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Chat with transgender women, transsexuals and ladyboys from Tennessee in our free adult trans, ladyboy and transsexual chat rooms. We strive to be totally inclusive. We welcome transgender women, ladyboys, MtF, FtM, pre-op, post-op, non-op, transgender, transsexuals, crossdressers, transvestites, intersex, androgynous, gender fluid, gender queer, genetic males, genetic females, significant others and trans community friends. It is easy to start chatting with others in your shemale & ladyboy community members from Tennessee. Click the "Enter Chat Rooms" button to create a free chat profile and start chatting now. Not from Tennessee? All transgender chat profiles are easily searchable no matter where you are. With 23 chatting in the chat rooms and with 333 ladyboy community members online you are sure to find fun transsexual friends to chat with. Join us in the free Adult Trans Tennessee chat rooms and start connecting.

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Adult Transgender Chatters in Tennessee

DanielTN's Chat & Dating Profile
Clarksville, Tennessee, US
hello thanks for reading this. I am a DIVORCED(LOL)white male who has always maintained a interest in the lifestyle. I have had a prior relationship with a Pre-op GF but that was many yrs ago. It is so nice to see so many lovely and interesting people here and I hope to make many friends. 7/21/12 well i want to thank all the wonderful people I have met since coming here and I hope that I can be as supportive in the future as I have been since I joined. 6/1/15 well this is to let everyone know i have moved to TN,north of Nashville. Could not take anymore of those MI winters and the cost of living is alot lower down here. 7/11/15 Well again settled into a new apt though this one is in Tenn and again happy to talk to y'all as you will always have my support and and encouragement.
donnaTN's Chat & Dating Profile
Grandview, Tennessee, US
hi, it's me donnamj, it is nice to be back in chat. i have made many friends here over the years and looking forward to making more. i am a middle aged part time cd who loves to dress and be sexy. always try to be nice, respectful, and get along. fill out more later
DeborahMartin's Chat & Dating Profile
Tennessee, US
I love to dress as Deb but my wife is not in love with her .
CDMandii's Chat & Dating Profile
Nashville, Tennessee, US
Like most of us, I started cross-dressing as a kid, “borrowing” items I would find. I am mainly “in the closet”, apart from a very small circle of friends. I like socializing with other girls and CD's and making meaningful relationships. However, I am not really into men.
Leeinhermitage's Chat & Dating Profile
Nashville, Tennessee, US
Obese male bottom looking for a relationship. I enjoy reading, Netflix. Quiet companionship as well
KellyLynnCd's Chat & Dating Profile
Tennessee City, Tennessee, US
Cost a lot of money to look this trashy,lol
Karli's Chat & Dating Profile
Tennessee, US
I'm Karli and I'm a girl who loves pretty dresses, lovely gowns, and cute skirts. I'm definitely a satin and lace type girl! It is amazing how wonderful and feminine something pretty and feminine can make a girl feel! I'd love to chat with genetic girls to get advice and friendship. I love chatting with older married men for their perspective! Yes this is my story: By the way, I like URNA. Don't try to get me to some other venue like msn, yahoo, or skype. I don't understand that. If I'm around it is for conversation. I'm not online for some fantasy, your phone, cam, or mic, etc. I'm around to grow and learn from people, share experiences, and get perspectives.
Braveheart's Chat & Dating Profile
Memphis, Tennessee, US
I am very bi- curious, I am a bottom when active.
George303's Chat & Dating Profile
Nashville, Tennessee, US
Exploring my sexuality. I will say more later
wordsmith321's Chat & Dating Profile
Kingsport, Tennessee, US
IMPORTANT CollarSpace has yet to post my picture. I have no idea why its strictly G-rated. In any event, Im happy to send a face photo to anyone who asks for it. Just drop me a message. I'm a 53 year old man who has been dabbling with all things BDSM for his entire adult life. When I say I'm a switch, I mean that I can lean either dom or sub, depending on my partners dynamics. Personal interests and physical appearance are far less important to me than chemistry. Either you're into the other person or you're not. What am I after? For now, just friendship. My professional career makes a certain level of discretion a must. I enjoy witty, intelligent people who understand the importance of substance and civility even in the Internet age. Im a devoted student of history with a particular interest in presidential biographies. I also enjoy reading about science and technology. I use a Windows computer but have owned a few Macs in my time. I have also played around with Linux, especially Ubuntu. TV is not my thing. Politically I'm dead center between the two extremes. I care for neither Trump nor Hillary/AOC. I admire Republicans like John McCain and Democrats like FDR. My political creed is pragmatism. Earlier in life I identified as an Evangelical Christian, although nowadays I fall into the spiritual but not religious category. Im conversant in the basics of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Jainism. I believe in God but I define the term loosely. I'm 6 feet tall, about 250 lbs., not fat but not skinny either. Ive lost 100 lbs or so in recent years and am keeping it off. I have learned through long and bitter experience that arguing with people is a waste of time. You believe what you believe, I believe what I believe and that's the way it is. Smoking is a deal-breaker sorry. I have seen first hand what lung cancer looks like. If you want to know anything else, then feel free to ask. I
KatyGurlTN's Chat & Dating Profile
Nashville, Tennessee, US
I am a cute mature CD looking to meet fun guys to expirament with....
Jacques's Chat & Dating Profile
Knoxville, Tennessee, US
would like to meet and date or whatever with a nice TS. Interested in all aspects
trucker1785's Chat & Dating Profile
Memphis, Tennessee, US
My name is James, I am 36 old male who is very hairy, I help my dad before he passed away, and then a friend of mine who was F2M pre-op and it turn something on in my head, I want to talk to a few people and try a few things to see if 1 I am bi or I woman in a man's body. If you would like to help me please talk to me.
Michelle666's Chat & Dating Profile
Chattanooga, Tennessee, US
I have been a gurl most of my life. Started HRT in 2018 with the support from my Mom.
Clay8854's Chat & Dating Profile
Tennessee, US
Wearing sexy thong panties looking for female or Trans woman to dress me in lingerie and force me to serve them.
Hardon1's Chat & Dating Profile
Johnson City, Tennessee, US
I'm always horny and I love sex sex sex and more ssx
lisagurl27's Chat & Dating Profile
Knoxville, Tennessee, US
I am a m2f ts that is starting hrt.
2022's Chat & Dating Profile
Nashville, Tennessee, US
I’m African American man I love big strong black tranny who have woman parts. I love big titles on black tranny big booty and exotic
AmandaBeth's Chat & Dating Profile
Nashville, Tennessee, US
I'm an off and on CD since I was about 12 (I\'m in my 30s now). I\'m very much in the closet but hope to someday at least have a balance between my male & female side. I am always one for chatting with other CD/TS/TG and supporting and encouraging ;) (Sorry guys I'm not interested so please don't PM me unannounced)

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