teasing and fondling of my well used CD pussy, which parted easily for your coconut  oil coated fingers, you got on top of me and thrust your hard clit into my CD pussy. I learned later that the missionary position was your favorite, because you love to look a CD in the face whilst you fuck her, and can see from her expressions when to go slow and when fast, and when the moment of climax is approaching. So it was with me that golden sunny morning, as you took it slowly, building and building my passion and giving me no release until I was finally shrieking and begging for it – then you switched your grip to my hips, lifted my buttocks a couple of inches off the bed, and gave me three much harder and faster shafts, until I came on the third stroke without ever touching my clit, like a firework explosion inside my head. As I slumped back on the pillows, you pulled out – my CD pussy was so sensitive, this was an erotic experience in itself. Your friend flung off her robe, revealing that she was naked apart from the support that an underwired sky-blue bra was giving to her ample breasts, and she plunged her head between my spread thighs to lick up all of my juices which had pooled onto my stomach.

Breakfast awaited all of us after a warm morning shower and the party was finally over.


Our Friends

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