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My photos - and my intro / Member Introductions / Adult Trans Form

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#1 2021-10-21 13:44:26

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My photos - and my intro

I am just looking for friends - Nothing too involved - Just encouragement and desire to encourage - I am Transgender - Very much a woman in my mind and now my body.

On my photo page I am modeling some new purchases; Three new dresses, Two new Third Love Bras,  New Long Wig and my latest loss of over 10 pounds on the way to 135.  I have completed five of six facial procedures I am doing and I think the effects of almost 2 years of herbals is now most noticeable; size B breasts.  Let me know what you think please?  Would you consider me beautiful and quite feminine?  Thanks for all of the encouragement for all my friends on this site. 

Dawn  (DawnofDay)

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